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  1. Come on India The comeback is always greater than the setback
  2. He's one of "those people" who starts throwing muck at the matrubhoomi after moving abroad. Best just to ignore.
  3. Can't even begin to describe just how proud I am of Mirabai. To life a weight that is MORE THAN 2X your bodyweight above your head, that is truly phenomenal stuff. India don't have the pedigree that Iran or the Central Asian nations have in Olympic lifting. To still produce an champion like Mirabai, If you watch her technique from a side on perspective, you'll see the bar moves up in a perfectly straight path - That is the shortest distance from A to B. To do that, it takes enormous skill. Overcome the niggles, wobbles, irregularities in the body where one s
  4. Do we have any contenders in Olympic weightlifting?
  5. How do you get the time to watch so many movies?
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