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  1. Safe investment. Investor knows that Pakistan is not capable of beating India any time soon
  2. Usman's brother went to jail for making terror threats.
  3. I guess it depends, really. All the personal interactions I've had with Pakistani's generally have been very positive. Even had some Pakistani housemates at one point.
  4. This GIF is worth making an ID on piss poor for
  5. Rameez has all the free time in the world now to give interviews
  6. Definitely looks an criminal master mind. Straight out of central casting
  7. Mamoon bhai is a legend. All the ex piss poor posters who have defected to Cornered Tigers, they are crying about Mamoon on the "Your Experience With Other Cricket Websites" thread.
  8. Whatever part the Matrabhoomi had to play in NZ and ECB "pulling out", damn proud
  9. Isn't that their interior minister? Chewtiya got nothing better to do? Like, helping the Taliban?
  10. The lesson: Don't share any security information with Pakistan as they'll help the terrorists escape.
  11. Karma hits hard. And with compounded interest.
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