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  1. She is progressive but she needs to change. She is too left, far left in fact. She is new too and is still finding her ground. I want a progressive who can be a bit conservative. She was a bartender and wants everything to be free. She is young though(keep her away from velu) and I hope she turns into a fine senator/governor.
  2. Don't think thats even proper sledging. People are wasting time retweeting or trying to make something out of not much. If you have played enough cricket you would know that the bowler has to bowl from that end where Surya Kumar is standing right now since it was the last ball of the over and you have change sides and Virat is coming to that end shining the ball and about to talk to his bowler(not that his suggestions are going to work), i think it was Chahal who was coming to bowl or someone. But I guess it's fine to hype the moment in whatever way we can get the word out to the
  3. Father should be arrested too and put in jail. WTF kind of sick people.
  4. Man got to say Palki Sharma and her show Gravitas is amazing. Wish we can get this kind of news everywhere. No bias no phucks given.
  5. can never be left with the hatred I have developed for Dems. Also current president is not a Right wing. You have to understand U.S politics. This is more than just right wing and left wing. This is about just securing the elections for Republicans otherwise democrats will be in power for a long long time and can destroy the country. Trump is not right wing. He is actually more of a centrist who supported Hillary in 2008 elections against Mccain and Obama. Trump just needs to win so that we don't get dirty democrats in the senate down the line or as our nation's leaders. They are a
  6. It has been a while since i have seen this much support for a player on ICF. Not a single post disagreeing. Everyone wants SKY on tour to Aus. Just not selectors and captain.
  7. Meanwhile audio mixer in the stadium playing “har dick har dick”. What confidence.
  8. Whats there to strategize now for RCB? How to bring back Udana and not insult Steyn? Udana was bowling well. They screwed up big time.
  9. Too much focus and obsession with six packs people and giving attention to players like Manish Pandey who are not cut out for t20 for India. As much as I consider fitness to be really important, having six packs like fit guys like Manish Pandey have or other players, doesn't mean other guys are any less motivated or should be overlooked. Suryakumar has been fantastic for Mumbai and deserves his chance. Don't care if he goes onto fail for India after giving chances, he deserves his chance. We have tried Manish Pandey enough in t20. Until Kohli is there he can't bat in top order. Manish Pandey i
  10. Kisne bola? lol :) Nahi. Btw, found another source. https://sportzwiki.com/cricket/kris-srikkanth-some-cant-think-beyond-bombay Added to your post too.
  11. Raina has been too good in IPl and has been consistent in producing knocks when most would have failed in crunch situation. Players take few balls to settle down and that is where some teams suffer but in the same same situation, Raina has gone all out from ball 1 after a wicket fall. Its been 13 years of IPl so hard to point you to one game, its just he has been way bigger a player than Rohit or Kohli who habe also a lot of runs in IPL. Raina might be lesser player than ABD or Gayle, but he has been at times equally impactful. That said, he might not be the sam
  12. Man Bumrah is bowling forever, seems like he is bowling his 9th over.
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