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  1. Common in Sindh while Hindus are mainly living in Sindh only. Secondly, law situation in Sindh is extremely bad. The only secular party of Pakistan i.e. PPP ruled over sind for the last 50 years, and it gave nothing to the poor people, nothing to the minorities, absolutely nothing. Actually PPP is the MOST Corrupt party in Pakistan and it destroyed Secularism in Pakistan and thus religious forces became stronger in Pakistan. Actually I curse PPP for participating in all the non-Secular activities more or less. PPP supported the Nafaze Shariat-e-Muhammadi Act in Swat and handed over whole Swat area to Taliban along will all other political parties of Pakistan (Only exception was MQM of Karachi who opposed it, but they got other problems)
  2. On serious note, I do believe that there may exist some extremist liberals too, but I don't think that Congress leaders or AAP leaders are traitors to India.
  3. Dhanya hai Velu Sarkar! He made extra pain to write this post ONLY TO CERTIFY what I earlier wrote. Allegation of bashing India = Certificate for being TRAITOR to India (i.e. monopoly upon Nationalism). Allegation of Hindu+BJP = Certificate for being anti Hindu Religion + Certificate of being sympathiser of Muslim Terrorism. Allegation of being anti Industries + New Industries = Certificate for being Communist
  4. Right Wing always monopolise to give the "Certificate" to others. If you are loyal to Religion, you need certificate from the religious right wing, and it is understandable. But problem occurs when question arises if you are loyal to India (and in my case to Pakistan) or not, you need the certificate from the religious right wing. This disease goes so much further that right wing also issues the certificate if you are a genuine Liberal or not. If you criticise the religious right, then in no way they will accept you as a genuine Liberal, but either you are foolish liberal or enemy and traitor of India/Pakistan, In my case, the religious right of Pakistan is of opinion that liberals are only found in the western countries, while none of the DESI could ever be a liberal. We are seen as agent of the Yahood (jews) and Hindus who want to destroy Pakistan and Islam.
  5. I am afraid you have yet not offended all. Haryana and Punjabi languages need your comments too.
  6. Some are saying it is due to the reason that doctors in hospitals have become experienced enough to handle it much better than before. This results in decrease of the death rate mainly.
  7. Either this, or it is the effect of summer season. I wish it is due to becoming weaker, but when we look at US, then it seems that virus has not become weaker.
  8. ''When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty'' There is no way possible to reform Islam by staying within it's boundaries.
  9. My last post. @coffee_rules can you show me a single post from me where I protested a single time against BJP when it took action upon KASHMIR. For me, Kashmir is Muslim majority area, and Pakistan is supporting them, and fears of Muslim extremist threat is real. Thus not even once I wrote against BJP's decision in this matter. But the issue with those who have been effected by NRC is different. They are extremely poor people, who don't even have enough to eat. Religion of a poor man is only Roti first. They are absolutely not a threat to India. Please spare the human life as much as you can.
  10. So, you don't have the answer to this very basic question. Ok. But BJP is answerable to these millions of people who are prey to this NRC, but still BJP failed in answering it to them ... and to millions of Muslims of whole India, and to all those secularist/liberal Indians who blame BJP for the evil intentions through combination of CAA+NRC. Still BJP does not answer them. And I already told you my opinion about protesting upon the Basic Human Rights violation by the extremists, irrespective of borders. You see, Indian government protested upon the news that a Gurdwara in Lahore is going to be changed to a mosque. For me it is not interfering in Pakistan's internal matters. Not only India, but whole world should protest upon it against the State of Pakistan. Actually, you people are also protesting upon it in this forum and thus interfering in the internal matters of Pakistan, and I have absolutely no problem with it. Actually I support it fully. Therefore, I request you to please look at the practice of double standards from your side here.
  11. I request you to please reconsider your opinion on the humanitarian grounds. Bangladesh is not going to accept these Muslims as their citizen and they could not settle in WB as you suggested. They will become 2nd class citizens in India, just like Rohingyas were in Myanmar. The Mexicans entering US is the failure of US State. But on this bases, US could not punish the original US Mexican citizens, and could not send them back to Mexico. Secondly, if the 2nd and now 3rd generation of Mexicans is living in US, who was born and raised in US, and they know nothing about Mexico, then it is inhumane to take away their citizenship and send them to Mexico. Same is with Bengalis who came in 1971. That generation has perhaps already died in last 50 years. Their 3rd generation is living in India now. Indian State should have taken the action 50 years ago, and not now when their 3rd generation is born and raised in India.
  12. Whatever you write, it becomes irrelevant if you don't answer the very basic question about BJP's solution about these millions of people, who became prey of NRC.
  13. ٰI already told you that I am not interested in the stories made by him. I asked you the question what is the solution presented by BJP about these millions of people who are prey of NRC in Assam. You could dance as much as you like at this point, but neither could you escape this question, nor could you hide the real intentions. If people entered India illegally, and also got their documents, then it is the mistake of the State of India, and not of the poor people and their younger generations who don't have even to eat. Therefore, if you want to punish, then punish the State of India, and not the innocent people. You people have already made your real intentions clear even here that all the Hindus in NRC of Assam will get the Indian citizenship through backdoor of CAA, while the citizenship of all the Muslim citizens will be taken away, and then pushed into the Bangladesh (as if Bangladesh will accept them as their citizens without any papers). Through this madness, right wing Hindutva is creating the same situation for the Muslims as was created in Burma against the Rohingiyas, or against the Jews by Hitler's Germany.
  14. What? ٰIf he is not talking about Indian Hindus in Assam who became prey of NRC along with Muslims, then why is he not talking about them, while my question was about the Hindus+Muslims who became prey of NRC in Assam? Why then neither BJP, nor you are talking about the solution of this problem? Please, it is enough. You are only angry and this discussion will not take us anywhere.
  15. Brother, the discriminatory intentions of right wing Hindutva is evident everywhere. Just look what @coffee_rules wrote above: I believe that right wing of every country goes towards fanaticism in name of nationalism and religion, and they are the masters of false propaganda and brainwashing, but still it is impossible of Right Wing Hindutva to hide their evil intention in case of combination of CAA+NRC.
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