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  1. 19 hours ago, rahulrulezz said:

    Even though I hated Dhoni for bringing this buddy culture, openely bringing conflict of interest into the game, I still never meant harm or bad on Dhoni as he represented my Indian team. 

    But Dhoni fans are a special breed. 

    Dhoni fans kaha se aa gaye? You clearly have some pre concieved notions about us. 

  2. Nice thread for a change maniac.


    Highest level : Club level, intra city


    Batting : Probably amongst millions of other Indians who feel the same way but I think I had some talent. At least to make it to intra state and then take it from there. Obviously parents weren't supportive. 


    Right handed bat. Very wristy, touch player, that sort. Never had a lot of power to slog so relied on timing. Batted mostly in the middle order.


    Bowling : Right arm med fast. Very ordinary, nothing special. I did have a nice yorker and some swing but lacked accuracy and pace.


    Fielding : Mostly good but made some blunders here and there :p:


  3. 52 minutes ago, Vilander said:

    why not, SA fast team beat fast aus and fast minow nz. Ind spin team beat spin sl and minow wi. its even.


    besides that they lost to Eng at home and to India away. Its Ind>SA 

    Beating NZ in NZ is not same as beating WI in WI.. whatever fast spin logic you may apply.

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