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  1. Traditional Islam of Sufis is miles away from it. Traditional Islam of Shia and Ahmadi Muslims is also not able to do such things in India, although I feel that they also have the potential to become religious fanatics. Barailvi Muslims could be more violent than Shias/Ahmadi Muslims. Deobandi Muslims are dangerous. Wahabi/Salafists are extreme dangerous. Unfortunately, loads of Barailvi Muslims have become Salafists since 1980s. In India, there exist a lot of Salafists and Deobandis. And I have this feeling that due to the politics, many B
  2. I am afraid that many Chechens are by nature very aggressive, just like many Afghans. Unfortunately, when this aggressiveness combines with religion, then this mixture produces pure evil terrorist. Indian Muslims are by nature more peaceful (just like Hindus living along with them). Secondly, big part of Inidan Muslims follow the traditional Islam (i.e. majority of them are not the Salafist).
  3. Thanks for your opinion. Nevertheless, I personally believe that "Cultural Heritage" is not limited to religion only. For example, Chinese society is an atheist society for thousands of years too. But still they have cultural traditions and heritage. Similarly, present day non-religious societies have invented their own cultural heritage, where they celebrate the Birthdays (which were never practiced in such way as they have been done today due to the non-religious influence). And then they invented the festivals like "Valentines Day", or the
  4. Respect to individual human being is showed, irrespective of his religion/ideasl. But as far as ideologies (like religions) are concerned, then they they could not be made "criticism free" in name of "respect". This is the same behaviour which I saw whole of my life where Islam was made practically criticism free in name of respect. Atheists don't criticise individuals as Hindus or Muslims, but they do criticise the ideology which effects the whole society due to religious laws and traditions. And atheists have full right to do the preaching, as Muslims a
  5. I don't know Indian Army well to make any "direct" comment about them. But let me present my "general" opinion about this matter. In my opinion, where there is "hatred" or "frustration", there is also "potential" of such crimes. Unfortunately, Indian society is still not civilised enough, and it still suffers from both diseases of hatred and also of frustration. And Indian Army has to make recruiting from this same society. Therefore, discipline of army could work only to a certain level, but the child's upbringing is the most important factor.
  6. Why disgusting? It is Amazing and Wonderful. When mother feeds a child then all praise the woman for being a good mother. But when a father feeds a child, how then it becomes disgusting? It is also beautiful and must be appreciated and praised and should be propagated while many people are still not ready to accept it due to their social upbringing.
  7. I don't know why I was shocked. Perhaps it was difficult for me to understand how could women Iranian women work in films, while it is obligatory for them to take Hijab. And bollywood version of film is this that in every film you have a Hero and Heroine who get into love with each other, and it is very difficult to imagine about countries like Iran or Saudi Arabia to show such love of young people in their films. In Islamic Republic of Pakistan, perhaps 99% people will not allow their women to work in the film industry. In Dramas perhaps 20% would allow,
  8. Have you ever watched Iranian Films? I have not followed this thread, and also I have seen very few movies in my life. Still I have to ask this strange question: "Have you ever watched Iranian Films"? I was astonished when I found that movies experts was saying that Iranian films are hidden treasure. It was difficult for me to believe it. Any how, yesterday I watched my first Iranian film "The children of heaven" (Aasmani Bachay in Hindi). It was so touching story and so much different than Hollywood/Bollywood. It was little bit in the direction of "T
  9. Zakir Naik is the "Greatest Liar" (Kazaab-e-Akbar) that I have seen: (1) Treaty was done only between Muslims and People of Mecca in 7th Hijri year, when Muhammad got victory upon the people of Mecca. But in 9th Hijri, Muhammad got "absolute power" and none in whole Arabia got the chance to oppose him. And this verse i.e. 9:5 is about killing the Kafirs (Polytheists) of whole Arabia. Therefore, even if we have to believe that some tribes of Mecca didn't obey the treaty, still how could Muhammad threaten the Polytheists of whole Arabia to either accept Isla
  10. Long Stick is the solution to all such religious madness. This ruling is so brutal that already the moderate Muslims had to disassociate themselves from it and they are trying to present alternative interpretation to it i.e. this Ruling was only related to Prophet Muhammad and to the Kafirs of Arabia of his time. But the extremist Muslims (e.g. Salafi/Wahabi Fiqh of Saudia) still stick to this ruling, and extend it to present day. The fatwas of Salafi Muftis is this that Muslims are weak at moment, and thus they should stay calm, but as soon as any Islami
  11. I believe all things take TIME to "evolve". Ultimately, Islam/Muslims will also evolve. I believe that CHURCH played a lot of role in "POLITICS" in Europe for centuries. And politics ultimately brought a bad name to church, and thus to Christianity too. But Mullahs/Mosques never got so much Political influence in the Muslim past. We never saw movements like ISIS, Taliban, al-Qaida in the Muslim past. Or even in Pakistan, we never saw so much religious influence of normal Mullahs that we are feeling today. Although hidden, but I could easily
  12. Brainwashing. More brainwashed you are, most likely you are going to blast yourself for it. Thus, the most who blast themselves, are those whom normal Muslims don't consider even a Muslim i.e. ISIA, Taliban, al-Qaida, Boko Haram .... Most abused region is, where the most brainwashed people live. And this title goes to the Muslim lands only. Thus most abused is Afghanistan of Taliban, or the Iraqi/Syrian part of ISIS. Most abused part is whole of Pakistan, as compared to India. Even Iran and Saudia are also more abused than India.
  13. If truth has to be told, then in my view it is not only a weakness of Pakistani nature, but it is the "universal" nature of humans. Religion plays one of the main role in seeking one's identity. Hindus seek their identity somewhat in Ramayan and Mahabharata, while although Indian Buddhists or Jains or Sikhs are also born in India, but still they don't seek their identity in Ramayan or Mahabharata. While even a Hindu born in Afghanistan will be automatically attracted towards Ramayan and Mahabharata, in same fashion as Pakistanis are attracted towards Turkish warrior dramas
  14. You are right that Games of Throne and Spartacus are also famous in one part of the Pakistani society. But nevertheless, I have strong reservations against Dramas like Artughrul. It is brainwashing and make people's mind Jihad oriented instead of Humanity oriented. These Dramas are not showing the other Truths of these wars, where Muslim Armies killed the men, and then captured all the women/small children and then made them slaves for whole of their life, although those women/children had no part in any war. Has any of this Jihadi Drama show
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