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  1. I will throw a "circumspect" KL in to the mix as well to look at IPL 2020 in UAE stats: KL. Balls faced 518, SR 129, Innings 14 ... balls/inning 37, runs/inning 48 Rohit. Ball faced 260, SR 128, Innings 12 ... balls/inning 22, runs/inning 28 Kohli. Ball faced 384, SR 121, Innings 15 ... balls/inning 26, runs/inning 32 Jadeja. Ball faced 135, SR 172, Innings 11 ... balls/inning 12, runs/inning 19 Total: balls/inning 97, runs 127, SR 130, RR 7.89
  2. Below are the three players that I hope will click in the 2021 T20WC: Rohit - Would open. One issue with him is that he begins his innings slowly, leaving less time for the lower middle order, which has to click in the lottery like death overs, to settle in. Hopefully, he will be positive. Has played in important tournaments since 2007. I hope this is his last T20WC to make way for developing younger players for next T20WC in Aus. Kohli - Could open. As a captain and Ind's most prolific batsman, he needs to step up. Has played in important tournaments since 2011. I hope t
  3. Yeah, a very good place to visit. If you need help with knowing more about the location and things to do let me know.
  4. With 6 overs to go if SRH can push for around 140 and also bowl well, it can try to make things interesting
  5. I have recovered from COVID now … Vaccines completed too … and recently flew to Banff for holidays Stopped worrying … And then I see some of these players complain … Jio Shaan Se
  6. I lost tons of $$$ during the COVID pandemic … Suffered from COVID … One of my houses in India got robbed during the pandemic. The caretakers told me that thieves took everything that is valuable away Now you are asking me to turn in my proud Gujju card
  7. BCCI agreed to play the test but the players refused citing "fear" ... Good to know that "fear" depends upon the number of matches remaining
  8. Good to know that fanboys are now supporting keeping $$$ above representing India as if BCCI is not paying them to play tests and as if they would have missed IPL ... The status of the series where India is in a rare position of strength remains undecided I am not at all worried about losing some money here and there ... Neither should the players when representing their country (and getting paid too) ... Appears as if you are generalizing based on what you do
  9. At this point, appears as if such news are brought out based on what is said by former cricketers (not RCB). Below: "The entire team was bundled for just 92 runs and KKR successfully chased down the target in 10 overs with nine wickets in hand. Seeing RCB's dwindling fortunes, a former India circketer, on the condition of anonymity, told IANS that a Dinesh Karthik-like scenario could happen with Kohli this season." - Link Using "could happen" such theories can be proposed ... AFG "could" win the T20WC for e.g.
  10. Not interested in irrelevant stuff and excuses ... We know that a medical team in UK addressed players concerns and BCCI had agreed to play the game ... Thank you
  11. As already mentioned multiple times by multiple posters -> not required to isolate in UK if double vaccinated ... What BCCI (probably in ignorance or assuming the guidelines to similar like in India or not being updated elsewhere) does is irrelevant
  12. Please do not drag others down with irrelevant stuff ... Do some research first
  13. First to even qualify for a discussion, you need to understand the difference b/w playing guidelines in respective countries. You are clueless and continue to post your India specific knowledge As already discussed multiple times, in UK isolation requirements are different. I guess that you may not even know that IPL has no vaccination requirements and therefore could follow different guidelines
  14. Did you not post the below: Shardul Thakur on Covid-19 outbreak in India's bubble: 'There was fear that it could happen to me or to anyone'
  15. Why don't you first make an attempt to understand the relevant policies in place in respective countries.
  16. Ok players are expected to adhere to playing policies in IPL … At other places, they can be fearful even though they could play
  17. @Khota Let’s see how many head back home? Link “Six members of Sunrisers Hyderabad, including Vijay Shankar, identified as close contacts; SRH vs DC game to go ahead on schedule.”
  18. Link “Six members of Sunrisers Hyderabad, including Vijay Shankar, identified as close contacts; SRH vs DC game to go ahead on schedule.”
  19. Ideally, a team should try to chase as if there are 19 overs, treating the 20th over as an emergency bonus. But there are many ebbs and flows in a game that if a side is chasing a competitive total esp. against a decent side, the game can go to the last ball. No matter what planning you do, once the game begins, the practical aspects of the game can be different, making the game exciting! As the saying goes - “Till the last ball is bowled, …”
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