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  1. Happy Republic day to all. I am watching Jhankiya. Man they spend so much time decorating it for each state with great details. Lot of hardwork put by rep of each states. It is all looking brilliant for every state. So many cultures on showcase. As a kid never realized the importance of it but as you grow up you appreciate they work they put. Well done with all the work to everyone behind the great Indian Parade tradition. Long it may continue. Jai Hind.
  2. Residents there can move to Turkey since they all have been developing Turkey fetish recently, we can take over the land and clean up the shyt they left and build a new Green City there.
  3. He is fine to have his opinion. We know Rahane well enough now, and we know there was no malice involved. It was as genuine as it could get. Fans see most things from the lens of criticism. Also by doing so in the presentation ceremony, it only shows they are trying to somehow recognize him in the public since it was a proper award winning ceremony. This guy on twitter has surely done well to increase his following but infact his own thread is absolute top drawer shithousery.
  4. Time has started now to begin putting pressure on the Biden administration. Biden is old and for me is a better person than Kamala. Harris is what I am concerned about more than Biden since she is likely to take over the reigns from Joe and even control the current administration. Trump was great in bringing the troops back but overall sucked as a person to lead the country. He wasn’t your typical conservative and a snake who actually could throw anyone under the bus at anytime. It is time for every Indian to realize that they must get behind a Republic
  5. Peter Roebuck would have written a perfect article today if he was alive.
  6. Like I have said - Success goes into the head of fans really fast. These same fans blame a few players when a bit of success goes in a player’s head. While that is right it does, this is equally true for fans. Fans can become really cocky.
  7. Wc games are tense, especially against Pakistan and that we were sucking up in that world cup until then. We barely won against Netherland and were mauled by Australia. Also we bad history of faltering chases notwithstanding the natwest final. Akhtar wasn’t aging at all. He was at his prime And remember the crucia part. England, Zimbabwe and Pakistan could have finished ahead of us in that world cup had we lost the game. This was one of our first games after Kargil war with Pak. The build up to that game was immense. It was not as much of a tense buildup as it was in
  8. Within all the centuries which Tendulkar scored in ODI’s, it is that 98 which everyone remembers. 3 figure score or a fifer for a bowler is like a useless birthday recognition. It is just extra add on the important moment/day but it does not have extra significance to an already impactfull 99 runs scored or 4fer by a bowler. Gill’s inning laid the foundation. A 131 run knock where the game would have been a draw or India losing would have been really hurting. I will take this 90. Real fans will judge a player by the impact they had. Yes, I hope in the future
  9. I thought that was well thought by handing him the signed jersey. Play tough and hard cricket and then after the series recognize your opposition. 100 test is a big feat for any player and Rahane showed all class by offering a signed jersey. This team has learned a lot from Dhoni by handing over trophy to the youngest member of the squad and then doing these little gestures. @velu thala will appreciate also since Dhoni's name hasn't arrived on ICF in last few weeks.
  10. I like when fans post this kind of post, so we can share over and over and laugh. But ya coming from a player it looks weird.
  11. Dravid was my favorite for the impact he used to have on Indian test team. Pujara has done a lot of similar things for Indian on 2 occasions now in Australian tour. Let us say that Pujara looks up to Dravid, and I am happy to leave it there. I am glad all his life he looked up to Dravid, right since he was making his debut. There isn't any bigger gentlmen in the game than Rahul Dravid. You can match him, you can't better him. Him being coach to these under19 players also is the best thing to have happened to Indan Cricket.
  12. I think it is clear case of success going into the head of many fans. I have seen it happen to Aussie/English fans when they win ashes, and desi people are ahead in this since we treat this game as religion and emotions get too high for us. A lot of us fans are worried about success going into our player's head but I am starting to realize that fans should be the first one to ensure that their team's success doesn't go on their head which it mostly does when we win and we start seeing that we are the greatest in everything with what we just achieved.
  13. What can you not agree? All i wrote is Rahane read brilliantly. You have to agree with that :) and I don't give a damn who leads. I have asked for Bumrah and Gill to be prepared for the future, even though Bumrah is a bowler, I maintain he should be the next game. All I am vouching in my post to not lose our mind. Sucess hasn't gone into the had of players, and it shouldn't go in the head of fans where they start blaming people sitting out. Thats all.
  14. In near future, when there is a room, I would like to see Ishan Kishan and Paddikal tried. Ishan Kishan and Pant can both play on the same team.
  15. Indeed, long way to go, but he and Pandya could compete if Thakur can show consistency with the batting. Pandya has already proven that he is way ahead among all in terms of batting and hitting. Let us hope we develop competition and find more all rounders. Great to see Sundar now will be considered as an all rounder too, albeit a spinner.
  16. Siraj has been regularly picked in RCB. When these players get picked in India, peope say its RCB quota. Same player played in the 2nd test when Shami got injured. Sundar too was picked in the squad by Kohli. He played in ODiI’s and here again. They both were in the squad and did not especially arrive after Kohli left. They were picked to be part of the team to be played at some point. I am all for a new captain, but we also need to remember these players were picked in the squad before and backed by Kohli/Shastri together. Alao the most important part - Kohli kept
  17. This will be a little below that game where Majid Khan lead single handedly and won his team the game.
  18. On a side note, first time seeing a thread of India's squad where a guy name Shardul Thakur has been picked and not a single person is complaining. Waqt badal gaya, ZIndagi badal gayi. Jazbaat badal diye ..
  19. Great to see a thread from you Bossbhai. Welcome back. I have seen many cricket series like everyone else has also. I can think of many series which have been great to watch, but this has to be the most exciting and the best among all. This team had lot of issues to deal with - injuries being the biggest. When your main players are injures, teams struggle. And when you are playing in Australia, most teams can forget drawing a test match. This team won 2 test matches and a crazy draw to win this epic series with all the player issues they faced. . The guts t
  20. You won’t win every time. Sometimes even after being the best you lose. I advice this to everyone to always go watch the Stan Wawrinka’s win over Djokovic in 2015 French open Final - a tournament which is always won by Nadal but having done the hard work of knocking king of clay Nadal out for the first time and being the best player and winning everything in the last 15 months uptill that point, Novak Djokovic, went into the finals as a sure shot favorite. He played like a champion too again in the finals to finally get crowned the Frech Open champiom. However he somehow lost - not
  21. Hats off to him. Bowled a lot of overs and he was most times unplayaable. Absolute champion bowler. Tested our guys a lot He ran in hard everytime they needed a wicket and bowled many spells. His fitness and athleticism warrants salute. Did not break down at all till the end. True definition of “giving it all”. He is going to be our biggest challenge in the future also. He has earned respect. Well bowled Cummins.
  22. Sehwag setup the famous record 387 chase with his 80odd in 2008 after the Mumbai attacks. Similarly, Gill’s 90 today deserved the man of the match. This has similar Sehwag like feel where he took the attack to the Aussies today and single handedly put India on course in this famous chase on the last day. What a courageous young player against a world class bowling attack on he last day at their fortress. Had he not set this up, we were in deep shyt today. What a class youngster. The best youngster in a long long time.
  23. Man Ravi Shastri will ask all Brisbane clubs to open even if there is corona restriction. Tonight is his night.
  24. Congrats to all of ICF. Win lose whateve, this was our team. They kept us proud. What champions our team. Jai Hind.
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