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  1. Similar team won in South Africa.a Top 7 batting in batting played in South Africa, and this one even had Hazeez, Rizwan, and ofcourse Azam. How many excuses? LOL
  2. Of course, the real local favorite fast food from any state or country will always belong to street vendors or loval shops running from a long long time. That is the heart of local food anywhere. Big name labels can produce good clean food but the atmosphere, nostalgia and taste, all of that combo will be always hard to matvh when you sit inside a fancy looking restaurant.
  3. I just joined. Saleh tune did not tag me with my regular id here. Okay now a question, since I joined late will my team points starts from zero? I have been playing in another leagues already so have this team there too.
  4. i might have shared his video few years ago when the under19 wc was about to happen and he was going to play there. However, even before that, about 10 years ago, here on ICF, originally his videos were posted by fellow admin Ravi who is from NZ and seen him since he was a kid.
  5. i can access the app and make the team right now. This must have been temporary?
  6. Not many mentioned but English batting was real shyt also. Even after so many drop catches by Indians, these guys played shyt and could not pay an absolutely horrendous Indian bowling in the third ODI.. So much for fearless cricket and huu-haa prasing is all bs. Their fearless template is only good and available or to be seen on flatter pitches and league games. When playoffs of a tournament arrives and pitches are a lot more sporting and pressure is high, that fearless cricket gets converted into watchful batting. Same thing happened in the world cup final. Not a
  7. Yoyo is more for showing your stamina, how you can stop leeting the opposition convert singles into doubles, by being responsive as a fielder by reaching from point A to point B and stopping and picking the ball quickly and throwing it back to the keeper. Also for running wel between the wickets as a bat, and bowling long spells. Honestly, we are wrong to bring yoyo conversation every time when catches are deopped. Dropping catches has nothing to do with yoyo discussion. Two different topics. That is a skill issue and under pressure issue and nothing to do with yoyo t
  8. @smschoolcricket interesting. Can you share more? Are you administrator overe there or manage this field? Is it usable for club cricket or just for school students? Unique features, setting and registration procedure of the field etc will be interesting to put in thread also.
  9. Incredible candid answers and champion of cricket videos. Shares his pain without complaining much. He is a Youtube HOFamer.
  10. Man few years ago, infact uptill recrntly Bhuvi got ridiculed a lot on ICF. Great to see the dude back tomfull fitness. Champion bowler as always.
  11. Yes, Bumrah should be captain. Let a bowler be captain in t20. And Rohit can captain when Bumrah is restinf. Bumrah will winnus the trophy.
  12. Siplomatic. Don’t buy into these interviews. Od course every player says good stufd about his captain. Everyone has been praising Kohli. Does that mean Kohli doesn’t put pressure on a player? He has been bad with this too. We have to be practical. Bowlers know what they are doing. This whole thing about coming to a bowler is fine if you do once but not every ball. It was cringy at times today. I play the game still so can see that side of the game and speak from that perspective.
  13. Kohli sucks as captain in t20 but that was equally bad from Rohit to keep coming at Thakur to talk to him after every ball. That put pressure on Thakur and he started throwing away the game, bowling wides etc. Then even Pandya joined the discussion. Unnecessary. Just let the freaking bowler bowl sometime. He knows what he needs to do. Don’t come to him every ball.
  14. Shreyas Iyer will win and lift IPL trophy this year. I know that.
  15. i know what you mean, but if we put little extra runs, the team chasing approaches the game differently after losing a wicket or two, yes even the great England batting which is one of the better ones in t20. Pyschologically teams get in trouble when the targets are bigger or two lo. This 150ish is neither too low or nor too threatening. Our bowling without Bumrah IS weak and Bhuvi has just returned so it will take some time for these guys to get back to their best. Chahaal for me isn't the best spinner in Inddia. He is okay, nothing special. Will have good days but can cost us games many tim
  16. Ya. Chasing is easier in t20s. If 2 players click for 5-6 overs half the chase gets done right there. So better have some score on board or bowlers who can get such guys out.
  17. Spinners need 165 at least to defend. This was low score. india were 15 runs short at least. Game would ahve been different had we scored even 170 odd.
  18. Check out the last ball of day 4 as Laxman/Dravid returned back to the pavillion after battling it out all day. All aussies out congratualting while the whole Indian team came downstairs.
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