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  1. The other way around. Why are sane people giving that nut case any credence.
  2. He's been marinating in politics since the dawn of time.
  3. Watching the team do a lap of honour with the Indian flag - won't lie, lump in the throat everytime. All the more considering everything they went through. Jai Hind.
  4. I left Melbourne years ago. Still eating Nandos once/week. Sculling that peri peri sauce like it's nobody's business. Should see some of the looks I get - $5 chips to go with $25 worth of sauce. Great job with the video uploads. Keep them coming.
  5. Heya Rob, we meet in Melbourne mid 2014. How you been these days? Still chasing up Nandos for your missing peri peri points?
  6. Maniac gaaru, meeku swagatham suswagatham. Yemiti viseshalu Chicago lo?
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