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  1. Rohit Gill Che Kohli Pant Hardik (SDP) - get the beast in Sundar Ashwin Bumrah 2 from Ishant, Siraj and Axar
  2. Always try to play 3 ARs if possible in an 11 - batting, wk keeping and bowling
  3. zen

    No Time to Die (OO7)

    NTTD delayed/postponed again, will release on Oct 8th now
  4. zen

    Criterion Channel

    Raj Kapoor's 3 films are showcased on Criterion. Awaara, Shree 420 and Sangam (his first color film). Watched Sangam (after a long long time). Brilliant work by the great showman! Highlight is the acting by all 3 key players esp. in the final act. Will try to catch the other two later (watched them relatively recently - may bel like 2-3 or so years ago iirc)
  5. The excitement and the urge to celebrate are understandable but considering the social distancing requirements, they should have been low key In one of the videos, difficult to see anything else but the people
  6. Let's not forget that the great man played 200+ balls and Aus could only make a few go past him despite using "mini-Bodyline" tactics for him at times
  7. zen

    Pujara, the king!

    Saw the below on the match thread
  8. In tests, I tend to rate those who have some sort of record in top order (#1-3) high. As a youngster, I hope that Gill opens to learn and improve his game. In the long term, depending on options for specialist openers, he can move to #3. If he has a long career and his reflex slow down (post the age of 30), he can move to the middle order (#4-7)
  9. zen

    Pujara, the king!

    Good to hear that from the horse's mouth ... and of course the cricket fans felt that too watching live .... what a player! "The Australians are giving him their ultimate compliment; they are calling him a ‘F@#*@#g Legend’."
  10. zen

    Pujara, the king!

    Pujara cuts down on risks as his goal is to hold an end up to see Ind through ... as the key batsman, he takes upon himself to make it count .... his initial reaction is to play the ball ... it is easier to hit for new players and tail who are playing freely under relatively less pressure and can afford to take risks PS let’s not forget that he played 200+ balls in that inning!
  11. zen

    Pujara, the king!

    a) Key batsman in the side (so his wkt opens the floodgates w/ other batsmen exposed early and under pressure to bat more overs/sessions), b) plays most deliveries to tire the bowlers and can bat the day out w/ Aus desperate for a win esp. at Gabba, c) does not give his wkt away (so bowlers have to make things happen), d) plan A to get him out with the ball leaving him failed (Pujara was relatively rusty early on in the series and may have done is homework too), e) Aus suffered at the hands of Pujara in 2018/9 and then again at Sydney, so to win have to see his back, f) ...
  12. zen

    Pujara, the king!

    Many of the balls are directed at his body (mini Bodyline)
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