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  1. Don’t think Dravid calling the shots here. He’s always been a meek “Naram Tatti” guy. Kohli calling the shots and Dravid looking up to him. Kohli declared the innings with Ajaz in mind and Axar got overlooked…
  2. It was a good plan and perfect execution… backed with Jazbaa & Junoon… We too had some plans but failed to execute as Trundlers like Bhuvi bowling…
  3. This umpire Virender Sharma us a serial offender. He’ll pretty sure screw Up India in this match…
  4. It looked bat first. Pathetic Third Umpiring…
  5. I'm really concerned about 'drop in quality' of IPL. Dont care about PSL any other leagues. Although there's nothing much to say about 'quality of cricket' in T20 format. Still, over the years the Local players in IPL have completley gone down the hill. And it reflects in the performance of Team India in ICC T20 events.
  6. Kohli coming as captain will ensure Ishant in the playing XI. I can only hope that Ishant takes this as a challenge and shuts up all the critics by taking one wicket in the match...
  7. Hearty Congratulations to @King Bhai... Best Wishes from all of us...
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