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  1. The squad was finalised by the newly assembled Indian selection committee headed by former India fast bowler Chetan Sharma. Attending the meeting virtually was India captain Virat Kohli, who had returned home in December from the Australia tour to attend the birth of his first child. Also present at the meeting, which took place hours after India's epic triumph in the Gabba Test, were the four other selectors: Sunil Joshi, Abey Kuruvilla, Debashish Mohanty and Harvinder Singh, who is in Brisbane. None of them have ever won anything
  2. Took some serious body blows and he's important as a test specialist. But I do think he has regressed in technique as previously used to score runs as well as defend but now seems to have become more of a blocker and this can affect the other batter who is then under pressure to score some runs.
  3. So who was responsible for shunting him around and making him act as a drinks carrier for months on end? This team could really blossom without the malign influence of Kohli and his Cheerleader
  4. What to do with Agarwal? On this tour: 78 runs, 6 innings, 13 average. Soon to be 30.
  5. Having him back will upset the team harmony & rhythm. Can play only as a batsman. If not then sod off as team bigger than any individual.
  6. I want to see Shastri get naked on the balcony. Bounce those man boobs.
  7. Pujara = poor man's latter years Dhoni Can't score any runs but wants to accumulate dot balls and take it deep/to the last over.
  8. He's in terminal decline. Two years of underwhelming performances yet always plays.
  9. Enough of Pujara. So f one dimensional. Just puts enormous pressure on the other batsman to score runs. Same crappy way of playing irrespective of the match situation.
  10. RR now below 2 Pujara sure knows how to kill any lingering interest in watching test cricket
  11. Pujara 15 balls 0 runs The aim of the game is to score some runs too
  12. That really should be it for trying to squeeze Sharma in as a makeshift opener in his mid-30s. Had enough of his BS comebacks and eternal lives. Simply not good enough at test level. Select two actual young openers and build for the future.
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