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  1. What he said is right. Please don’t mock him for being Pakistani etc. We are all acting like fanboys. Bhumrah has sucked long time. I don’t want him in Test matches and even in any ICC finals. Sala BIG no ball bowler, I don’t trust him. Effing useless bowler. Same goes for Kohli. I don’t trust him. He’s not a match winner and especially in crunch situation or final matches…
  2. 4-1 to England. In England very less chances of Drawn matches unless complete washout. With this pathetic batting of India, I don’t see any drawn match in rain affected matches also.
  3. Seriously… I’m going through the emotions like an fan… By now most of Kohli /RCB fans are used to it now. As a fan it’s very difficult to overcome these eternal losing spree of Kohli in ICC events…
  4. Thanks for reminding me. If you see all the wickets, you’ll find element of suspicion…
  5. Many of you are not understanding the issue. I’m effing don’t be over Spinner Batsman Allrounders. So can we just not discuss Jaddu, Ash etc here? What’s the BIG idea of playing spinner Allrounders in SENA. Countries where your main pace bowlers suck and you can’t bring Jaddu/Ash to bowl because the ball is seaming/seaming. You need so body to rattle the batsmen by some short pitch bowling or just have a seaming variety? No, I don’t want a Jaddu-Ash jodi in England 5tedt series no matter how much better they bat. I’m looking for a allrounder to take or help other pace bowlers to ta
  6. On spinners I’ll say it depends how best a captain utilises them and when with what field placing. So an Ashwin can get Conway with a new ball which skids straight. Unless Kohli is removed from captaincy we won’t know how spinners will perform in any conditions. In Indian conditions it’s the other way round and how a captain uses pace bowling in between long spells of spin.
  7. Indian batting is at a stage where you need young talents. Not sure SHASH-KOH ready for that. Im not sure about Vijay Shankar. He sort of fizzled out in whatever chances he got. Thakur is our best bet ATM.
  8. ^ They we’re not going for runs… they got out deliberately. Those balls on which they all got out were not unplayable.
  9. Looking at the responses above, we need Test level reliable pace bowling allrounder. Shardul Thakur? Any other potential from domestic cricket? Need to go strappy, we’ll built, good height , decent pace and a good hitter. Jamieson type. Do we have any? Tyagi?
  10. This is not good enough. Wasn’t worst bowler is not good enough. Mediocrity should be discarded…
  11. Deliberate throwing away of wickets at certain intervals. All the targets and the time was already discussed to autopilot the test till the last 30 mins. I’d said on day 4 only that India will be bowled out within an hour after the Lunch session. I was bit off the mark and they did got all out approximately an hour before tea. They had to get out at that time any more delay would’ve resulted in a draw and that was not ICC wanted and BCCI agreed for. If you see, when Jadeja and Pant were going strong, immediately message was conveyed to them at the drinks break. Both
  12. This is a prime example of Ishant selection supporter. Just satisfied with whatever performance he’s done like take 2-3 wickets and picked up Williamson… That's a big favour he did on us fans… If Ishant hadn’t played then who would’ve picked Williamson ?
  13. 2 spinners in the team is a luxury in English conditions. Play either Ash/Jaddu/Sundar…
  14. Agree. Just curious where is Hardik Pandya? He too could be a useful allrounder.
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