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  1. I just cried today after watching women's team.. you go girls...
  2. Depending on the pitch.. My 11: Rohit Gill Kohli Rahane Pant Rahul Jaddu/Thakur ( depending on the condition) Ashwin Boom Shami Siraj
  3. Well, three match is ideal but cant happen due to scheduling constraints. 3 test means minimum of 40 days considering travel and practice matches, and ICC has to block the international cricket scheduling for all teams which is not feasible.
  4. Just happy for kiwis ...very unassuming, yet likeable team. I cant see any other team ( except India ) and happy about the team.
  5. Its not OK to be lost in this fashion, when you lose 2 and half days , and yet lose the game..
  6. I really hate Kohli giving sermons that we play our best players regardless of conditions...Thats bullshit.
  7. Their team selection and execution in this pitch was better than Indians..
  8. This guy whoever he is made an ass out of himself exposing private DM's. Sanjay was not wrong here, he is just stating his opinion whether other agree to it or not. But this no-named guy making it public giving his shitty analysis on his DMs is cheap.
  9. I'll start with 5 bowlers.. Shami Siraj/Thakur - Siraj if it is a flat pitch, else Thakur who can add some batting power Bumra Ashwin Jadeja Keeper - Pant Opener: Gill Rohit Middle order: Pujara Kohli Rahane I'd promote Pant ahead of Rahane at 5.
  10. Peter Lalor tweeted it at 12PM, cricbuzz tweeted about the news at 11:50PM. How's he the first one to break?
  11. International media exposed positive cases? Apparently this breach happened on 1st may , and by 3rd may we were aware of it. How did international media knew before that? which media was that?
  12. IPL is done and dusted for this year...Should've played in UAE but these folks were overconfident.
  13. 3 false positives all from the same franchise...What are the odds this will happen? Something fishy here..
  14. Why blame him, blame BCCI whch allowed him to go for scans. I dont think he may have gone to scan on his own in a city which is different from his own.
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