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  1. something doesn't seem right.. this looks like a fake one.. I dont see this in virat's tweet.. looks like a photoshopped tweet..
  2. remind me of this kid in chennai.. i think it was around '97-98 practicing in anna univ ground... there were some media focus on this kid.. forgot his name.. dont know what he is doign now..
  3. Why not try some other domestics bowlers.. don’t think they would have bowled so many hit me balls as this pathetic lungi
  4. To hell with this Shyte captain.. you suck big time..
  5. Haha CSK got rattled by big Polly.. they lost it mentally. Even the best fielder has dropped a sitter
  6. Shardul still bowling outside off wide balls. Fking pathetic pos bowler..
  7. What a fking over by chutti kulanthai.. shardul is back with his dibbly dobbly smack me balls
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