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  1. Emotions vs logic has been part of Indian cricket. For once let not emotions win this battle. Enough emotions shown in the past for many.
  2. The most popular soccer player the game ever saw before all Ronaldos and Messis and when internet wasn’t there. Legend RIP
  3. Wow, 3 setter and its Medvedev. Well done. After disappointment in US Open, he gets a big trophy this year. Well done Medvedev.
  4. MTF has its share of trolls and many 15-18 some. This season has been weird due to pandemic. Djoker won Australian open earlier in the year. He was the fav to win US Open and likely would have beaten Thiem in the final there too if not for his blunder against Busta hitting the lines woman.
  5. Like @I6MTW, following the whole tournament but got lazy in creating a thread. I think the result will be the repeat of US Open matchbetween the two. Medvedev played brilliant tennis in the 3rd set to win against Nadal. Nadal still did not win this tournament after years of travelling to 02 arena. I mean wow. Thiem to me has an edge due to the crazy comeback he had in the tie-!reak against a better indoor court player Djokovic. His confidence will be high. Won’t be easy though. I expect a three setter. We want it.
  6. Great read. Thanks for answering Vilander. Thank you for organizing and putting it together, Gollum.
  7. Western sweet stuff if consumed in same amount as we consume Indian sweets, then it is likely a person will have diabetes. Western sweet stuff is so shyt that we don't end up eating as much.
  8. Bihar Express Tejaswi Yadav
  9. Yep, see what i see it is that, Older generation anyways slows down in bursting crackers. They lose interest. We just get conscious that we are not 10 year old or a teenager anymore. We might still do crackers but not as much because our conscience doesn't allow it to spend more money on crackers at a certain age. Also society is a lot mature now that they don't want to spend all their money in bursting crackers when they can use the same money in buying gifts, food or even to renovate something important in the house. So its not like people don't know that money does go for a toss in crackers
  10. This is slow motion video so people will bring names like Mcgrath or Ishant. But if you play in real time, you will notice that here is a jump and jerk-stop movement when bowler is about to reach the crease area where right hand is coming inside. If you notice Paul Collingwood's action and his run up in particular with slouching and running, that is what he does. The girl's action in real time will look a lot like Paul Collingwood. Check it out.
  11. Thanks for sharing. We will look into it. From first instance, this seems to be a common security notification you might see with many general apps thee days, when you first try to use any different device to login on a particular app. @Trichromatic @trich
  12. Man yeah, spicy peantus, spciy kaju in particular tastes great with good old whiskey/beer. Also these days I try Bhujia on the side- some spicy alooo bhuji types whichever available in the Indian store..
  13. Oh yeah, I tried that Natural’ in Delhi somewhere. Yeah it was okayish. There was another chain I noticed - Gyani. It was also okay. Nothing special.
  14. What are some go to foods snack items in India these days to go with beer/whiskey?
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