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  1. 2 free hits and one full toss and these guys cudnt put anyone one of those balls to boundaries.. poor batting by DC
  2. Lalit yadav cant clear inner circle.. Boomrah bowls another no ball
  3. how come Steve smith looks like a bradman when playing against india (irrespective of the format).. but looks like a dud in IPL..
  4. you could do that by dropping yourself to no.11.. just a tip..
  5. looks to have more attitude and arrogance than results to show for... why is he so special? I dont remem much about any useful contribution from him but keep hearing rave reviews about him..
  6. thailam's ass got saved by the inept RR team.. any other team would have showed thailam how to bat.. like DC did the other day..
  7. no one is talking about his slow innings.. sucking up the momentum.. literally no commentator in tv or cricinfo/cricbuzz are criticising this knock.. In tamil commentory , RJ balaji talked about CSK following the old concept of waiting for the last 2 overs to go big when dhoni was batting slow, srikanth dint say much other than sam curran should have come earlier.. i have no hope of something changing.. have to wait for this guy to retire himself.. until then.. have to suffer seeing his atrocious batting
  8. a guy whos in form and hitting at 150+ is sitting in the dugout and this washedup player hogging the strike..
  9. fk this stupid lunge.. how does people buy into this dhoni BS... wish rr could have run him out..
  10. Hate to see dhawan scoring in ipl.. he is gonna crawl back to national team and cement his place
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