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  1. Oh boy, surprised to see Ind play 4 seamers in the 1st test v Eng! Good work Team Ind!
  2. If Ind is going to lose anyways, play Jadeja & Ashwin (2 spinners) ... Let them toil on non-spin friendly conditions (Assuming that Eng prepares seamer friendly conditions)
  3. Those stats are misleading as overseas spinners would only play on relatively helpful surfaces more often than not, while the key home spinner would play most of the games against a variety of opponents Below is the data wrt Ind spinners since 2018 (the period from the table). Kuldeep too has done well in a selected test that he played in: View overall figures Primary team India Host country Australia or England or New Zealand or South Africa Start of match date greater than or equal
  4. COVID is a serious matter. Unless someone broke protocols deliberately, there is no point in playing the blame game. There is something wrong with India's culture if people rate a nothing series above the welfare of people. Wishing all the cricketers impacted by COVID a speedy recovery!
  5. Kaptaan Kohli too wants a buffet in an 11 (played 2 spinners in WTC final) and probably changes his mind after every game
  6. Feel free to assume Agarwal, who is also in Team A, in Samson' place ... As I said, players have their own USPs, Samson has his too - ability to hit 2-3 impactful knocks including winning 1 or 2 games on his own with the bat, which is what Team A is mostly about. A backed player after a consistent run can look different.
  7. Just pick one of the two teams This topic is not about what ppl think about individual players. For e.g. Samson is a top order player, whose USP is playing 2-3 good/impactful innings in a series. He has played a few games for India but difficult to judge a player who is not given a consistent run and not necessarily played in positions that work best for him.
  8. That is not the topic though. And when Ppl can make a case from a variety of perspective.
  9. One of the keys to developing a cricket team, esp. from the perspective of winning big tournaments, is to create a strategy to pursue and identify and back the right talent per that strategy. It is also important to not get frustrated by bad series and failures, learning to see those as experiences that shape a cricketer. Some cricketers peak early and some late so it is good to keep an open mind. In LOIs, one good example is Eng, which backed a plan in 2015 to finally achieve success in 2019. The idea is to create a system that works for the team. To not complicate matters, let's
  10. Not many care about SL series at all. There are no issues even if he gets 3 0s as it gives opportunity to other players as well in a random series such as this … Good upcoming players need to go through such series too as a part of learning experience … In the full strength line up, Ind will have other experienced players in lower middle order too Note that ppl know that he has scored 80 odd v Pak, 2 90s in Aus recently, a 60 v Eng and so on
  11. What is “we”? … What are you waiting for? For him to play like a top order batsman, batting at #6-7? He is doing fine for a #6-7 batsman. Attitude is pretty good too esp. when you look how hard he worked on his fitness post injury 28 is not old, when cricketers easily play till 35. Pollard is 34 for e.g.
  12. That is not accurate as when SDP has got the opportunity to settle down with lots of overs remaining, he has generally played good knocks whether it is 80 odd v Pak, 2 90s v Aus, the 60 odd v Eng and so on If he plays up the order, which he is good enough to do (has a test 100, a 90 in SA, and so on), eventually his avg will be a lot higher than his current one. He plays down the order because we have batsmen who can play at the top but not do what SDP can do such as go after the bowling from ball one
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