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  1. @Muloghonto I admire India for Yoga and Ayurveda and it's ancient Scientific Knowledge, and even for the knowledge of Kama Sutra and other arts. But denying the wrong-doings of Hinduism as a religion is not in favour of Humanity. It caused a damage to humanity during thousands of years of it's history, and it will continue to harm it in one way or another, till the time we finally accept that indeed Hinduism was also a man made religion and it caused sufferings for human beings. This practice of hiding the wrongdoings of Hinduism by wrongfully putting blam
  2. If VARNA was only occupation, why then the lower Caste people were not even allowed to touch the high caste people? I earlier mentioned a foreigner and what he saw in India. Faxian wrote: “Chandalas is the name for those who are (held to be) wicked men, and live apart from others. When they enter the gate of a city or a market-place, they stike a piece of wood to make themselves known, so that men know and avoid them, and do not come into contact with them ... Only the Chandalas are fishermen and hunters and sell flesh meat. ” All these practic
  3. Marriage in lower Caste and degradation of status of Children by birth : Manusmriti, Verse 3:13: For the Śūdra, the Śūdra girl. alone has been ordained to be the wife; for the Vaiśya, she as also the girl of his own caste; for the Kṣatriya, those two as also the girl of his own caste; and for the Brāhmaṇa those three as also the girl of his own caste—(13). Comparative notes by various authors (verses 3.13-19) Vaśiṣṭha (1. 27).—‘By doing this, degradation of family is certain, and after death, fall from heaven.’ Vaśiṣṭha (14. 5).—‘The Dev
  4. The promise of attaining higher Castes (in next Life???) is only a BRIBE to make Shudras to provide SERVICES and Gifts to the higher Castes Verse 9.335 (link) If he is pure, attendant upon his superiors, of gentle speech, free from pride, and always dependent upon the Brāhmaṇa,—he attains a higher caste.—(335) See Comparative notes for Verse 9.333. Viṣṇupurāṇa (Parāśaramādhava-Ācāra, p. 419).—‘It is only through attending upon the twice-born that the Śūdra becomes entitled to perform the Pākayajñas; and thereby becoming blessed, he wins the worlds.—The Ś
  5. I left you in your stubbornness, while you didn't answer my questions, when I posted this: // After reading whole account which Megasthenes wrote about India (link to the book), it seems he fabricated stories about India, in order to present it as an Utopia land to his people. For example: 1. Megasthenes claimed that food has been in so much abundance, that there had never been any famine in India. 2. Indian Elephants are special and they live up to 200 years of age. Indian elephants are much bigger in Size and Strength than African elephants. 3. Indian
  6. Totally irrelevant. It is not a atheism vs agnosticism debate, but about the excellence of Hindu Religious System of India VS the non-Religious system of the West. And you my friend, has not been defending agnosticism, but you have been constantly defending the man made religious system, which deceives the people in name of divinity according to even your own agnostic standards. But you keep your eyes closed from this fact due to your disease of Indian Supremacy.
  7. Don't try to hide the wrong-doings of Hindu religion behind the curtain of Islam. Hindu Religion is also guilty of marrying 6 or 8 years old small girls before puberty, and without their consent as an adult. This is enough to prove that Hinduism was also a man made religion, and has nothing to do with divinity and indeed it also oppressed the girls. Hindu religion could not compete to the excellence of non-religious Western society of today in this matter, which for the first time in Human history, gave the girls full and equal rights.
  8. It is rubbish. Atheists don't consider books of Dawkins to have any divine source, as Hindus considered their religious books to be from the divine source. And thus Hindus believed in the confusing and the contradictory creation theories, but Atheists believe only in the Scientific Research. This gives excellence to Atheism above the Hinduism. The presence of only these 2 Cities as democratic cities is enough to proof the excellence of Greek social system upon the Hindu social system, which was always ruled by the Kings, who were fighting with each other all
  9. Britishers didn't made caste system in India Relevant. They didn't impose Manusmriti upon Hindus. Despite the Buddhist influence, still Hinduism (before Britishers) got a lot of evils of brutal caste system in their society. And these evils are even present till today in the Hindu society. Off course Brahmins could not kill the Dallits today, or to pour lead in their ears, but still there is hardly any Temple where Dallits could perform the duties of priests. Even marriages are not taking place today between Brahmins and untouchables. Religious Hindus only h
  10. According to vast majority of Hindus, Smriti is indeed a religious text, which has some divine origin. While your claims are not important, and they are wrong. Except for Smritis (Dharmashastras), Hindus have no other Laws. And these same laws have also been alternatively mentioned in all other ancient Hindu texts too, like Puranas, etc.
  11. You have lost your senses. It is Medical Science which has diagnosed this as a Disease in few Children, and it is trying to help these Children. It may be that the scientific cure of such cases is still not perfect at moment, but surely science will keep on trying to find better and better solution for this. While religions like Hinduism were not even able to recognise it even as a disease (than what to talk about it's religious cure). Again question is what it has to do with Atheism? Why are you putting the blame of religious Chri
  12. Have you seen the alternative sources of the verses of Manusmriti? Gautama (18-21).—‘A girl should be given in marriage before puberty.’ Vaśiṣṭha (17.70).—‘Out of fear of the appearance of the menses, let the father marry his daughter while she still runs about naked. For if she stays in the home after the age of puberty, sin falls on the father.’ Baudhāyana (4. 1.11).—‘Let him give his daughter, while she still goes about naked, to a man who has not broken the vow of chastity and who possesses good qualities, or even to one destitute of good qualities; let
  13. It is not obligatory that Buddhists should have mentioned Manusmriti. The Hindu caste system was present there, and Buddhists revolted against it, and finally abandoned it completely. Even the stories of Mahabhrata and Ramayen is only mentioned in Jatakas and no where else. And there too, the stories of Mahabharata and Ramayen are different and contradictory than the Hindu versions of Mahabharata and Ramayen. And there is not even any mention of Hanuman present in them. Bottom line is this that Burtal Caste System was present in ancient Hindu Society. And Manusmriti
  14. Smritis are the 2nd most important religious source for Hinduism after Shruti (Vedas). And there are tons of references to Manusmriti by Hindus themselves before the arrival of Britishers. There were many commentaries written upon Manusmriti before the arrival of Birtishers by Hindus themselves and they didn't deny it, but accepted it as Dharmashastra themselves. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manusmriti#Commentaries). Why then to criticize Britishers, when earlier Hindus themselves accepted Manusmriti? Secondly, what has been written in Manusmriti
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