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  1. There are not many clips of Kuruvila on internet. Here is one I uploaded 13 years ago.
  2. I think six pack is the most overrated things sold to teenagers and young adults. Youngsters around the world and in particular India are going crazy with big biceps and six pack abs. They think its part of being many. Same guys have this complex that if they ever shave beard, they might look like kid. It's very common for a lot of these folks to think along those lines. Big biceps at some point start to look ugly. If you don't have any plans to do weight lifting at Olympics, one shouldn't really be going for such big biceps. Just have your standard biceps with standard weights, that should be enough. And then the craze about six pack. A lean body should be enough, but all desi guys think these days that girls are going to get impressed by the six packs.
  3. Chawla needs experienced captain like Gambhir. He did well under him for KKR. Dhoni bhaiya trying to end Chawla's career.
  4. Yes, but we must keep playing him for another game or two. Every bowler is likely to get better after first outing and we must bank on that to get him better. Disappointed with his fitness though. I don't want to go to Ishant and Mohit back yet. Give proper chance to Avesh but he did look pedestrian tonight.
  5. Epic fail thread rofl... Daymn Mumbai and CSK fans have both lost it this year rofl.
  6. Yeah. That Indian bowling option need to be sorted. I would give Avesh a couple more games because even though he doesn't look great, you can't just use and throw an Indain bowler and keep playing musical chair. So need to give him more games before we go back to guys like Mohit and Ishant again. Nortje and Rabada were brilliant.
  7. I like this team. I think Iyer is a not a perfect captain but he is learning from little mistakes from last year.
  8. Brilliant win today. Good to see our Indian players scoring runs because the more they score the better chance we have of winning. Not too happy with Avesh’s fitness and bowling but I will still pick him for the next few games to ensure we are not playing musical chairs every game. Mishra ji and Axar bowled well. I say retain the team now. We are on top. Dil Dilli
  9. Avesh is bowling decent line for a t20 bowler in IPL but he is no way fit right now or close to his best. Needs to lose weight. He is not a spinner. Today, he was put in by the captain on square leg to field. When captains put anyone on square leg, that means you are a liability on the field and captain must hide you so you don’t get to field a lot. Imagine even with Mishra in Delhi, Avesh was standing on square leg. Avesh needs to show motivation to get fitter so he can look agile on the field which will also help his pace.
  10. Dude he has bowled well. This is t20, the greatest bowlers the cricket world has seen like Steyn get taken apart and never look like taking a wicket. Here this guy looks pretty good to me. I don't think he is at his best today since he is not fit, he needs to get fitter for sure, but I believe he is pretty good.
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