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  1. Despite centuries, the integration of certain minority groups within our country, hasn't worked. So why will it work in future given demographics changes? As I have always stated, Congress party is just a stop gap measure. Then, India and Africa is a important comparison, where I argue that the world sees India same as a united Africa. So whatever native was backwardness, and then some religions came, and "liberated" us, gave knowledge and skills. Yet, we had the history of entrepreneurship , persistence, and that has allowed us to "grow" differently than Africa. Still, it's a ong
  2. History is only written by "winners". In our case by those whose did genocides, and invaded the nation. Then, many of our people are "afraid" of their own ancestry, the very fact that they were once Hindus is a taboo subject. Thus, we may be democratic and secular, yet we have some "blasphemy" about certain topics. Much of our problems today, have roots of the past, and certainly correct history will help to resolve many problems. Yet, that window is gone, as the demographics and numbers is different today.
  3. So that's the issue. Then, it's never about farm bills or anything about farmers. You are just a "woke". A delusional guy And, you should walk the talk, and give away your personal assets and resources now.
  4. Anybody who uses “ road power” is a thug. Its not welcome to any democracy. Next, SC has used the phase “peaceful protest”, and like government, they both seem helpless in strongly dealing with road power and anarchy. But don't think of this helplessness, as a victory. And poverty, doesn’t necessary mean sympathy. Its always about your actions, so example when terrorists attacks, their poverty cant be used to defend them. On topic, those actual main leaders of protests are nowhere poor nor farmers. How rich leaders or scumbags like Yogender Yadav leading it? Now,
  5. Yet, many big religious are “book locked”, there is nothing new added or changed since the book. Thats not the case with Hinduism, which thrives on open-architecture. Its also one of few religions which talks about cosmos, and has a understanding in line with modern science. Next, in some religions, there is only a human identity. Where world is meant for human consumption and exploitation. Whereas, in Hinduism and other Indian origin religions, we talk about Earth rights, animals rights. The world is not for human consumption. We understand, animals have “aatma “ or th
  6. ^^^^ They are not liberals, but just want attention. They are smart enough to recognize doing "stupid things" is enough to gain fame.
  7. Hahaha, yet you arrogantly support the thugs and unlawful protest. There is no free lunch and stop the double standards. Don't be a hypocrite For decades, there have been farmer suicides, yet those were not worrying signs, as many kept quiet and did nothing for years. So stop your fake concern for farmers suddenly today. Meantime, for decades, there was a long pending demand for farming reforms as the 3 bills, which many parties, not just BJP written in their manifesto. With people's mandate, BJP is doing a correct job backed by decades of consultations, data, and research.
  8. Embarrassing to see grown ups doing only doing childish behaviour and bullying. Those who have “road power” cannot and never will dictate the country. And seems it is full circle again. Like Kejriwal and his certificate of honesty. Again, the common man will never allow these distinguished citizens and their friends such monopoly. We trust our democracy, courts, and this government got a full mandate. And in the manifesto, the farm bills were there and this government has implemented their promise with people’s mandate. And these thugs should fight the upcomi
  9. Haha, the usual suspects want the farmers to continue their unlawful protests. They really want them to go to Parliament and lay siege to the government, courts. Like Trump and the Capitol incident. Anarchy, and chaos can't be tolerated. Bullying is not a solution, and these thugs should stop their dangerous behavior, and not run away from the debate. Again, where is the clause by clause issues,? Occupying roads, does not make one right ever....
  10. Law of diminishing returns. One can't keeping escalating the situation, the costs are more than benefits now. They can't keep threatening and retaliation, else it will clear it is only ego match for the mob led by a distinguished citizen Yogender Yadav. The common man wants law and order. The common man wants facts, and reality of farm bills and 2 decades of work, which will be clear with the SC committee. Thus, no surprising, that the thugs keeps running away from debate or any clause by clause discussion.
  11. Some are LGBT activists yet celebrate certain religions. They remain quiet and silent on LGBT and woman rights in different religion. There is a lot of oxymorons in modern societies today.
  12. It's institutional, as our system has allowed veto power to different groups, be it certain minority groups or professions. Both the government, SC are seen helpless in this entire fiasco. A distinguished citizen like Yogendra Yadav was allowed power to "suspend" the rights for free movement of our people, and nothing was done about it. The fault lies in our democracy, as where is the checks and balances?
  13. Its game over for the mob. End of manufactured protest. The aim was always de-escalation, and this move has brought it, and lessen the heat on GOI. The repeal or nothing attitude was foolish. That side have no facts, no clause by clause arguments, so they have nothing to present to the SC committee. Whereas, GOI have 2 decades of data, information, consultation, research reports. It was a long pending demand which was this GOI fulfilled with the 3 new farm bills. With SC committee, the small farmers and consumers get a voice and space to support the farm bills, instead of the mob
  14. AIADMK is a relative pro- dharmic party. The line is Hinduphobia. Thats the top most thing that matters. They are one of few parties who havent resorted to slandering Hinduism to gather some votes.
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