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  1. He still got it, albeit won't play for India, but the guy will amass a lot of runs. Sad ending to Indian career but always start of something better.
  2. @maniac already has a copywright to every player or young kid who will do well in the future. He has already told us even though he hasn’t.
  3. Don't even compare. NBA level is different. These guys, even the worst of them all or any rookie in NBA is most times better player and can walk into any national team of any of these countries which were playing against U.S in the Olympics. NBA level is the summit. If you make it there, you are darn good.
  4. Cheers all, brilliant run. Paris 2024 isn’t far. This was a great thread ro be part of. Like always Indian cricket fans are true Indian sports fan in general.
  5. Man this one hurts. I have been trying to hype Aditi and her chances at Olynpics even before Olympics started to get people to watch her and follow. She did live up to the hype and played excellent. So near yet so far. Cheers everyone
  6. USA/FRA Gold medal basketball match going down the wire. 73-70 5 mins left.
  7. It is simple. You can’t have 60 players waiting in line to take shot one by one. Itnwill get crowded and not fun to watch. So they organise in group of 3 so some groups start early and get to 3rd hole by the time next group is starting. It clears space for next group to start taking tee shot from hole 1.
  8. Everyone goes in groups. Players go in groups like currently Aditi, Korda and Lydia are going in one group. There are total 60 players so each group goes one by one. Aditi’s group went last today since they are leaders on the board. Everyone gets to do 18 holes just that you have to clear space for each group so they can take their shot otherwise place will get crowded if all are waiting to take shot one by one. Hence they go in groups.
  9. I thought he was very defensive in his pre quarters. Against Iranian opponent in quarters also he was a bit more conservative but he came back strong there but against that Kyrgistani opponent in pre-quarter you he barely survived. I hope he is more attacking. I know it is easier for us to say this sitting here but even Bajrang will know that he was not trying that hard after taking slight lead there which almost cost him the match.
  10. Getting Waarinka like vibe from Aditi before French open 2015 final which was supposed to be won by Djoker who beat Nadal earlier on clay but even after playing like champion, he lost to Wawrinka who outclassed him. If 18 holes happen, Aditi will take gold beating Korda. Aditi looks promising and more hungry to me while Korda losing it a bit.
  11. Aditi’s final shot for the day. 18 holes done for all toppers. If no Golf tomorrow, then this could be her Silver Medal journey’s last shot. Well played Aditi.
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