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  1. Kunal has been mostly mediocre throughout his IPL career. Due to his good connections, he doesn’t needs to perform any better...
  2. Strange chase... More so when you see Cummins hitting 4 Sixes in Bhumrah over... as they say in IPL, you lose one, you win next...
  3. Stage perfectly set for Murugan & Dre to romp home...
  4. Having seen them in many IPL, they won’t change things the way it is. They’ve lost almost 8-9 match on the trot before winning IPL. Especially in this IPL it’ll be hard to motivate them as they are not supposed to win trophies one after the other.
  5. 196 is bread & butter score for players like Russel... The MI boys are rusty and overfed...
  6. He’s a tailender. Gets favoured just being a Pandya...
  7. It’ll be a huge task for Organising Committee to salvage MI from here in this match...
  8. Every team has been allowed to win alternate matches... in the initial round...
  9. to Dhoni... Even if Curran was bowling lollypop balls to hit, it takes special skills to those Sixes... IPL is so exciting.. just like WWE...
  10. We are slow starters... also Dhoni retired recently. So him winning will bring lots of TRP to the event...
  11. Please don’t hurt too much the OAT in their first match. In this Pandemic we need to take care of our Senior Citizen...
  12. In IPL, it’s not allowed to win two consecutive titles one after the other anymore. It’s pandemic season so health is wealth. So relax guys, let other teams to win the trophy sometimes... Podus might win as return gift for Dhoni retiring from International cricket even though they don’t deserve. its no fun to lift the trophy in an empty stadium... So I’m just expecting a below par performance from to end up in last 4.
  13. End of another era... BJP should rope him for CM candidate in either TN or Jhakhand...
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