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  1. @Real McCoy Can you please provide me with the links why vaccination is considered so much dangerous to health from the opponents point of view? I want to read their arguments and proofs before making any opinion.
  2. This could be logically impossible. Girls are not raped by other girls as childs. But when they grow up, then they also have those who are interested in the girls. Thus, here this claim fails that homosexuality is caused by trauma of being a victim to pedophilia. Thus, the main reason seems to be the playing of hormones. I have not seen that Hijab is so tough in any other Muslim community, as it is among the Pashtoon areas. I have been to the norther areas of Pakistan, and didn't see a single woman in their cities and the mountains (not even in Burqa, as all of them
  3. This thing is not limited to the gays only, and there are tons of straight paedophile males too. It may be more common among the gays, while social intermixing of older males with young boys is much easier in the society than older males and young girls. So, the solution is not to ban the law abiding gays. but to impose the law strictly. If the presence of straight paedophile males does not make being straight as unnatural, then presence of gay paedophiles also does not make it unnatural. This info is 100% correct. I have not been to La
  4. Question is, what if a real father kisses his child on the lips? Should he be doubted too and should he be sent to the prison too? How are we going to know the INTENTION behind the kissing?
  5. Please read about Bonobos. They are involved in all types of sex activities (male to male and female to female)
  6. I leans clearly towards the Liberal side, but I try my best to minimise my prejudices and to solve the problems according to the justice. Therefore, my opinion after pondering upon it as under: (1) The traditional approach of thinking that only woman and men exist in the NATURE is not wise. Nature is not "perfect". Therefore, looking for an "ideal" solution on the bases of "perfect" nature (i.e. only women and men) might be big a mistake. What if really a man has got the female feelings inside or vice-versa? Are such people able to form a normal
  7. People in their frustration are able to indulge in incest and rape of small girls. Even in the West, there are cases of incest present (from daughters and nieces etc.). Nevertheless, Islamic society is prone to be a lot more frustrated than the Non-Muslim societies, and thus incest with small girls secretly is their on of the option. Pakistanis are not only Nr. 1 in Porn Search, but they are no. 1 in the Incest Related Porn Search Here are the details from Google Trends about Pakistan: Sister rape (link) Mother rape (link) Child sex (link)
  8. This is one of the most important development, and it was very very clear right from the beginning, but naive Pakistanis citizens and the leaders were denying it. And Pakistani Media is the most stupid one who has been constantly brainwashing the Pakistani masses that Afghan Taliban are no danger for Pakistan. 'Pakistan does not represent Islamic government', Taliban ... Remember, TTP (Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan) also started with this simple statement that "Pakistani Constitution is Un-Islamic", and lat er it caused the rebellion and caused the death of 70000 Pakistani Muslims.
  9. There was a time, when I also wished to become a vegetarian. Please make sure to do the regular test of Vitamin B12, as it seems that 47% of North Indian vegetarian population is especially deficient of vit. B12.
  10. Suffocating the fish for hours, causes a lot of pain to the fish, which releases the hormones in the meat, and it does not taste good. While in Ikejime method, once brain is punctured, then pain is gone within a second, although the blood in the body keep on circulating. Pain is directly related to the feeling in the brain. Thus when we become unconscious on the operation table, then we feel no pain, although blood keeps on circulating, and other organs keep on working. Therefore, Ikejime is the most humane way of killing a fish.
  11. Either become a vegetarian. But if not, then please know that suffocating the fish (which is done all over the world including India/Pakistan) is neither humanely way of killing a fish, nor a healthy way. Japanese found it out and they practice IKEJIME.
  12. “Will show Modi government how to treat minorities” - Imran Khan
  13. Why perpertraters? State has to be apprehended and hanged. And why State? Religion has to be apprehended and hanged. This is the direct Fitna of the religion. Till the time the Real Culprit (i.e. the religion) is not called openly with it's name, and not punished, till that time we will see no betterment in the situation.
  14. Unfortunately, I don't have enough study on this subject. And many traditions (most) were fabricated by later coming Muslims in name of their prophet, and thus different traditions show contradictions. Regarding Ghazwa-e-Hind, some traditions show that area of Hind is limited to the present day Pakistan. And then there are some traditions which use the word Sindh, instead of Hind. And then there are some traditions which are using both the words Sindh and Hind.
  15. Very briefly: * Although Ghazwa-e-Hind is not found in 6 Hadith books , but still it is considered "AUTHENTIC" according to the science of Hadith and all Sunni Ulama accepted it unanimously till the emergence of some of present day Salafis (who are known as Ahl-e-Hadith in Indian/Pakistan). * This means that all Hanafis (i.e. all Barailvis and all Deobandis) believe in Ghazwa-e-Hind. (link). * And even among Salafis, there are two groups. One reject it, but the other one accept it. And the reason is some what Political. The party of "Jamat-ud-Dawah
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