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  1. Appears as if Buttler is not going to get out (one of the luckiest innings in this IPL) …. Focus on others
  2. RR 55/1 in PP Interesting PP with good batting by Samson and good bowling by Dayal
  3. GL and GT are not the same team. One was a temp team based out of Rajkot, while the other is a permanent team based out of Amdavad … Clubbing then together would be like clubbing Mumbai & Pune together coz they are in Maharashtra
  4. 11s that can be competitive in the respective series: T20s KL Hooda (gets off the blocks quickly, can slip in an over too) Iyer/Rituraj, who can open Pant SDP (Hardik) DK Axar Avesh/Bhuvi/Harshal Arshdeep Umran Yuzi/Kuldeep/Bishnoi Test Rohit KL Gill Kohli Count Pant Ashwin/Jadeja Thakur Shami Bumrah Prasidh/Siraj/Umesh
  5. SA is probably going to do a clean sweep of series - Test & ODIs in SA, and T20s in India
  6. India culture is 1000s of years old ... It is sad that during Islamic rule (or occupation if some may want to call that) in many parts of the region, a systematic approach was adapted to undermine Hindu culture ... Even today, we see what Taliban (destroyed the Bamiyan Buddhas), ISIS, etc. do ... Such monuments should be voluntarily handed back to the Hindus Like the Islamic rules in India, China is doing similar things in Tibet, burning away the original Tibetan culture. When/if Tibetans gets freedom, they will restore their Tibetan cultural elements too.
  7. The Playoffs kick off with the Qualifier 1 b/w the two best sides of the competition - GT (The Wolves) & RR (The Wild Wild West). Outside of the cricket, the teams face the challenge of thunderstorms. Kolkata was bombarded by the Nor'wester as well. v It is a Wolves game, so it is also time! Free beer on the house: Weather watch EVENING Partly cloudy with a couple of thunderstorm Cricinfo Preview ... Poll added for poll lovers ... Poll closes before
  8. Kol games could be impacted by rain. Thunderstorms are expected on Tue & Wed, however, evenings could be relatively rain free
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