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  1. IMO .. WC shouldn't be held here. They should have it at a location where the players and staff feel comfortable playing without the mental torture of playing in a water tight bubble. It shows that despite the best intentions the bubble can be breached already. Time to move the WC elsewhere.
  2. JAMODI because Eng were missing Archer, blah blah ... never mind they had their best batting in play, won every toss and never tried defending once.
  3. Why does he need anyone to tell him what to do? He's been bowling a while now and knows his skills better than anyone. Poor bowler - not yet international standard.
  4. Agreed. Fielding has gone back to 90s level before Kaif and Yuvi. In fact I would say catching was better at that time. Time to look hard at the fielding and make some changes there.
  5. England haven't once defended a score so far. How are we automatically making them firm favs? I would love to see Rashid and Mooen bowling with a wet ball against Pandya and Pant before dismissing India as a stronger team.
  6. While I was very disappointed with the bowling of Natarajan esp - I will give the bowling a little bit of a pass. They have defended against one of the best LOI batting units in difficult conditions and a small ground 2 times out of 3. I don't think this England lineup would have been in the game in even 1 of the 3 games had they bowled first. So well done to Team BCCI to have defended slightly under-par scores. In this game we started well - couldn't have asked for better than a start of ~7 rpo with 0 wickets down till almost the 20th over. A bit of a shame our tail couldn't play
  7. 2 for Kohli and 5 for Sharma and 4 for Kuldeep? You missed Gill btw.
  8. Amazing win for the windies. Ban at home are no pushovers
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