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  1. Burkha Dutt involved means it’s a given that ISI is involved.
  2. Their narrative on Shami abuse got overshadowed by the idiocy of Waqar…
  3. It’s the business end of the upcoming elections. Any loss or harm of Indian in any form could translate to addition to many failures of Modi BCCI/Govt/BJP/RSS/Hindus/Bhakts etc. BCCI because Jay Shah there. So big deals of small issues will keep on happening. On top of it there are MASTERSTROKES by Modi (which even the Bhakts like us keep on guessing about) in which the opposition, Wokes, Dhimmi Hindus gets sucked in…
  4. They are Pak arse like lickers. Doing subtle monkey balancing…
  5. There you go… https://www.news18.com/news/india/manufactured-outrage-over-abuse-for-shami-trolling-came-from-pak-social-media-users-4367600.html
  6. Looks like @New guy is one of the SA Board member… Point to note that DeKock himself is of mixed race.
  7. Exactly. Instead of taking a stand for own people, innocent Kashmiri Pundits & UP/Bihar people getting killed there, they are forced to take this gesture for blacks in US & UK. Pak players showed right gesture. Hands on Heart for freedom of Kashmir…
  8. This has come right from the top. PMO(Sasta Santa Claus) -> Mota Bhai -> Jay Shah (BCCI) -> Shastri-Dhoni -> Kohli -> Team
  9. Kohli was clever in mentioning that they “received a message from the team management”…. Thus hinting that it was not planned and the player themselves are not comfortable in doing this gesture. Why force them to do something which they don’t relate with? It’s a distraction even if it’s for 2 mins. Pak team had clarity of thought. Hands on heart, they’ve not come here to do all these gestures. They won’t take a Knee. Their belief doesn’t “allows” that. That’s how you act.
  10. He was pretending. A Drama Queen…both Pandya bros are unreliable, untrustworthy, selfish, only care about their own image. Both of them are not team players and are full of themselves. I knew the moment he gestured of pain that he’s pretending and planning to chicken out. Ditched the team when he was needed. Probably was pissed off at being sent later than that Jaddu who sucked away whatever momentum was there.
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