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  1. This seems to be a strange characteristic of Pakistanis. They seem to involved in affairs of Muslims from Palestine to Rakhine via Kashmir and rest of India, except Uighurs but have little time for non muslim pakistanis.


    Time and again they try to assimilate the glories and achievements of Arabs, Turks, Afghans, central asians in the name of islam, which has forced countries like Afghanistan to even raise objections, while they break down 1300 year old Buddhist statue in their own country.


    Then you have a lot who think that they ruled India, while history shows that no Muslim ruler of Delhi or other major region actually originated from present day Pakistan, almost all were from foreign lands. Pakistanis are mostly converted non muslims, yet they seem to take pride in the fact that they got conquered and then their ancestors converted.


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  2. Glad to hear that every thing is okay with you [mention=10750]vayuu1[/mention]
    Really nice of [mention=6559]Malcolm Merlyn[/mention] and [mention=872]Stuge[/mention] to help. Real gems.
    My friend's father was diagnosed with stage 1 laryngeal cancer. He was asked to under go 3 sessions of radiation therapy after a small surgery. As is the rule now, before any surgery he was asked to procure a no Covid certificate. He got his tests done at a "well known" testing lab. He was judged to be covid+ve.
    Since most of the covid beds in the hospitals were occupied, the testing lab suggested a multi-speciality clinic where he could get a bed. He was given a quotation of Rs 8 lakhs for around 10 days of treatment. This treatment included providing PPEs, constant temperature checks, 2 meals and a breakfast and hot milk twice a day. By the 8th day, my friend started getting very antsy. There were no covid symptoms yet. And she didn't want the cancer to metastize/ reach stage 2. On the sly she had 2 other testing labs conduct the covid test while her father was under treatment for Covid.
    Both the tests turned out to be negative.
    On further investigation, it was found that there were many such false positives. Basically collusion between the lab and various clinics to make some money. What is particularly infuriating here is the patient was diagnosed with cancer. But even a possibly life threatening condition is no guarantee against getting conned.
    The lab has been banned now. They have lost their license. At least for a few more weeks.
    Does the name of the lab start with T and end with E with a C in the middle?

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  3. And no.
    Another clue: 

    Who am I?

    1. I have represented my country in more than one sport.

    2. My son also briefly represented his country in one of the two sports that I played. There were however allegations of nepotism, which turned out to be false.

    3. I never wore a certain "protective gear" when I played.

    4. I am not from the sub-continent. 

    5. My daughter has her own designer label.

    Mariyam....kahan this aap?

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  4. Close. But very generic. Looking for a specific set of names.
    Additional clue provided below.
    What connects the following?  
    1. Qais
    2. Aaja Nachle
    3. Ab dua arsh pe jaati hai asar lane ko (part of a song)
    4. We are talking about characters from folklore.
    Laila majnu

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  5. Manju was sacked for being a poor commie abd not for questioning anyone.

    He is extremely biased. Makes personal comments and tries to run down players from India.

    He was never a part of Star, he was mostly with Ten, praising pakistanis and others.

    It was under the CoA regime,Dian Eduljee times, when he became a fixture in the Star team.

    He has made personal remarks on a number of non Mumbai players.

    Personally along with his commentary, i have a strong dislike for him since he insulted AB Vajpayee on the day he died. Manju is one of those fake bollywoodia liberal types.

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  6. The atmosphere is the greatest usp of IPL, without fans it would be like the PSL in UAE. Even the foreign players will not be here till April 15th which may well be extended as the spread would be greater by then. It's going to be a drag really if they go ahead with this. Rather postpone/cancel.
    MEA says, no advisory on visas for sportsmen.

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  7. If you read pakistani posts on social media,they are raging over the Delhi riots.


    In the unfortunate events in Delhi more than 50 people died. Hindus and Muslims both. But for pakistanis, its a Muslim pogrom and Hindus are terrorists and extremists.


    How in the world, did a riot, where people from both sides perished and suffered losses become a pogrom?


    For that you have to understand something. Pakistanis have never witnessed a communal riot . Not because Pakistan is some epitome of peace, there a riot means, muslim mobs terrorizing minorities. Non muslims suffer damage exclusively.


    So when a actual communal riot occurs, where muslims also suffer casualties like non muslims,for them it becomes a muslim pogrom.


    Funnily they talk about India becoming a hindu nation. There is hardly any country that has a muslim majority and is secular, pakistan itself is a islamic republic,with non muslims being second class citizens. Yet they have issues with another country and its religion. There are muslim countries, christian countries, jewish country and buddhist countries, yet the idea of a hindu majority country thats secular and gives equal rights to others is non palatable, let alone the idea of a hindu country.


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