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  1. First of all, I don't live in INDIA nor do I like any religion. I think your religion is equally looney as the muslims or the christians or the juju monster . So where do you come up with weak attitude like mine is beyond me. Weak is you, not me who holds on to garbage mentality. You make it sound like am defending the muslim religion here. You can't have it your way. You either get rid of all religion or suck it up and do a hitler type of genocide. Is that what you want? There is no other way to get rid of muslims from the homeland or any land as a matter of fact. A person's religion does not
  2. Both parties. Fobs are mostly like that but there are plenty of ABCD's aswell with similar mentality. PLENTY!
  3. So by your logic, all people except christians in USA/CANADA/UK/ETC should throw their respective religion out the window and become Christians? Good call ...
  4. If you've been here and saw my comments on the subject of religion, you know that I don't discriminate on any particular one. I crap on all of them equally ...
  5. Both parties should throw their respective religion down the gutter. PROBLEM F'ING SOLVED!
  6. This stupidity is not an isolated event in PAK. Lots of religious leaders (mostly Islamic religious leaders around the world) are promoting this idea. Putting millions at Risk.
  7. Rn't the police beating these jihadi's arse too?
  8. Trump die hard c*ck sucking fans and fox news are still defending this moron. Some even thinks this guy is being set up by the whole world. How stupid do you have to be to think like this ...
  9. ^ who are we talking about here?
  10. One of my BD friend just sent me this EDGY humor meme LOL LOL LOL!
  11. Regardless of the amount donated, I find it ironic that most people who makes about 50-60K/year doesn't even donate 100$ and then when a rich person donates X amount, he/she is labeled as stingy. If you're making 50-60k, why you being stingy for not donating atleast 100? FFS man, logic on some of these people ...
  12. When you have a dumbass as a president who is followed by bigger dumbasses who voted him in, this was bound to happen. The man took it as a joke, down played it, politicized it, put millions of people, who listens to everything coming out of his mouth as if he is the reincernation of jesus, at risk, are you really surprised by this? To make it worst, he wants the country up and running by easter and expects churches to be packed... I don't know if I should laugh or cry at this point.
  13. Actually I salute this. There are a lot of young lads who follows Virat and his wife day in day out, and might have no clue on what the officials are saying. This may save couple of lives in the process.
  14. These guys are there to save life or take life? Nonsense. Also a lock-down in IND means no one can't go buy grocery either?
  15. Bro, being a leader of a country and leaving your own people stranded is never wise. That's not a good leadership quality. Should have brought them back and then qurantine them or put them at lockdown somewhere in the country.
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