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  1. does not matter what the result/prediction is .... baba gets it right
  2. Don Pandya picks up another catch .... Cummins departs
  3. 27 runs of Bumrah .... Cummins hitting well
  4. first win (that too in Abu Dhabi) .... hopefully, more to follow!
  5. zen

    IPL20 Captaincy Watch

    M5 MI: Rohit Fitness: Belly power Captaincy: Mostly by the book stuff. Good to see Pollard bowling DRS: Did not observe Batting: Pass .... Well calculated knock Toss: N/A Score: A .... Esp. for batting KKR: DK Fitness: Nothing to complain Captaincy: By the book stuff DRS: Fail .... There was a wide where KKR took DRS iirc Keeping/fielding: Did his job Batting: Fail .... A decent knock by loses points as the RRR was high Toss: Won. Elected to field Score: C .... For an avg day at the office
  6. I hope it is not too early .... but time for a howl
  7. RRR keeps going up .... If KKR win somehow from here on, one would have witnessed some amazing batting
  8. That could have rolled on to the stumps .... when such things happens (including wkt of a no ball) with Bumrah bowling
  9. Morgan-Russell, this is where the game is .... they will go for a win (probably no NRR nonsense/excuse)
  10. Karthik gone .... but now the key batsmen will walk in
  11. These two are good against spin .... Krunal bowling
  12. In a way, KKR has only lost 1 key wkt .... Narine is more like if he fires, great; if he does not, no big deal
  13. Big Wolf Pollard picks up the catch .... Gill has to go
  14. Don Pandya was the best MI player in 2019 402 runs at a SR of 191 .... picked up 14 wkts as well
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