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  1. zen

    Visually Striking Films

    Below is a nice take on visually striking films:
  2. zen

    Visually Striking Films

    There are movies which I have not watched or do not recall much such as The Fall, Tree of Life, Hero, etc., which are rated highly too for visual elements.
  3. Below are some of the most visually stunning films - in the order of release: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) Black Narcissus (1947) The Red Shoes (1948) The Third Man (1949) The Night of the Hunter (1955) Vertigo (1958) L'avventura (1960) Lawrence of Arabia (1962) Umbrellas of Cherbourg (1964) 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) The Conformist (1970) Barry Lyndon (1975) Suspiria (1977) Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) Blade Runner (1982) Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) Sin City (2005) Pan's Labyrinth (2006) Skyfall (2012) The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) There are more but I kept the list limited from top of the mind recall. Which ones are your favorite?
  4. zen

    The Pink Panther

    In terms of favorite films, I am guessing below is how the order would be: 1. A Shot in the Dark - a classic film with who-done-it elements 2. The Revenge of the Pink Panther - balances Clouseau's dumb investigation with Phantom's action 3. The Pink Panther Strikes Again - has the most gags and probably the most fun when in the right mood 4. The Pink Panther - a nice crime-comedy caper 5. The Revenge of the Pink Panther - has a few memorable moments
  5. Positive cricketers!
  6. zen

    The Pink Panther

    Basically, the 5 films involving Peter Sellers: The Pink Panther (1963) - A comedy crime caper involving Sir Charles Lytton (The Phantom), a bunch of other characters, and the dumb Insp. Jacques Clouseau, who is attempting to catch the Phantom and stop the theft of the Pink Panther diamond. Audiences loved Inspector Clouseau's character leading to further films with him as the central character. A Shot in the Dark (1964) - Inspector Clouseau takes the central role in the who-done-it comedy. The film introduces many of the key characters including Clouseau's servant Cato and boss Charles Dreyfus. Dreyfus knows that Clouseau is an idiot, who manages to solve cases through dumb luck. He is mentally impacted by Clouseau and wants to kill him. The Return of the Pink Panther (1975) - The famous Pink Panther diamond is stolen again with clues pointing to the Phantom, who must investigate to clear his name. Inspector Clouseau undertakes the investigation in his dumb manner in a different direction. However, as usual, luck smiles on Clouseau as he happen to be in the right place at the right time to unintentionally solve the case. Clouseau is hailed as a hero. Chief Dreyfus is finally thrown into mental asylum. The Pink Panther Strikes Again (1976) - Dreyfus has recovered, is happy, and about to leave the mental asylum. But on the fateful day, an unfortunate encounter with Clouseau relapses his mental condition and is locked up again. Dreyfus escapes the asylum and directly/indirectly hires assassins to kill Clouseau. The Revenge of the Pink Panther (1978) - The mafia is unsure if Clouseau is a genius or an idiot but in any case wants him eliminated as he has interfered enough in its matters. A lucky breaks ensures Clouseau survives an assassination attempt but remains dead for convenience to investigate. Dreyfus is finally out of the asylum and gets the job of the chief back. Clouseau meets Dreyfus, but he can't tell others that Clouseau is alive for the fear of him being seen as imagining things and sent back to the asylum. Dreyfus also has to make a speech to praise Clouseau, which he struggles to deliver knowing there is nothing to praise the idiotic but lucky Clouseau. No need to say that each film has something in it to make you laugh out loud. I am planning to rewatch these. Which one is your favorite? Below, the famous dentist scene b/w Dreyfus and Clouseau in disguise in The Pink Panther Strikes Again:
  7. You could wait for deals if possible or explore products from brands such as Acer, Asus, MSI, ....
  8. Not a programming person but see below if it helps:
  9. I don’t see any issues with his 11 esp. when accounting for his period. No one is obliged to pick players from a particular region Hayden-Langer were probably the best opening pair of his time so good to see him persist with the pair. Kallis and ABDV are world class players and from SA so Donald would have seen them win games for SA. Lara, Viv Richards, Warne, Gilly, Marshall, etc., are more or less no brainer choices
  10. 11 from those who played in 70s or later Gavaskar Barry Richards Viv Richards Lara S Smith Sobers Gilly Hadlee Marshall Warne Ambrose
  11. Deep Red .... may not win awards but is a good time pass film:
  12. A lot of shows including recent ones are discussed here:
  13. zen

    Top 5 Hitchcock

    Rewatched Torn Curtain (1966) after a long time. I had remembered liking it. Hitchcock produced some of his best continuous work from 1958 (Vertigo) to 1963 (The Birds). Post Birds, Hitchcock's work received mixed reviews. However, among Hitchcock's last 4-5 films, Torn Curtain is probably his best. There were some issues during the production of the film with Bernard Herrmann leaving the film. Paul Newman suggested few changes to the script which were not taken into account by Hitchcock. The film released in mid 1960s feels more like a 40s to mid 50s film but in 2020 it is to be watched as a classic anyways. This is also the last Hitchcock film with A list stars like Paul Newman and Julie Andrews. A big chunk of the film's budget went into the salaries of these two stars. The film was a hit at the box office (probably Hitchcock's last noticeable hit). I like films from 40s-50s so this one with that kind of spirit is a good watch. Newman and Andrew's performances are good. The plot is also typical Hitchcock - an ordinary man turned a spy. I think this is an underrated gem among Hitchcock's films!
  14. Chinese know how to play the game. Pak is on their payroll, Nepal has joined the band, and BD may oblige too.
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