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  1. Would Mumbai let go off Kishan....will it affect the KKR team combo...answer these questions also..
  2. Those 10 balls can make a difference to the result. He has won matches batting at 3 also, but that's not his primary area of strength.
  3. DK has a specific skillet. Give him last 10 balls, more often than not he'll score at 200+ SR without any fuss in T20s. Hope KKR uses him to the fullest in this regard. Yes he has issues playing at the top of the order. It's upto the team how it uses him.
  4. DK remains not out in successful chases more.
  5. Rahane is like TN CM EPS.. Silently goes about his job..uses his resources effectively..no fuss..
  6. Great that his batting started to click in test series.. otherwise he would have been branded a T20 player.
  7. He's telling this after listening to commentary. As if he called it first..what is this @Global.Baba?
  8. Problem is most of TN cricket was dominated by Brahmins as said by Gollum and Chennaites. Now it is spreading more with IPL and TNPL - talents like Natarajan, Jagadeesan are coming out. And those who got selected, had the talent but didn't make it big, except a handful like Srikkanth, Venkatraghavan and Ashwin. It's changing for sure. Especially in T20s, TN is a gun side.
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