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  1. received some free points (v K11 & RR from the top of the mind recall) so can be generous enough return the favor in the next few games
  2. K11 closes this thanks to some positive cric by Gayle & Pooran
  3. Bowlers react in that way but that was not a chance as you need luck to stop those when standing so close to the stumps
  4. Pant comes back with a brilliant catch (skier which many players can drop) .... Maxwell has to go
  5. Yeah .... I spoke in terms of young and old though .... not experienced and inexperienced
  6. Irrespective of points, below is my ranking of teams so far (can change): 1. K11 - solid openers + WI power + Shami & Arshdeep + Spinners .... negatives: strategy and tactics. choking abilities 2. MI - overall a solid team w/ Pollard as the standout player .... yet to peak. if they peak, they can become unstoppable 3. RCB - ABDV + other good batsmen + some good bowlers in Saini & Chahal .... negatives: can choke 4. DC - Dhawan + bowlers .... somehow have closed games ..... negatives: not attacking enough 5. RR - a team of a few talented individuals ..
  7. WI power working for K11 .... DC needs to go back to its key wkt taking bowlers
  8. Shaw is young but there are older guys who are not only fitter but also field well
  9. To give a benefit of doubt to Pant, the throw was not spot on and he had to react quickly
  10. has Tushar Deshpande taken the title of worst bowler of this IPL from Unadkat/Rajpoot combination?
  11. Pooran gets a wicket for DC .... Mayank may have injured himself
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