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  1. Crawley & Bairstow getting out to Axar in the first over had nothing to do with pitch. They just batted badly. Most of the wickets England lost was due to bad batting and not the pitch...
  2. As I mentioned, England failed to cross 50 runs lead else they could’ve won...
  3. Just saw Pujara wearing pads hand shaking... Oh God almighty... thank you for saving us...
  4. What’s crucial now. He’s already won the match in his first innings. Blame other chomu batsmen if india still struggles...
  5. Predicting Rohit getting out cheaply and copping up ICF choicest gaalis...
  6. Friends... don’t be overconfident... it is a challenging total...
  7. Ati Sundar finishes the innings... gets the prized wicket of Anderson...
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