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  1. What a drubbing it was... Drubbing for Australia
  2. Now it comes to last 4 overs and all 3 results are possible...What a series it is.
  3. I'd play washington as pure batsman. So assured to watch.
  4. Shut the shop guys..Dont want a heart break now please...
  5. Now shut the shop and lets draw this match...No more bravery please. Too risky. Our tailenders wont last 3 overs.
  6. Now it is last hour of the game, and yet series is still undecided.. What an adrenaline.
  7. I really like Pant did there...Frustrating for Lyon.
  8. STFU...No need to take risk now..Assess the situation in last one hour, if we dont lose the wicket we can go for it.
  9. Good to know they are not playing shots. Safety first.
  10. Safety first approach should be the rule. Start playing shots only in last hour of play.
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