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  1. In terms of picture/video quality, below are some of the good looking transfers: DRNO: This one is a good looking blu-ray esp. for colors .... iTunes 4K version is dimmer as they have tried to give it an HDR look. The addition of HDR can bring the details back in the dim scenes. FRWL. Another good looking Blu-ray. Though both Blu-ray and iTunes 4K can have black crush. Again HDR can bring details back. GF. Looks good both on Blu-ray and iTunes 4k, which does not have DV/HDR. OHMSS. For most parts, a good looking and sharp blu-ray. LALD. Mainly for colors which can pop up even more if and when HDR is added to it. TSWLM. A great looking blu-ray. OP. Blu-ray looks good but can appear over sharpened at times. CR. Mainly for colors and how it is shot. 4K DV is the best way to watch it but it is not a huge upgrade over the blu-ray. SF. Mainly for Roger Deakins cinematography. 4K DV version is good but can be a little softer than the blu-ray, which is excellent. SP. It is the last released Bond film so both blu-ray and 4K DV are good esp. if you can get past some of the color choices made.
  2. Figures published by Our World in Data shows Sweden now has the highest death rate per capita in the world. In the seven days between May 12 and 19, Sweden reported, on average, 6.25 COVID-19 deaths per million per day. https://www.forbes.com/sites/joshuacohen/2020/05/23/swedens-gamble-on-coronavirus-has-it-paid-off/#6d79f6902dcd
  3. Nice review of the Jaws 4K UHD on Digital Bits:
  4. Jaws will be released on 4K UHD soon .... In 2012, Universal restored the film in 4k and released it on Blu-ray. Now we will get the 4K restored version on a 4K disc w/ the addition of Dolby Vision/HDR10+/HDR and Dolby Atmos audio. Here is a nice video on the original restoration done in 2012: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lcn06rKJn4s
  5. While Pak follows India in winning title, after completing a win in the respective categories, it tends to struggle to win the next title (like I said loses steam), so it could be a long time before it wins another title
  6. At times, it feels that India lacks sports culture and the main purpose of many fans is to support their favorite player. There is no reason to abuse Chopra for his opinion.
  7. Pak manages to somehow win after India but not necessarily in back to back events (87WC was won by Aus for e.g. and Ind was a joint winner in CT in 2002, then won again in 2013) and then loses steam
  8. Based on the following: Performance in wins Difference b/w the player and his team mates Difference b/w the player and his peers Batsmen = 2,000 runs in wins Bowlers = 100 wickets in wins Post WW2 vs. major teams Batsmen Sir Garry Sobers Period 1958-1974 Avg in wins = 82 w/ 12 100s in 43 innings Greg Chappell Period 1975-1984 Avg in wins = 78 w/ 11 100s in 43 innings Graham Gooch Period 1985-1994 Avg in wins = 81 w/ 9 100s in 28 innings Inzamam-ul-Haq Period 1995-2004 Avg in wins = 86 w/ 9 100s in 31 innings Steven Smith Period 2010-2020 Avg in wins = 83 w/ 18 100s in 64 innings Bowlers Sir Richard Hadlee Period 1974-1990 Avg in wins = 13 w/ 17 5-ers in 44 innings Sir Curtly Ambrose Period 1991-2000 Avg in wins = 15 w/ 11 5-ers in 55 innings
  9. I have seen many times Pak win a major tournament and hold top test ranking after India. To summarize: India 1983 WC -> Pak 1992 WC India 1985 WCC -> Pak 1989 Nehru Cup India 2007 T20 WC -> Pak 2009 T20 WC India #1 Test ranking -> Pak #1 Test ranking (but only for a brief moment) India Champions Trophy -> Pak managed to win it as if it was destined in the final event of the version (could have guessed it) Once Pak wins an equivalent trophy, its luck can run out and then it could find difficult to win an equivalent trophy again. In the near future, is Pak good enough to win any major events?
  10. OP How it holds up in 2020: The film has the title character "Octopussy" shown as related to Major Smythe whom Bond confronted in the Fleming's book of short stories. "The Property of a Lady" story from the book is used in one of the sequences. OP has an adventure feel to it, a bit like an Indiana Jones film. The locations in India and the background score create a mysterious environment. Favorite part: The Pre Title Sequence is among the best ones in the franchise, the auction segment, the locations in India appear magical, the train chase sequence, and the finale with the plane segment. There is no super villain but the group of villains - Kamal, Orlov, and Gobinda work well as a team. There are some cool segments as well like Kamal heading to OP's Island, which has a nice background score, and the introduction of OP where only her hands are shown. Least favorite part: There are a few dumb moments in it such as the Tarzan yell, Bond focusing the camera on one of his lady colleagues, etc. Rating out of 10: Usually, this is my 8-9/10 Bond film. Will keep it at 9/10 on this occasion. If the dumb moments are overlooked, this is a solid Bond film designed to entertain.
  11. YOLT How it holds up in 2020: You Only Live Twice shares the title, location, and key characters with the Fleming's book by the same name. Apart from that they are different but good in their own way. YOLT is a cultural tour de force of Japan, sports the most iconic villain's lair of the series, and has an amazing background score and title song. This is also the film that Austin Powers has a fascination with (Mini-Me) Favorite part: Title song, "Bond averts WW3" background score track, the villains lair, Bond in Japan, Blofeld reveals himself for the first time in a Connery film. The pre title sequence is busy with the space shuttle getting hijacked, US-Russia talks, and Bond getting shot. Some innovative ways from a cinematic perspective to kill someone including poison administered using a thread. Piranha pool. Blofeld catches Bond as he is trying to board the shuttle. Bond-Hans fight (Bon Appetit). Tiger as a good Bond ally. Least favorite part: Relative to other films, Connery sleepwalks through the film. The shuttle part in the beginning can appear slow and dated at times. Some ninja fights. Rating out of 10: Usually, this is my 8-9/10 Bond film. Will be at 9/10 on this time for the title song, background tracks like "Bond averts WW3", the villain's lair, and the cultural journey of Japan paired with the attempt to start WW3.
  12. Done 10 so far, so, I guess, can review 2 more for a dozen films!
  13. I will read it in patches .... but below would be one of the key reasons to the why Manju likes Imran:
  14. The effort to connect Tests with the cons of imperialism is not a meaningful exercise. The transfer of imperialist values to indigenous cultures has many dimensions including the use of English language, wearing pants, shirts, and suits, and so on. Talking about cricket, besides tests, even T20s were invented in England. ODIs is a product of a collaboration b/w Eng and Aus, and later popularized by Kerry Packer. Test is called Test because it posses the ultimate challenge to your cricketing skills, and that aspect is what is appreciated the most about it. Sports such as Soccer/Football are said to have originated in England too. Those interested in sports with more native flavors should try to focus on playing/watching Chess, Polo, Kabaddi, and likes.
  15. "100 chuhai khake billi haj ko challi" .... that Ind was able to draw the series with neutral umpires casts a deeper shadow on Pakistani wins w/o neutral umpires in the past
  16. Overpopulation is a curse. It also puts severe constraints on resources and opportunities (less said about the planet the better). Human life is devalued. People do not have the ability to provide 3 meals for themselves and they keep giving birth to new ones at times hoping that the children will take care of them in their old age. And the cycle continues - exposing a large population an environment where they are usually fighting against the odds in most spheres of life.
  17. That can be said about any bowling attack esp. in batting friendly conditions ....
  18. The recent no cricket season has produced a lot of AT11 topics. As those who follow Indian cricket, we would prefer to include Indian players in the 11-12 esp. if the other options considered are more or less on par. In tests, the prime consideration is the skill, however in LOIs, different factors such as SRs, fielding, all round cricket, etc. come into play. When it comes to Indian LOI teams, usually, they have depended on a handful of players. These players enjoy various privileges such as getting to bat at prefered positions, taking their time to get runs, slowing down to reach a milestone, relatively less pressure on their spot unless in the last phase of their career, and so on. Therefore, there numbers will be relatively good because they function in such an environment. When it comes to world 11s (or even teams with a highly competitive talent pool), you are playing with the best. There is not much difference in quality among the top 5-6 batsmen and bowlers. Therefore, there are no privileges. You neither have the luxury or privilege to get to a 50 first like a Rohit or Kohli, nor could you slow down to get to a 100 like a Tendulkar as personal milestones take the backseat. You could be pointed out for unnecessarily blocking balls in the slog overs or taking it to the last over like a Dhoni. The players may basically have to approach their game like how the current England players do. In this type of an environment, how effective (or adaptive) can Indian players be in LOIs?
  19. Anglo will win esp. if teams are selected from current players and in batting friendly conditions .... Rest has a chance if WI big hitters are in prime form. Batting has excellent options with Warner, Bairstow, Morgan, Smith, Buttler, Stokes, Maxwell, Labuschagne, Roy, Mooen, etc., while bowling has firepower in Starc, Cummins, Archer, and Boult. Likes of Jamieson can be handy with both the bat and ball.
  20. Those batting stats are more Afridi type of numbers: Return to query menu Cleared query menu Career averages Span Mat Inns NO Runs HS Ave BF SR 100 50 0 4s 6s overall 1996-2015 398 369 27 8064 124 23.57 6892 117.00 6 39 30 730 351 Afridi averaged around 24, hit 45 50+ scores, and had a SR of 117 when many went in the range of 70-90 Afridi was inconsistent but also played good knocks. Was instrumental in Pak winning the T20 WC in 2009 if we talk about LOIs in general As for the comparison with other ARs from 70s-80s, the importance of being better in x or y aspect depends, in the end, on the type of AR that you would chose per the team's requirements. Talking about batting averages, Imran for e.g. has a career average of 33, which is similar to many of India's specialist batsmen in that period. He also had an excellent Nehru Cup (a tournament similar to 1985 World Championship in Australia) including the final. Therefore, "better" can depend upon the criteria for ODI team selection (and likewise Kapil has a case too). Also one has to remember that ODI cricket took off in terms of more matches being played post 1983 WC when guys like Hadlee and Imran (6-7 years older than Kapil) were into their 30s (and we know how Kapil's stats are when in his 30s post 1988). Rather than try to draw the conclusion on who is better in ODIs (depends on team selection criteria), I am more focused on looking at various aspects of Kapil's career. The positives were 83 and 85 tournaments, while the negatives were 87 WC SF after which Kapil was removed from captaincy esp. for playing the bad stroke (could have closed the game for Ind), batting failure in 1989 Nehru Cup, and the casual batting in 92 WC (India could not leverage on his vast experience as much as it would have liked to close games and crashed out in the first round. For e.g. lost chasing to Eng and Aus by narrow margins - the two wins could have given India 9 points). In terms of contributions in other aspects, despite being a former captain and a senior player, Kapil was not known to mentor new players iirc.
  21. There is no relevance to what Sachin did in test in his last two years (and as if it is condoned) and what Kapil did in his last 6-7 years in ODIs. In ODIs, Kapil's last major series with the bat was 87-88 one vs. WI. For reference, from 1988, Imran averaged 38, Hadlee 37, Botham 26, and Kapil 19.
  22. What you are posting his career stats till that point. What is being discussed is beyond such basics: till 1987: batting avg 29 1988-1992: batting avg 20 (dip of 9, or almost 1/3rd) Also in the 1988-1994 period, he only has a 50+ score, again a big dip for someone who had 14 50+ scores till 1987.
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