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  1. It is is a surreal feeling to see this Indian test team manhandle opponents like play-doh. Batsmen are taking turns to hit big double 100s. And it is almost though Virat Kohli has a pre-match meeting with his bowlers and collectively they decide how to distribute the wickets between themselves.. I dont even recall the Aussie team of the 2000s dominating like this.
  2. Hate to say this - but CSK cannot keep up this old-timers act for too long. MSD's IPL resurgence notwithstanding, their batting lacks the definitive batting superstar. Their bowling is decent but a gun batting line up can absolutely take them to the cleaners if they go after it in the first two overs. Their fielding... Well.. their fielding. You just cannot ignore them because of MSD's influence and overall experience, but T20 is ultimately a young gun's sport. I can easily see being blown away a blitzkrieg attack.
  3. Can you imagine being an umpire and giving an lbw decision against an Mafias' batsmen? Just the sheer thought of Ambanis' henchmen is enough to send terror down everyone's spine..
  4. RCB attack looking super thin. Its gonna another loooooooooooooong season for Bengaluru peeps
  5. Raina is the Original Gangster of IPL.. not Gayle, not MSD, not AB or Kohli.. Its Suresh Motha-******* Raina!
  6. OMG.. We are so terrible at this.. Coaches get replaced/fired at the behest of the team's best player/captain ALL the time in other sports without nearly as much drama. In the NBA for example, head coaches get fired less than 10 games into the season or if they cannot see eye-to-eye with the best player. This Kumble saga has now been dragging for more than a year now.. As far as I can know - Kumble was appointed coach. The team - and more pertinently its best player Kohli - clearly did not like his autocratic style. Kohli communicated his preference to the BCCI leade
  7. Peak Sehwag, Dravid, SRT, VVS would have easily scored 400+ against this Aussie lineup on this very same Adelaide pitch. Its not that the pithces are getting more bowler friendly, its just that batsmen are becoming progressively worse at constructing a test innings..
  8. True that - would not trust anyone in this Indian line up other than Kohli, Pujara (and maybe Rahane) to last an hour against skilled bowling on challenging conditions..
  9. Having a hard time deciding which Indian attack is better. Combo #1 - Zaheer + Ishant + Sreesanth during 2008-2009, when we first captured the #1 position test rankings. Combo #2 - Present day - Ishant + Bumrah + Shami/Bhuvi. Really impressed with the way Ishant has progressed through the years.. His inswinger is flat out of the most deadly weapons against right handers in test cricket.. But boy-o-boy - 2007-2010 Zaheer and the dark art of reverse swing he perfected during that time was a sight to behold. The ball did whatever he told it to do at that time.
  10. One change - Shaw in for Vijay.
  11. I absolutely loving the 200-300 innings score trends in test cricket these days.. This is what 10+ of T20 cricket can do to batsmens' defenses. :)
  12. I dont think I have been able to clearly articulate my thoughts here so far.. I know you have played your fair share of cricket.. How much energy do you think you would able to expend at the time of your delivery stride if your only constraint is that you have land your back foot within the two crease lines.. It essentially gives you a landing zone that is almost a metre long, as opposed to 1.5 inch think line that the bowlers have to work with today..
  13. Not really. If I want to see people run, I will tune into the track events at Olympics. Cricket is about Ball Versus Bat, not How much energy a batsmen has left to face the next ball after running 3 runs..
  14. Is this a trick question? Have you guys seen our lower order? Forget his bowling - which was above par at Adelaide - we need him for his batting down the order.
  15. Its not about the distance.. As an amateur medium pacer myself, almost all of my run is consumed thinking about my front foot landing as opposed to focusing on the delivery I want to bowl.. Obviously - The Pros will have much better muscle memory than I do and it would not be as big of a problem.. However, the essence of my point is this - We should unshackle our fast bowler friends and enable them to focus all of their energies/momentum on delivering the most penetrative delivery, as opposed to worrying about where they land their foot. I would not even mind if we changed the no ball rule com
  16. If you give the fast bowlers the crease line, you could potentially unlock 3-5% extra effort/pace, which is good for world cricket.
  17. Fair. Not to be pedantic, but recovering from being 40/4 is more of an Recapture-the-moment example, as opposed to seizing it.. My overall point(s) being - - This is the Worst Australian batting line-up in the last 30+ years. - An accomplished test side would have pummeled this Aussie team (just look at the results from the time when this Australian team toured South Africa earlier this year). - Not every win in Australia is created equal. Adelaide-2003 is on a completely different qualitative plane when compared Adelaide 2018. - If
  18. Need to get this off my chest.. The bowlers union need to protest this stupid rule.. Does anyone realize how hard it is for a human - specifically of the fast bowler variety - to run in from 20m away at an average speed of 10-12 mph, stick your landing on a very constricted piece of real estate, release a 5.5 ounce projectile at the precise moment so that it lands in a desired location on a 22 yard strip, while also focusing on the wrist position at release AND keep keep half an eye on what the batsmen is doing?! And oh btw you have to do all of the above within a thir
  19. One of the all time Indian greats! For a not-so-brief time period between 2009-2010, you had to get past Gambhir first if you wanted to defeat India. A selfless, total team player!
  20. Honestly, keepers should not be allowed to chirp away until the bowler is literally milliseconds away from starting his run-up..This is not sledging - this is flat out annoying not fair sportsmanship.. I am all for unsettling the batsmen so that they focus on what is being said but there should be some limits on how excessive this can be.. If its ok for the keeper to endlessly blabber away why dont we just ask the square leg and silly point to dance routine to go along with it..
  21. Lots of solid points being made in this thread... yes, our batting will likely get better as the series goes on, yes this is a comparatively great start knowing our appalling history of staring an away series with a loss and all that.... BUT - There was nothing that I saw from the Indian team at Adelaide that led me to believe that they are ready to grab the game by both their hands when the moment presents itself.. Ravi Shastri likes to keep saying the scoreline in England does not reflect how competitive the series actually was.. That maybe semantically true, but the
  22. Agree with the OP's sentiments.. Objectively speaking - this is not a very impressive win.. A P-O-L-I-S-H-E-D test side would have defeated this Australian side by a margin of 200+ runs/7+ wickets in these conditions..The Aussie top and middle order is by far the worst I have seen in my life.. Some people are comparing this win to the one at the same ground in 2003.. Hayden, Langer, Ponting, Katich, Steve Waugh, Gilchrist all just rolled over in their graves.. The fact that Australia was literally one more small partnership away from winning the game shows that there a
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