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  1. He still got it, albeit won't play for India, but the guy will amass a lot of runs. Sad ending to Indian career but always start of something better.
  2. Man i used to have Champak comics back in late 90s. Do any of you have any champak comics or remember readin them?
  3. @maniac already has a copywright to every player or young kid who will do well in the future. He has already told us even though he hasn’t.
  4. Instead of fixing the issues they choose to remove events. Just work on fixing the issues like scoring, doping, trans stuff etc and include as many sports as possible in Olympics.
  5. Don't even compare. NBA level is different. These guys, even the worst of them all or any rookie in NBA is most times better player and can walk into any national team of any of these countries which were playing against U.S in the Olympics. NBA level is the summit. If you make it there, you are darn good.
  6. Arey maine nahi bola, Vilander is being anti-bolly, I tagged you because I wanted some controversy and some big post and debate between you and Vilander so I can get readin something entertaining on a Monday afternoon.
  7. Problem with Bolly directors is they want to win the race of creating before someone else does or stealing the idea before someone else does.
  8. Yeah that was bad, did not like this tweet at all.
  9. Don’t make any until the guy retires. He can give us more Olympic medals hopefully before his bopic is made.
  10. So I don’t have complete knowledge of all the songs which came out in the last 10-15 years in Bollywood or other Indian language music industry, so need your help locating the Indian song which is similar to this his Camila Cabello’s music. If you forward to 55th second in this video where the music begins, makes me think I have heard this music before, perhaps a Hindi song. Do you guys see any similarity or feel can remember any song which has this same music. It might not be plagarized but I have a strong feeling that this is very similar to some Indian song
  11. Cheers all, brilliant run. Paris 2024 isn’t far. This was a great thread ro be part of. Like always Indian cricket fans are true Indian sports fan in general.
  12. Man this one hurts. I have been trying to hype Aditi and her chances at Olynpics even before Olympics started to get people to watch her and follow. She did live up to the hype and played excellent. So near yet so far. Cheers everyone
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