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  1. Let's hope so as NZ would be geared up after playing Pak first
  2. I may have written some version of this somewhere including on my own threads: Formulaic cricket - For e.g. persisting with L-R combination when an impact player could have been promoted top of the order to take on the spinners Set batsmen leaving it too late to take charge, while expecting a new batsman to do all the hitting from ball 1 Neem hakim khatre jaan in match ups - one needs to understand what goes into the data that creates match ups The squad selection itself - includes many players that should not be playing international T20s Indian spinner
  3. Who took risks (mainly means playing loafted shots or trying to hit boundaries) v Afridi?
  4. Lost to Pak Let's see how it goes v NZ
  5. Rohit has been ordinary in IPL for the past 5 years or so; KL's team has hardly made it to playoffs. Kohli's RCB is known to choke
  6. As long as people in India make such comments, more and more losses should be piled on them
  7. Actually, many of those could have played 1 WC too many. Ind still has a game v NZ, if things do not turn, I would have preferred youngsters (posted many times on pre world cup 11 threads) drafted into this WC. If nothing, they would gainbig tournament experience which could be useful in 2022 Australia.
  8. 2007 had two world cups - ODI and T20s With Ind, off late, it has been the pattern where the top order bat for long in warm ups and/or against lesser teams, and come out a cropper when it matters
  9. Ind v Pak Pak was all fired up. Pak can be an on and off team so would need to remain focused esp. since it plays NZ soon. The team has the talent to win the tournament if it remains consistent. They way India went around in warm ups, I felt that the team was due for a big failure. I prefer teams to stretch themselves in warm ups like Aus and NZ, even Pak got to work on their death bowling due to the assault by SA in warm ups (a blessing in disguise). Ind has invested in poor big match players like the openers Rohit and KL so would need a big change in trend to make t
  10. Pak has treated India with disdain Silver lining is that the stats padding Indian openers are exposed again
  11. Great performance by Pak v India ... Usually zen master's institutions (developed through studying a variety of subjects and spotting connections) are spot on
  12. Do you mean hope for great games from the #1-3 versus Afghanistan, Scotland and Namibia?
  13. One of the greatest winning streaks across two world cup formats by any team versus any team. Had to end at some point but credit to team Ind for carrying it for so long (From the early years of Sachin 1992 to the retirement Dhoni 2019). As far as the tournament goes, only silver lining (if it can be said that way) is that India would be motivated to pick its game and win the T20WC 2021. As a consolation, the streak in ODI WC is still alive. Summary 50-over World Cup (1992-Present, streak still alive) 1992 - India beat Pakistan by 43 ru
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