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  1. https://www.opindia.com/2021/01/professor-faints-after-interpreting-rahul-gandhis-speech-in-erode/amp/
  2. im struggling to understand the support for Trump here.. Trump is a loony and how can anyone support this narcisstic excuse of a human.. He is in it all for himself.. he doesnt give a damn about any human being other than him.. i dont know why anyone would support him.. doesnt matter which party you belong to..
  3. where is the speech? i dont see anything special to be hyped up.. a coach should be able to do this at the minimum..
  4. seeing Kohli back as captain.. why do i feel like a cheating husband when the wife is back from her mom's place.
  5. i expect him to get out nicking to the slip cardon in single digit. Starc and cummins are going to be all over him
  6. ^ yea thats right.. But i dint see that many bouncers at him. Maybe we should have tried lot more bouncers. He actually nicked one of the bouncers only for that fatty to put down.
  7. I dont see anything special.. looks like a pie thrower.. Aussies going to feast on his bowling..
  8. Will Pucovksi had quite a few concussions in his career so far. He is coming off from one of those recently. What would you do as an opposing captain. Would you ask your bowlers not to bowl deadly bouncers at him or dont give a damn and just go for the blood? I am confused at this, as a part of me says one more hit on his head might prove lethal and no win is worth at the cost of a life. Would like to hear some thoughts/opinion on this..
  9. Woooo... I smell a coup.. too many disgruntled players in the team against virushka... is gonna come out slowly in the coming days really hope bcci wakes up n removes kohli as a skipper..
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