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  1. I want Delhi vs RCB or Delhi vs Punjab final. Mumbai will not make it to the finals, watch.
  2. Bruh Ayuthu Bilalo RCB hasn’t won IPL either bro.
  3. Yeah was looking into it. Honestly with house and senate split, and I think it might remain split regardless of who become president on Nov 3, I don't think this bill is passing. It's hard to see it become a bil. Meanwhile you still use landline?
  4. Good win Punjab. Hard luck Delhi. I am happy for Punjab. Good practice for Delhi too tonight. Will set them up to win championspionship. Exactly what we needed out of this game having dominated the league like champions thus far. Mission complete.
  5. I wish he departed with them team from Zimbabwe and upon landing at Dubai for connection to Pak, decided to take flight to India.
  6. Wow, brilliant catch by Pant. That undoes all his and Shaw's poor work this year in IPL. Shabash. Ab aur bacho waali awazein nikaal piche khade hokar. You have earned it.
  7. Meanwhile, Shaw collected the ball in the first attempt and threw it back to the keeper without fumbling it.
  8. Rishab Trump Pant has kept shyt and batted shyt today.
  9. Ya our desi players are better against spin than these Dhongi overseas players. Axar would have "lapetloyed" few sixes like he did last time.
  10. Well done Dhawan,. Class batting in two games now. You deserve it. This is some brilliant stuff. Never seen back to back centuries in t20s.
  11. Good bowling by Punjab. Great batting by Dhawan. Pant and Stoinis disappointing today. Especially Pant.
  12. Rishab, good job. You sucked today. Go talk to punter now. Mazak karalo bas.
  13. This I do agree. She needs to keep shut on India's issue with Pak and Kashmir. They shouldn't have anything thing in this. Democrats have "keeda" that they want to police the world.
  14. Those things come with time. I rather have players develop on their skills and then go for other stuff. Sometimes when they try too many things and player end up going no where. Especially in a t20. Ashwin tried too a lot of different thins in the middle when he started doing kathakali etc and changed his deliveries and he got taken apart and even Thala kicked him out of CSK and Indian team. I think with time Bishnoi will develop and evolve. That is common among both Fast bowelers and spinners.
  15. Honestly, having lived in U.S most of my life. I have not come across as Indians who do this. I think this might be UK thing only. Coffee or lalloo can confirm you this too. Great thing about U.S its an easy going country and contrary to whats shown in the media about U.S being racist etc, its probably the least racist developed country in the world compared to the population we have here. It's a massive country with massive population. I seem to think more and more now that indians in U.S do develop different mindset as compared to UK since they are closer proximity to brits who r
  16. Man Bishnoi is going to give guys like Kuldeep and Chahal hard time and challenge them for the Indian spot very soon. Exciting prospect.
  17. I used to wonder too why that is the case. And I have come to the understanding that during our childhood when we watched these games, our child memory used to be great of course but also another thing is that now there is way too much cricket like too many t20 leagues, a a lot of cricket series being played by national sides, plenty of t20 international series etc that you are bound to now forget things like which sri lankan odi series is this so and ao highlights from(since we play sri lanka every few months). If you notice we still tend to remember current or recent test matches
  18. Yes, as posted earlier, that was our first loss to Zim at home. And also here are those 4 sixes and also the scorecard https://www.espncricinfo.com/series/15599/scorecard/64682/india-vs-zimbabwe-3rd-odi-zimbabwe-tour-of-india-2000-01
  19. I know a lot of extreme leftists and libs keep saying they will leave the country if Trump comes again. They said the same thing last time too but never left. I feel if Biden/Harris come, I would like to spend more time outside the country like travel a lot more than live in the country 90% of the time. We have higher chances of getting mugged, robbed or murdered by people who wouldn’t want to work. Things will get shyt slow. All these people will take up some random government post due to some new quota they will come up with for minority or some low income. Basic things will not co
  20. Also, Mohammad Shami and Fidel Edwards are two bowlers with not great height. I have enjoyed watching both of these bowlers.
  21. Yes, its a myth that shorter height bowlers can’t bowl fast. Its good to invest in top candidates and right now they happen to be all with good height. And its fine but we can’t sideline anyone who is shorter than 5 ‘11’ if they show promise.
  22. I hate when when one day Kangli Harris plays Indian card and the other day African American. Especially its cringy when she says “daughter of Indian immigrant.” She is not Indian or has any trait. All she does is play that card. It is getting more and more cringy every day.
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