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  1. Openers: Rohit Shaw KL MO: Pandya Shreyas SKY Pant Tewatiya AO: Chahar Axar Jaddu Bowlers: Bishnoi Umran Prasidh Bumrah Nattu/Arshdeep/Khalil
  2. Harshal Bumrah Umran Chahar Chahal Backups-prasidh,khaleel,bhuvi,jaddu
  3. 49 runs today offset by giving away 25 runs in an over.. Dube is an asset... For the opposition.
  4. Which team do you think will reach KO? At least we have seen one match of each teams , but there are few overseas players getting added for some teams.. In my view: DD - Good depth in batting with Shah, Pant , Warner etc Also with Lalit yadav, axar in the backend it provides lot of depth. Bowling is weaker but I feel they will reach KO RR - RR has good bowling this time with two spinners operating in the middle, their batting is top heavy, but I think they seem a good team to reach KO MI - They are not as strong as their old team both in bowling and batting, but s
  5. No, its not. There are two reasons why one sees low quality players 1) Unavailability of some of the top international players. Once they come in, quality increases drastically 2) Some of the franchises have messed up in auction leading to low quality. But this cant be blamed for addition of two teams.
  6. I think we should stop looking at each and every thing they do , and start appreciating or criticising. 6 months is your honeymoon period where you can always talk about all the election promises like freebies etc without even worrying about the finances. Then the reality hits, and if AAP succeeds to reduce corruption, increase the revenue by improving industrialisation etc, they can give freebies which helps the poor, But giving every women Rs 1K is foolish move. It should be given to those for whom this makes a difference, for others it may be pocket money. But this can be excused as this is
  7. i am happy for the AAP and I hope they do good for the state of punjab..It is one thing to give freebies , but it is another thing to get the state out of the debt and yet, make sure that people are not inconvenienced. But they could've chosen a better CM than Mann who is a joker.. But I understand why they projected him as CM, it is to allay the fear that kejriwal himself wants to become CM...So they needed a sikh face who is popular and AAP dont have anyone else other than Mann...Now AAP faces challenges because you've a CM who is not a leadership material, and they have to make sure th
  8. very insensitive to give an explanation about why he doesn't treat Warner as greatest, he could've just said he doesn't believe he was #1 spinner and left it that..
  9. If Vihari has to be played it has to be at #3 where he can be defensive and build his innings around other batsmen. He is not fit for playing at #5 as a wicket fall here and there will make him bat around tailenders and he is not suited for that.. Now in my view Gill is ahead of Vihari in many aspects, and he can be floater..If Vihari plays at 3, Gill can play at 5. If gill plays at 3, shreyas can play at 5.
  10. Not as long as Imran is PM of pakistan. He continuously spews venom on India and indian governments This whole Kashmiri freedom day agenda Acts like protectors of Indian muslims.. Why should we agree for bilateral ties when the PM of the country continuously attacks India
  11. Easy to say anything in interweb...But I empathise with the college admins who probably thought a punishment of not allowing inside classroom will make these students abide by the rules..which is what happens 99% of the time..Its just that these students started protesting outside the college , and then whole local media, national media and international media picked up..No one could've imagined the implication of their simple action can go the distance..Now they cant go back on uniform as it has become political issue, and the standoff cannot resolve without they going back on the rules. That
  12. Apparently there were 100 muslim girls who had no problem with the uniform. I seriously think there is no point obeying the rule because no one gives a * to them..Just because these 5 girls defied the college rule , they became household names, sumbol of islamic revolution and darlings of liberal world..I completely empathise with other muslim girls who may be secretly regretting not part of this defiance. Neither hindus stand with those muslim girls who followed the rules nor Muslims, so no wonder it drives them to be part of burka gang..
  13. After watching the video, I dont see anything wrong in their investing in a company or using their popularity to publicise it..Not understanding this rage either.. His on field performances should be purely judged based on what he does on field. Crazy to bring in his values and affiliation to his performances. Alas if OP had some sense.. Having said that, I can see him going downhill unless he become a different personality. He should go back and enjoy his cricket, but he has become too serious..So far, his performances were overshadowed thanks to captaincy but now that he has addi
  14. On hindsight it could've been negotiated down to just headscarf as this issue is leading to dramatic religious divide but no one even those 5 girls who started this may not have imagined that it becomes an international issue. Sometimes teachers are hell bent on rules and their ego will be hurt if some students defy them publicly but they should understand that there is a bigger issue when Muslims and SC/St are involved , better follow their line than enforcing their rules.
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