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  1. Shame that jayant and umesh got out trying to hit him out of the park.. I'd have done anything to save the 10 wicket record with us..
  2. What's most shameful is allowing someone to share the record an Indian legend has... I'd have gotten out for some other bowler to save the record of our legend..
  3. I mean who the f**k go to Pakistan for work...Such a messed up country if you are non-muslim. Jeez, his fault-tearing some posters which was posted on his factory illegally..Probably he didn't understand whats written in the poster.
  4. Both Vihari and Eswaran doing good.. Vihari is dropped Eswaran was not given any confidence by TM when he was selected for england tour..
  5. remove your patriotic glass and judge...There wont be any stats available for the bad decisions, you just have to watch matches to see how bad the umpire is..
  6. If you see him officiating in a test match and if review system is not there, you will see how bad Virender sharma is..Because of DRS, these substandard umpires get saved as people dont outrage against them as used to happen in previous Steve Bucknor era..
  7. It had deviated 45 degree to hit the front pad..How is it possible to hit pad first
  8. What you are saying is only possible if it had touched the pad and deviated 90 degree to hit bat and again 90 degree to hit pad again to hit the front of the pad which can't happen if you understand physics..
  9. If it had touched the pad first, we would've seen slight deviation which we didn't see...It is bat first, it hadn't touched the pad before deviated from the bat..I dont know how people wish Kohli to fail because they hate him, but this was a bad decision both from AC and BC..
  10. Again that BC virender sharma screwing here...Cant he see that this is bat first? I dont know how bad that umpire is.
  11. I think franchises dont have to stick to the amount they pay to retained players and these things are between player and franchise to negotiate..It is just that the said amount is deducted from the total purse, thats all.
  12. Rashid wanted to go to Lucknow. MI will buyback Kishan and Hardik for sure..
  13. Its not late declaration, dont blame the TM for having some additional buffer otherwise we never know if it comes to 100 run in last session, it can be chased. But lack of intent in scoring those runs after Tea is something which is not understood. Management should've instructed player to get to 280 lead quickly , but I am sure there was no instructions from management till last 2 overs.
  14. I dont blame Dravid here...Dravid needs some time before he can drop senior players like Kohli, Rahane, Pujara and Rohit from dropping unless it is insisted by Captain. We know what had happened to Greg Chappel era when he wanted to drop Ganguly...Insecurity within the team may become bigger issue, and seniority culture is inherent to our society.
  15. This was no way a sporting pitch...But I take this news with pinch of a salt. There was a news earlier that Rahul isn't happy with the pitch and he blasted the curator..Probably he gave some tips at the end of the match as a consolation and spin masters spun the news this way..
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