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  1. One superb IPL match, and some decent performances has overrated Tewatia. He isn't good enough...
  2. Where is Unadkat? Failed again this year, cant bowl in PP, or end overs. Whats the use of paying crores of money for such useless player? One lucky guy, RR brought him thrice despite 3 bad bad season. Will they buy him again 2021?
  3. I like the Sept-Nov season as well. Hope this time becomes permanent window for IPL. Good season timing, and no elections headache as well.
  4. Had MI scored 160, RR would have lost it. Their batsman especially their openers would have taken time to settle. So the Hardik innings was a blessing in diguise. Helped them to attack from ball 1
  5. Can you add Rahane to the list? How is he any different from Pujara? A extremely slow player and selfish player. Where he values his own wicket a lot when it's never the essential part of T20s.
  6. RR brought and released Unadkat thrice. Spend a whopping 23CR, and yet he never won them a single match. While, single handedly lost them several matches. The player is obviously laughing with the money, whereas RR management really need to replace their selection team.
  7. Don't like many of the IPL foreign commentators, they don't do their homework, and are lazy. Yesterday, they showed contempt against him, and poor knowledge overall.
  8. Glenn Mcgrath. Speed was never his forte, yet he had the height, bounce, and discipline to be one of the top bowlers. Unfortunately, Indian trundlers dont have such qualities
  9. Still RR and their management should be sacked. They brought Unadkat thrice at record prices. 11.5CR, 8.40CR, 3CR. He struggled each season, was released each season, and yet RR paid big money to get him again and again. A conspiracy would say some blackmail involved.
  10. It's an insult to fans, it shows modern cricket just needs corporate sponsors & ads, no need of the passionate fans.
  11. A player who could have been better than Yuvi. He had high potential yet, only reached decent level.
  12. Everybody connected with him, be it fans or players. Came from a smaller town, and in a unstructured way. Unlike the Kohlis/Sachin who come from big cities and Indian youth teams. There is nobody more successful than him with such a journey. And I dont think we will ever find anybody else with such background..
  13. I dont get the 3 person commentary. Its redundant and boring. Choosing quantity over quality. And English commentary is still better than Hindi. Its local languages that needs much better professionals. Likes of Sehwag, Laxman dont cut it, too casual, weak insights and many times only joking around...
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