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  1. Started off really well. Hope it's not a flash in the pan. Good on him to change KKR's fortunes with his aggressive batting. Made watching KKR acceptable after a long time!
  2. It's more than a rivalry - it's a proxy war. When the two sides get together each side wants the other to thrash the other ... I always get a satisfaction of seeing Pak lose. Same for Pak vs India - like the 2017 CT final. That was tough viewing. A rivalry is usually about some sporting aspect. In cricket, between India and Pak, it's only about the result. A whole new sport in cricket got acceptance in India only after the 2007 WC final.
  3. Isn't Darren Sammy available? I'm sure they can get another world beating XI to play some T20s again in Pak.
  4. Pak will play its usual part in the WC. They will get thrashed by India. They may beat a couple of other teams. They will come close to qualification to the semis but won't make it. They will claim conspiracy to keep them down - some will self flagellate whilst others will claim that ICC bowed to BCCI to prevent their team from reaching the knockouts. Rinse and repeat till the next ICC WC.
  5. This is not a zero sum game where I win and you lose.
  6. They were representing their country and playing against other countries. Sounds like international cricket to me. Was it an official tournament, as in, ICC sanctioned? No. They were only given ICC status in April this year - so official match - no. International yes.
  7. In track they are better than Asian athletes. Even 2nd tier Jamaican sprinters are better by a big margin. In the women's category all the top Jamaicans participated. Better competition than Asian games for sure. That said Yohan Blake won Bronze last time in the 100m and he was a tier 1 athlete at the time. In field all the best athletes participate.
  8. Also, I find that heroes in India always go through a trajectory in India. Dravid was perhaps one to buck the trend where he was villanized early in his career rather than later. Sachin, Ganguly, Dhoni, now Kohli - as Harvey Dent says in the Dark Knight. You die a hero or live long enough to become the villain. Dhoni was a great man who scaled many heights in the cricketing world that were unimaginable for someone not from Bombay or some other powerhouse in Indian cricket. He caused his own downfall by trying to impose himself on the game when it was apparent that it
  9. Not true apparently. They played from 2010 - 2014 winning the only tournament they played in. In 2020, they were rebuilding the team and had awarded a central contract to 25 players and were given full recognition as a test and ODI team in Apr 2021. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Afghanistan_women's_national_cricket_team
  10. I agree with everything here.. That said - the 2007 WC win was awesome. Wouldn't have happened under anyone else IMO. Also, from ~2005-2012 he was the most dependable batsman in the middle order in any team.
  11. Not for all sports. For sports like Athletics they are a good barometer for India. Asian Games is pretty poor as far as Athletics is concerned. Asian champs are miles behind the Carribean, UK and Aussies. It would be great for Swimming and Cycling if we had any contenders there as well. For boxing, wrestling, TT, badminton and weightlifting - agreed.
  12. I think the IPL will put things into perspective in terms of who is the best option. Pant atm doesn't inspire too much confidence with the bat IMO. Kishan is a better alternative to me as he can keep adequately for T20s and is a gun with the bat. That said IPL form will be handy going into the T20 WC. Hopefully Pant proves that he is the best bat-keeper option available. I would still play Kishan at the top of the order with Rohit even with Pant playing though rather than Rahul
  13. Oh looks like the shooting and archery events have been cancelled - so no medals possible from those 2 sports for India.
  14. I think India will do poorly at the CWG in terms of medals. We usually are top 5 - but I think we will be out of the top 10 this time. Unless we win big in Wrestling, Weightlifting and our Track & Field athletes perform well. Badminton has only 6 medals. Hopefully we sweep those. Don't see too many medals in the offing in other events. Shooting and Archery will be held in India early next year before the event and added on to the total. Boxing I am sure will be swept by the British teams - we may get a few bronzes. We know how the officiating is done there.
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