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  1. RR will go to the finals after this match. Leaving GT to meet RCB. RCB will meet RR in the finals…
  2. I’m sorry I’m not able to get over 2 things… 1) Pant dropping Brevis. 2) Pant not taking David review when 2 reviews remaining. Looks like there was pressure on him to not take wickets of key MI players to help RCB.
  3. will win this IPL as a tribute to Shane Warne.
  4. Since a proud franchise. Ending up last. Absolute shame. People blame MI of fixing or buying umpires. No proud owner who fixes matches will allow this situation. I literally hate that constipated face of Mahela. His experiments has utterly screwed up the team this season. The whole season he’s used to juggle around and test various combinations. The whole Team Management (Robin, Zahir etc including Mahela) should be FIRED. Most lethargic TM, never been proactive to send crucial messages to the players on the field. Even in yesterdays match all they needed was to send somebody to ca
  5. Add Bhumrah to the list. Naam barey Darshan Chhotey…
  6. This guy shouldn’t play any LOIs. Can play test matches. He’s a BIG LOSER in LOIs. He’ll be one of the main culprits when India crashes out of T20WC. Not a single MI losers be selected in upcoming key tournaments. Most of them don’t LOSERS and have ZERO pride in winning for India. Tine to groom young bowlers like Umran in place of this loser.
  7. SRH, please take next season seriously. You’re at 10 points this season. You can land a long overdue body low to your “traditional” rival and usual tormentor. Remember, they never gave you the repeat you deserve. It’s only the MI which has always treated you with respect. So let’s join hands and work on that mission for a “desirable & satisfying” outcome… @maniac
  8. Can SRH do a favour to us in the last match?
  9. There’s something wrong in CSK. Raina dumped, Jaddu saga we all know. Faf was ditched. While Dhoni appears or made to be appear as the one and only star or saviour of CSK. Dhoni will play next season or not, nobody knows. A great team getting destroyed by an Egomaniac who likes to have a tight control on the team.
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