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  1. In The 3rd ODI ODI we might see a depleted Aussie side which might give some chance to team Byju’s to win and save some blushes... However, by the looks of it, even a depleted Aussie side could beat the Team Byju’s in this series...
  2. The Sikh community here in UK are deeply following whatever happening in Punjab regarding the Farm bills. The local Punjabi TV channels are regularly having talk shows and live broadcast from the various protest sites. It seems rest of the country didn’t realised how Punjabis are passionate about Farming. Maybe the farmers have genuine concerns or Opposition parties doing propaganda, but they are involved in it. I’m sure it’s the same in Canada and USA. For whatever benefits these farm bills has, I don’t like BJPs approach to not communicate and build a proper foundation before pas
  3. As per my information India will win next two matches for a super climax in the final ODI...
  4. He’s a confidence giver... the moral booster you need in your team... Somebody who gives the feeling of a “utility player” in all departments but whether he’s or not could be debatable...
  5. Yes... I hope he swishes the bat like a sword after hitting a boundary... That’ll Sooooper...
  6. Don’t take too much pressure. It’s just the first match of the series... India will get its combination right by the end of the series... So relax...
  7. It’s a tough ask. However I’m not disappointed by the chase so far. Kohli needs to step up big time in the absence of Rohit...
  8. Our batsmen love Aussie ground and pitches... it’ll be a good chase...
  9. Starc will taken to cleaners by our “Thigh Slapper”...
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