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  1. Farmers Jan 26th Tractor parade tribute song
  2. You idiot bhakts go personal if someone exposes the wrong doings of your jumla party....so be it if it gives you bunch a bit of happiness & solace.
  3. These cops are up to something, after a few minutes into the video...skip to 10:00...why don't they have the face to answer a reporter.
  4. ^^^ A crook planted by the Corrupt Party & their corrupt cops, was caught & given back to the cops. Hence the statement changed.. To hell with this criminal...Let the Tractor march continue
  5. ^^^ BS ( Iski mann ki baat ) Is this a counter-video to the one where the evil intentions of your party karya karta of planting paid people in the Farmer's protest & then supplying them with AK 47 got exposed before the action happened. Delhi police had already started warning people to 'Beware of AK 47 assault' during the Republic Day parade. Their source of intelligence? They themselves had decided to carry out the attack
  6. What amazing thinking by this Abhinav Prakash ( Next level Bhakt ), if this was staged, why did the farmers hand over this paid Feku party stooge to the police?...lol
  7. The major problem is....this ruling party is portraying anti-bjp as anti-Hindu & anti-India, same thing started during the beginning of this protest....failed this time because 'Hindu farmers' joined the Sikh farmers
  8. ^^^ Why are you insulting your fellow poster @Legendary_Bhakt ( That was a quick edit, I should've quoted your post in which you had mentioned that the word 'Bhakt' is Derogatory )
  9. You have to be specific...also not the first time you are twisting your own post or find so called 'Hidden messages' in other's posts
  10. Only Bhakts can call a co-founder of their party irrelevant
  11. Nice article, shows pics of people who have given their opinion as well instead of 'our sources' which Godi media uses to show it's fabricated lies. This banner at one of the borders in this protest is for those people who claim that 'These farmers being misled & are illiterate'
  12. Both these Dummies don't deserve to be treated with any respect from non-bhakts, they are acting like Dictators in a Democracy. Go & whine all you want like your other gang here on ICF, inevitable is going to happen....the ruling party Thugs will be booted out in the next elections.
  13. Hindu vote has consolidated, irreversible Hitler & his Nazi followers also must've thought along similar lines back in history
  14. Some good points as to why many have lost trust against the Jumla party.
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