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  1. Being a vegetarian I find everything stupid from cricketers and their wives or bolly celebrities supporting certain animals even though they could be non-veg themselves and eating other animals, to finding stupidity in regular people asking to not protect dogs. Dogs are those animals which could be pet and can actually protect the human, somethings not all the animals can do. Hence Dogs deserve special love compared to other animals. But make no mistake, for vegetarians and vegans, all of the people, especially non vegetarians who fight about these issues, look absolutely stupid when they decide to give there two cents about these.
  2. Dravid being called overrated test batsmen, lol. Guess i have seen it all. 52 average in test cricket, saving India's @ss so many times. Sorry to say, some of you guys have no clue what test cricket is about if you call Dravid an overrated test batsman. Your usage of the word overrated has been overly used. Need to figure that part out. Someone like Dravid in test cricket ca never be considered overrated. He was a gem and class apart who saved us more times than anyone did probably.
  3. Cricketics

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    I think we need to start the ICF Podcast - 22 yards. Need to be consistent on doing some episodes weekly and it can become popular. Need to upload that on youtube to get it more popular and that will drive the traffic too on ICF.
  4. :) Btw, there have been many surveys done with people who are on death beds and when they were asked about regrets in their life during minutes before their last breath, most have said that they regret on things they didn’t do rather than things they did do. This will hit one bard. I think when one turns 65-70, you don’t want to be regretting of things you did not do in your 20s and 30s, you rather do wrong things in life and fail and learn from it. No wonder most people on death bed regret not traveling or spending more time with family/friends.
  5. Don’t be afraid to borrow money like you borrow to study if you are less fortunate. May be do some jobs and earn enough And travel. Suck it up at call center and make some money and then quit and travel. There ways to fund you travels now even in India even without support of parents. To start with, don’t listen or worry about what the society might think.
  6. Rite away after bachelors you mean? Most people have to find a job rite away in India after college once they complete as they miss the boat otherwise often. Not a bad advice though what you meant, but I would recommend travel a bit as you do your bachelors. May be not like a backpacker and staying away for long term but just take at least some trips during vacation time in between semesters.
  7. Yeah I meant what you will give as general advice assuming its not covid.
  8. So folks what advice would you give to a young 18 year old person based on what you have learned and experienced in life so far. This can make up to be a catalogue of great advices. So chime in. To start:- I would advice a young 18 year old person to not look to catch up and/or feel the pressure of the society about going to the university and continuing your studies. If you don't want to go to college right away, you don't have to rite away. With time you would find the will to go to college to study. So you can can wait and go later. Meanwhile, Go travel for a bit after 12th grade and stay in hostels (which will be cheap since you won't have much money that time) and meet backpackers and make some memories and come fresh and then go to college.
  9. 1. Your favorite cricket memory when you attended a game in person at the stadium? 2. One thing you would recommend ICF to work on to improve its fan base and keep the activity going on the website. 3. Any plans to ever move back to your home country. Ideally can you see yourself retiring in India? 4. At anytime when Kohli was the captain, and Rohit was struggling to make it to Indian team, mainly test team, you ever felt like daymn, Rohit could have been great if only...." 6. How often you try to go to India. If its less, do you want to increase the frequency of your visits there once covid19 is over.
  10. Like i said, i think thngs will come out soon in few says where you will see him apologizing or thanking Ishant or co about having a good conversation etc and understanding each other. Currently the mood is such among these people that they are reading a lot of things. from too many tabloids to reading too much into old pictures or comments. Once the dust settles, it will also open those clogged minds which have emerged recently.
  11. India is the most tolerant, if we aren't then I don't know who is. Now don't bring that we don't all gay rights and stuff like that beause that hasn't been part of our culture from very start. We might end up accepting that too once more people in India start coming out being gay. Just see the amount of fan following someone like Karan Johar has. Its not like he has only lgbt supporters. People in India still follow him. I think better way to put it is that we are better listeners than rest of the world and hence can assimilate and can let anyone assimilate into our culture easily. We have thick skins with emotions for all the communities. Khans have rules the bollywood, Abdul Kalam is still more respect than anyone, Dr. Manmohan Singh - even though he played 2nd fidel to the Gandhi Family as a PM is still well respect among Indians and was there for double term. Its not a country of millions, its made of billions. Of course many will be different because we have many cultures, languages and ofcoure population, but if we take all of into account, we perhaps make lives easy for anyone. If we had more money in the country and better pays, bet India would have been more populated today because it would provided the ideal mix - Great paying nation with the best culture. No country like India, having lived in many places.
  12. I feel Sammy is still a decent cool dude, just that a lot of these people do become sensitive about their pride when these issues are raised which we also should understand. We Indians don’t because most of us having thick skin and hence we are the most tolerant nation. BlackLivesMatter movement has gotten all of them out from rich rappers to every Black celebrity around the globe and hence its this heat of all this is what is coming out from Sammy as these guys are just thinking too mich right now. Once explained to him, he will of course understand. Don’t think Sammy has mindset of some of those looters pretending to be protesters who can be seen on streets of DMV, Chicago and New York ransacking all the stores. Some of these guys like Sammy are decent ones with whom we just need to maintain some sort of dialogue and need to give them Indian 101 course about our culture and lingo.
  13. I agree what you say but also feel people in India - south and north have different cultures and our lingo in North or West of India doesn’t connect well with people from places like Kerala and Chennai. If you notice, mainly it is Chennai and Kerala folks which find this most offensive. I have also seen similar trend here where my my colleagues from Kerala or Chennai are the ones who have been using #BlackLivesMatter more than anyone else among NRI acquaintances.
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