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  1. He is Modi Bhakt bro. Hopefully that brings smile to you when you hear Shastri next.
  2. Good career for him. Ranji stalwart for sure. With all his limitations he had great success troubling the best of the best in Ranji. Congrats to him in this fine career. Also got a chance to play for India, so he will will be content at the end of the day and at peace. Many do not go on to play for India. He did. Happy rerirement.
  3. Yeah my thing is that you advertise the Pink ball game as the game family can enjoy by coming home after work or by coming to the ground after work and still catch a session. The game barely last 2 sessions today. We can blame a player's technique as much as we want, this is different cricket from the late 90s, ball being used is different, test match is happening under lights and pitch is deteriorating by day 1 end, so no this can't be compared to 90s where greats did well. No comparison. The greats of late 90s and 2000s were great and hence are called great, but this result has
  4. Disappointed with how the game went. Happy with the result. I will leave it at that. 2 days game for such top sides - Pathetic.
  5. One side about 70 and few sides between 55-65m. 8it is small hut one size little bigger helps.
  6. He sure is killing it tonight. I think Aussies are going to score too. This is going to be crazy game I feel.
  7. Hesson will probably apply for Indian coaching position after sharabi is tired.
  8. Coming on ESPN in U.S like every NZ series Guptill out for a duck. Looks like great atmosphere at the ground
  9. I am expecting Medvedev to take this game to 5 sets. Expecting an epic guys. Somehow Federer vs Del Po 2009 is on my mind right now. Can Medvedev stop Djoker here.
  10. @Gollumi am happy to see Smith in the team man. We all have followed this side closely and one thing which we have missed all these years is a senior overseas middle order bat. We lack this all the time. Our Indian players have done well recently but in big games like finals, it would have been nice to have a senior who would have supported Pant who player lone hand and we could have had a better total last time. I feel we can start with Smith over Hetmyer. I am looking forward to seeing Smith turn up for Delhi.
  11. So nothing on Hotstar todaay or any evening games which will be covered may be? Any schedule exactly which games will be covered. Hotstar never has such schedule unfortunately. May be start sports schedule might help.
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