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  1. Will believe only after the full details are revealed, but death of those people is condemnable no matter the reason or sources.
  2. Take care man. I heard that young people or ones with better immune system are asymptomatic
  3. Just to clarify - 20 of our soldiers have been killed for stepping into this grey area. There is also some casualty on the Chinese side which they have not disclosed. If this occupying continues won't some of the grey area be claimed as Chinese? Also are any of our troops currently in the grey area? Please correct me if wrong.
  4. No you're wrong. Karunanidhi (DMK) was in alliance with Congress. Rajiv had come to gather votes against advice that it is unsafe to do so in TN at that time. Karunanidhi was supposed to attend that event but cancelled it. MK Narayanan who was close to Soniya was the IB chief at that time (responsible for Rajiv Gandhi's security).
  5. Nahh it has more to do with India than other countries. No central or state(TN) officials of note attended the particular function when the incident happened.
  6. That's true, but there are lots of success stories from out of nowhere as well...at least in Tamil..Rajni is the best example..he didn't even know the language at the beginning. Key is to win the audience.
  7. If B'wood was so nepotistic he could have come down south.. The fans would have lapped him up :/ Even otherwise he could have done a lot apart from acting.. just goes to show money and fame are not everything..
  8. TN 1384 cases today of which 1072 from Chennai alone.
  9. TN has extended the.lockdown till 31st, with existing rules in 12 districts and relaxations in 25 districts.
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