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  1. Jadeja is one luck SOB. 16Cr.. wow.. Rutu for 6 is a steal..
  2. yet none of these guys who play in the TN team appear in the playing XI of CSK.. they all have been bench warming for years..
  3. Well he got an award for the state.. what more do you guys want
  4. shame on you Koli.. for losing to this looserish team continuously. im glad these NZ chokers will get kicked out in another tournament
  5. very true.. Dhongi screwed us for years and Kohli came on.. and he kept screwing us for years..it will be another asshole.. unless BCCI gets stronger and have crucial conversation and make difficult decisions, this team will continue to underperform.. keep winning bilateral and keep the sheeples happy .. the day when we get over the superstar fandom is the day we will find people with ownership and accountability and move forward .. until then we have to live with this mediocrity...
  6. sorry i dont have good opionion about VVS.. hearing him in the commentary and IPL this guy comes across as a dumb fk with no comtemprory knowledge of the game.. regressive and big chamcha of the establishment
  7. I want England to pummel these NZ fkers... for continuously a** ra**ing is in every torunament.. im sick and tired of this NZ team.. they never win anything but screw us in every tournament..
  8. looks like we learnt nothing from this WT20.. Bhuvi needs to be shunned out of Indian team.. should never be in the playing XI in any format..
  9. No way Afghan is beating NZ. I have already accepted that we are out of the semis
  10. Dravid needs to clean up the TM.. Kohli shouldnt be anywhere in the decision making setup.. Dhongi should never be with the indian team..
  11. I want our Afghan bros to annihilate this overrated team and humiliate our LOL captain So bad that I want to end up feeling sorry for him..
  12. im glad this all came crashing down.. dhongi should be kept out of the indian team as far as possible.. its enough we have to endure this moron in the IPL..
  13. i feel like the team doesnt care to perform for loli.. is there some resentment brewing in the team.. it almost like they dont give a fk about the captain and want him to fail. Loli doesnt seem to have the team in his hold.. there is no passion left in the team and they dont seem to be energized by whatever the captain or the coaching setup says..
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