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  1. wow what happend to Pant.. he has become so fat.. disgusting for a young sportsman to look like that..
  2. they fell out recently. SPB and Illayaraja. . i dont know if they had patched up... hope they have.. sad ending to a long friendship
  3. perfect for thala.. RRR is 18.... need to the RRR to get to 26...for thala open up
  4. omg.. what happend to Risabh pant?? he has become very fat.. disgusting..
  5. So why is this bill bad for farmers??
  6. count me in.. chutti payan pinnitaaan
  7. I dint follow the auctions last year and dint really any ipl news... i only saw the squad rrecently and it was so bad.. i started watching the match.. i was disgusted to see Piyush chawla in the team.. OMG, what were they thinking.. this is basically a squad of useless and has beens.. i want to stop following this team.. i have to eat some crow now... piyush chawla gave a nice surprise.. i hope he keeps playing like this for the next 2 yrs.. and Sam Curran.... i have become a fan now..
  8. Thanks @coffee_rules i bought hotstar.. seems to be good.. thanks guys for the suggestion
  9. This year, i am in the US. any US folks help me how to watch IPL2020 from here??
  10. there is nothing in the CSK team to look forward.. what a boring bunch.. ... Go Bambis.. (witha heavy heart)
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