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  1. South Asian is a term used to couple India with Pakistan. And we need to get to stop that. I say social sciences, think-tanks, governments identity us as South Asia. Many ambassadors to Pak eventually become one to India, not vice versa. As South Asian, we get associated with terrorism, backwardness. South Asian studies hurt us, and paint a bad narrative.
  2. First time, to have such a president & VP nominee who are anti-India in their campaigning. And you can't even give one good reason to vote for Biden, its' only the anti-Trump rants. This 2020 election is based entirely on anti-ness, and if one are anti-Indian, don't expect their votes.
  3. Yes, the Dems choice of VP was always be the unofficial president, yet why Kamala? Her own partymember, Tulsi literally made her polling numbers drop from the highest to single-digit numbers with that 2 mins of debate
  4. It's for Congress, and so called secular parties to wake up. They are only getting votes as the Muslim parties can't win outright, but once the demographic is in their favor, it's gone case for everybody else, be it BJP, Congress, etc. And it's already happening in few places, where Muslim league, AIMIM are the default winners. Dalit, backward caste, FoE, human rights, media groups are all irrelevant at such times
  5. Forget majority, they just need critical mass, say of >30% population, and they can literally dominate just about everything. It's irreversible trend and it is up to government to prepare well when that day comes. Not if, but when....
  6. This single-handedly destroyed her President dreams. Yet, dems still went with her for VP...
  7. American Indians should do their due diligence, just don't go by someone with an Indian name. Many Indian origin senators both in Europe, US have turned out to extremely pro-Pakistan....
  8. Only Gehlot wins, as he is undisputed no.1 leader of RJ. Congress, BJP, BSP, Pilot all lost...
  9. Rajiv Malhotra is the leading figure exposing such people, should check his videos. Yet, the reality is it's our own people who have either been sold out completely, or don't do their homework (due diligence). Our temples, mutts have given them completely authority to translate our materials in different languages, and thus, the misconceptions, false information happens. The worst part, is our own people today learn our history, religion from their books.....
  10. Exactly. I have also seen people particular labors from Pakistani/Bangladesh falsely calling themselves as Indians. You just have to question them in details. And then businesses like restaurant workers, ticket agents falsely call themselves as Indians. There is a "same same" concept in overseas as they want to be part of general goodwill enjoyed by Indian diaspora. Yet "different different" when it comes to regional politics. It's up to Indians to make their own identity. There is no Chinese, or Japanese who calls themselves East Asians. But we are so confused, and gullible that we foolishly use South Asians or "desi" term.
  11. Interesting thread, this transformation is the story of many, not just him.
  12. Yes, Pakistanis often disguise themselves as Indians in overseas, and thus, want to grouped as South Asians.
  13. Yes, using demographics and reality is very different. Many ppl with Hindu names are converted, and are the most anti-Hindu of all kinds.
  14. I dont get the 3 person commentary. Its redundant and boring. Choosing quantity over quality. And English commentary is still better than Hindi. Its local languages that needs much better professionals. Likes of Sehwag, Laxman dont cut it, too casual, weak insights and many times only joking around...
  15. Thats untrue. They play a double game, and have aggressive funding. Always remember, the foreign nexus is deep in our internal politics....
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