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    akshayxyz got a reaction from mishra in How do you picture your fellow ICFers?   
    dum dum dinga dinga
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    akshayxyz got a reaction from Ridgepi in Twitter messages   
    Nothing great about it, my nephew also predicted the same. In fact until that day he did not even know concept of tie. he asked what will happen if both score same. I said it wont happen, to which he replied - today it will. Just that he is too young to know about / have access to twitter.
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    akshayxyz got a reaction from BrantFUGH in Twitter messages   
    All cricketers' tweets at one place.. http://www.crictweets.co.nr/
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    akshayxyz got a reaction from tweaker in How do you picture your fellow ICFers?   
    Very young Aaku few years later.
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    akshayxyz reacted to Ram in Cricinfo out to defame Sachin..   
    India scored 610 runs at an average of almost 4 runs an over ? Whers is the question of even having the need to "up the ante" ? And we should remember that every innings consists of partnerships, and sachin played the role that was asked of him -- the steadying influence as the batsman at the other end attacked. Where is need for sachin to go slam-bang when there there is Dhoni at the other end ? And anyways , his strike rate for the entire innings is 53 , which is not too bad by any standards. I am getting tired of defending Sachin. Its obvious that most of you have made up your mind that he is "slow" , "selfish" etc.. Only time will tell how valuable sachin still is to the Indian team..
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    akshayxyz reacted in Sehwag Stats - A case of Contrast   
    -- Removed on request of the user --
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