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  1. Ppl are forgetting the below, how he came back through hard work, including having to rework his bowling action. Of course, teams will try not to put too much pressure on him:
  2. This is what SDP did in the last few series (highlights): IPL 2020 - the thread followed it. Avg 35, SR 179 Aus ODI series - best player for Ind. Most runs with 2 90s (despite batting in the lower middle order) Aus T20 series - Man of the series Eng T20 series - bowled a few brilliant spells Eng ODI series - 60 odd in the final ODI to help Ind clinch the series So when he is playing at his best, he has been the highest scorer and won Man of the series. When he has not played at his best, he has still won Ind games with both the bat & the
  3. On pitches such as Chennai, where it can get difficult to bat as the inning progresses, death over batting can be a hit or miss. On relatively better tracks, we will see some good batting!
  4. Livingstone gone due to bubble fatigue ... So Fizz (until Archer is available) will likely continue ...
  5. Even last yr, SDP played as a batsman ... there is no comparison as Rohit, who is rated highly by the OP, has been among the weaker performers for MI since 2017
  6. FTR, Rohit in IPL since 2017: 2017 Rohit - Avg 24, SR 122 2018 Rohit - Avg 24, SR 133 2019 Rohit - Avg 29, SR 129 2020 Rohit - Avg 28, SR 128 Among the weaker performers ...
  7. SDP v Rohit in IPL 2017 SDP - Avg 36, SR 156; + 6 wkts Rohit - Avg 24, SR 122 2018 SDP - Avg 29, SR 133; + 18 wkts Rohit - Avg 24, SR 133 2019 SDP - Avg 45, SR 191; + 14 wkts Rohit - Avg 29, SR 129 2020 SDP - Avg 35, SR 179; did not bowl due to injury Rohit - Avg 28, SR 128 Easily out performed Rohit but here we have such threads
  8. Because SDP is a relatively new player who has only played a handful of tests, and only one in Ind
  9. At C'nai, it can be hit or miss for the middle order batsmen ... would not read much into it
  10. MI is full of MPVs ... Selected players from the current ones Player - best season(s) Top order QdK - 2020, 2019 Kishan - 2020 SKY - 2020, 2019, 2018 Middle order SDP (Hardik) - 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 Pollard - 2020, 2019 , 2017 Bowling Boult Bumrah R Chahar PS in terms of consistent impact -> SKY, SDP & Pollard, along with the bowlers
  11. why would it be frustrating? (And when you support SRH and DC. why not worry about its players more?). SDP has won his teams tournaments ... you saw that last yr too when you started this thread
  12. Even in Test cricket, SDP has better performances helping Ind win in Eng, hitting a 90 odd in SA, 100 in SL, 70 odd v Afg, and so on If played in Aus, he could have won Ind tests too
  13. thank you for proving my point ... now track Pant's finishing skills 7 off 8 balls at C'nai
  14. Such^ comments are made by folks who do not know the difference b/w an SDP (who has actually helped win tournaments, not matches, giving teams a huge edge) and Thakur/Sundar ... Thankfully, franchises know what they are doing
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