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  1. open with Kohli and Gambhir. Dinda V Balaji is a tough choice. Dinda needs someone to tell him before every ball, the guy has no brains. He kept bowling short not a single yorker. He was bowling yorkers at will in West Indies. Saved a game by giving just 3 runs in the last over against WI-A

  2. Indian society has a lot to do with it. I'm not finding excuses for men who behave badly; they should be punished' date=' but the *****y Indian culture and society, which includes a lot of us, also deserves no credit. Lot of sex in movies + no girl friend + no prostitution is a receipt for disaster.[/quote'] Huh??? What makes you think that its only single guys who are doing this? ANd how does that explain a country like Sweden? People not being held accountable for their actions are the reason why this crap occurs
  3. I am with Ian Chappell regarding Rohit. Chappell said on our tour to Aus that if we don't play Rohit in Tests we risk losing him as he will get bored and get into bad habits if he continues to be played at FC level when he's ready for Tests. You can't take the likes of Rohit and Rahane and play them in odis and if they fail in that format then kick them out. These guys are more suited to Tests based on their track records - Rohit averages 60 in FC & 35 in List A while Rahane averages 65 in FC & 37 in List A. It's clear based on eerily similar stats that the format best suited to them is the longer format (Tests) but somehow selectors are hell bent on getting them into odis :facepalm:
    Rohit went missing in West Indies after the first test in the A series. Heck even Saha scored more than him. He played one good innings and thought that was it, I have done enough. The guy needs a shrink
  4. Its all about incentives.. if you do well you get stuff, else you well basically go down the drain.. North Korea Labour Camps. :P China you should really take a look at the Discovery documentary it was exhaustive. The kid gymnasts working hours are grueling The problem though is the fact the kids do have a choice, perform or perish and they will go any lengths to perform not because they like the sport or want gold that becomes the only way to pull their families hopefully out of poverty. Kinda like kids in India and studies but on a much larger scale where you cannot even rebel against the system and the system will do whatever it can to make you or break you On the other what straight talk does not talk about or the reports do not go into detail is what happens to those kids who done make it. Only the elite get anything, two levels below and you are left with a battered body and not even a future that you could have made, if you had been in any other field. It is not difficult to see that the people who succeed from China are not from the upper class or even the middle class, they are most from the poor, unless you have party affiliations you are screwed. Just speak to the Chinese.. Is it effective hell yeah Does that mean TigerMoms are great? hell no

  5. My Kindle has been the best ROI. Bought it when the first international edition was released. Have nearly 2GB of books from various sources... Last weekend was getting a bit bored with all my friends not available Read the entire pern series by anne macaffery :D 8 books 3 days :P

  6. I had a nice Macbook Pro a couple of years back. And an IBM Thinkpad. Only bad thing about the thinkpad was the screen but then it was for office use only Both had their advantages, Macbook sucked on photoshop despite the amazing screen But the Lenevo i had at home worked well with photoshop However the acid test for me was the when I had the IBM and Apple with me and as involved in a crash in 2009 The thinkpad inspite of taking more of the impact just got the the end chipped etc. The macbook screen broke, the corners were dented, it would not close properly. In short it was a lost case, my IBM thinkpad died this year :( The Lenevo one is still going strong after 3 years, photoshop runs beautifully on it. :)

  7. Difference between review and adapt. IITs are slow movers. Also, mind telling me why is there NO performance based review for faculty at the IITs? I haven't heard of any faculty being asked to leave for below par performance no matter how pathetic they are. Research - There are many universities in the US who don't have million dollar grants but whose research output is better than the IITs. My point RQ from IIT doesn't justify the input. Also, before you get into this I hope you're aware than IIT professor's do get huge grants from the government for research. A relevant read if you continue thinking along these lines. Dheera has just nailed this. http://dsanghi.blogspot.sg/2011/05/are-iits-world-class.html A very strong statement from Dheeraj who is definitely one of the best IIT professors around.
    Do they have better profs ? Easily yes, most of the decent profs were on the last legs when I was in IIT, and there weren't too many good new ones coming through either. the scenario was bad enough that profs who should have retired a long time back were still teaching because there are no replacements. The problem with research in IIT is kinda simple. Too much politics.... To be a professor you used to need a CBI clearance. Not sure if that is still there :) btw IIT has a common entrance for all its departments, what you are asking is basically to separate the exams for all departments ? Only Arch has an extra exam currently to my knowledge And when you say Language and Art skills what exactly do you mean? Not the research but more importantly how does having particular language skills in any language (not English necessarily) help? And not knowing English is a major drawback in IIT, I used to know a UP board topper who got a decent rank because he wrote the exam in Hindi but could not cope up because the teaching medium was English ... (seriously using Girish Karnad and Homer to teach English is not a good idea) the guy dropped out, worked like mad and took the exam in English, but did not make it. So the exams are definitely lacking. The MCQ tests in my view are not good. Subjective was better. It did not give you the option of getting something correct by mistake. Plus we also got step marks if we were headed in the right direction :dance: btw since the first year is more or less common in the IITs the exams need PCM cause you wont survive the first year without PCM and its at a pretty advanced level compared to what other engineering colleges used to teach in the first year :D
  8. because the next election is most likely to be a hung parliament. So whoever gets to put up the president has a slight more chance of being called to form the government and use that to buy seats.... and they do not want a sharp president who will actually do some work, like send back bills for revision if he does not like it, write his own speech, not follow the parliament line ... Like Kalam did :D

  9. Windies A might throw some new stars.Moreover only rohit sharma,pujara,rahane have got some skill to play abroad rest of the batsman have basic flaws,Like Manoj "Cant play short ball" Tiwary, Abhinab "I dont Play ont he front foot" Mukund and rest.shami has done well which is a good news.
    Manoj "Cant play short ball" Tiwary stil as the heart to try and improve by the looks of it. Other than Pujara the others just bottled it. Rohit felt he hd done enough after 1 innings ?
  10. I have read the link and even interacted personally with many IIT professors. Lets cut the chase. Can you tell me specifically - "How does knowledge of PCM correlate to the fact that you should earn an engineering seat at an IIT?"
    Try looking at the first ear syllabus :) Actually the better question should be how knowledge of history and civics earn an engineering seat at an IIT?
  11. Dhoni needs to find right set of bowlers for this condition, Pathan is your all rounder so you don't need Jadeja, Bring Rahul Sharma in, he is new guy and Pakistan has not played against him.
    Dhoni needs to understand that bowlers need to take wickets to win. You have to make the new ball count. His entire idea is stop the flow of runs and build pressure and see the opponent explode. Sometimes (more often these days) he forgets it can work both ways, his bowlers can also feel the pressure and the opposition can play decently What the hell was raina and Rohit bowling for? Dinda 2 overs and then we have rana and rohit bowling and then 2 overs for dinda then later one over where he gets hit badly and then the last over. Is it just me or MSD captaincy is freaking off here.
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