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  1. Happy to be proven wrong. Wish every time I predict something against us goes against me.
  2. In ODI Cricket he is more of a defensive bowler. But the best part is he takes those big wickets and offers breakthroughs in the middle of the innings. He is not a bowler who would run through a side with 4-5 wickets something that he does in test cricket. Thats down to the fact that oppositions play him out mostly and take chances against other bowlers which in turn offer wickets to other bowlers.
  3. Virat got out exactly the same way he was trapped in England 2014 tour. Seemed like he worked on that in the last tour.
  4. Saini is bowling what Bumrah used to bowl before. Wonder what in your mind tells you to keep him out. While I am typing he bowls a short ball and gets hooked for a six.
  5. He will come back, he needs motivation. Someone doing MC BC on his face would wake up the beast.
  6. When you talk about Test cricket, if you observe his innings you can see he has mostly played in no pressure situation. Even if you keep that part aside, he had a flow in his innings because he kept getting boundaries, in the middle order he was struggling to get boundaries in ODIs and was struggling to rotate strike as well. To get out of the hole he tries that ugly legside shot which has brought down his downfall. He should be allowed to play India A and allowed to work on his game for limited overs. Shot selection is the most important part, I have seen him drag balls outside off stum
  7. Because we have Thakur as one of our Frontline bowler. And out of the two-three one-two are defensive options.
  8. Compare the success against failures. He has an issue with temperament, shot selection, doesnt know how to pace the innings. 8 out of 10 times as the recent records suggest India would be 170-180 odd for 5. Because of Pandey we got to the point something to bowl at. Not that I am suggesting Pandey is the best option at Number 6, neither Pant is. But when you need to build an innings Pandey will do more times compared to Pant by a country mile. If you play Pant, play him in top 3, else his game (as of now is not made for 50 over cricket.
  9. With Pant in the side we would possibly be 170 odd for 5. From that position even 260-270 would be hard to get. The best bet for Pant is to bat as an opener.
  10. In that case our batting is possibly the worst in this decade.
  11. Pandey should be in the team ahead of garbage players like Jadhav. But he is at best a number 4-5 player, 6 is too down for him. He cant accelerate.
  12. Possibly this is the reason they didnt accelerate before, they cant clear the boundaries. Either NZ bowling is at another level or our batting is just not good enough in these conditions.
  13. Is the gulf between NZ bowling and Ours so real ? or we are batting poorly ? Struggling to time the ball, find gaps to rotate strike regularly. Heck NZ batsmen would have carted us for few sixes by this time around.
  14. I think when Bumrah started off he had some movement in the air. These days he seems be a defensive option. Also its not only about in the air movement, some of the dismissals and pay and misses suggest there is movement off the deck too.
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