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  1. Hope Nadal has special praise for Alex Hawke prepared in his acceptance speech when he picks up the trophy. He should be eternally grateful to Hawke for handing him the slam that breaks the tie and also ensuring that Djokovic is never able to win another Australian Open thanks to the 3-year ban. Hawke, you have decided what the game of tennis should have decided. Politics won over sport.
  2. Experience of playing in 4 IPL Teams, which Kohli, Rohit Sharma, MSD or Pant could not achieve.
  3. He has the potential to be an ATG allrounder. His bowling is terrific, probably even better than Kallis and as far as batting goes, he has stepped up a bit in recent innings and his FC batting average is over 50, so definitely has a lot of potential there. A fast bowling allrounder is invaluable.
  4. Its an easy slam for Nadal here. With Djokovic out, he doesn't really have any true competition. Djokovic's vaccine hesitation going to cost him GOAT status. He just handed Nadal the slam on a platter with silverware.
  5. Rohit Sharma for the short term till we find a long term captain. Please please please not KL. KL has a gift for losing anything he touches.
  6. Lamba hone ka kitna lega?
  7. I thought Shami and Bumrah did fine. They were at the batsmen ball after ball and kept the pressure on for most parts. What we struggled with were the support bowlers. Siraj and Yadav failed to keep the pressure on and not leak runs. Thakur was a bit hot or cold. Ashwin was completely useless on these pitches. After the first Test, there was a thread asking whether our fast bowling attack was better than Australian one and since at that time, we had just won the first Test, many posters were of the opinion that Indian pace attack is the best in the World. However, here is the big d
  8. If you guys want some more entertainment, check out this innovative means of getting out by Pujara. https://wisden.com/stories/cheteshwar-pujara-run-out-in-bizarre-style Even a school boy would get heckled if he did something like this.
  9. This thread will go down in ICF history as the biggest epic failed thread.
  10. You forgot that when he wasn't guiding easy leg stump balls into the keeper's hands to get out, he was getting run out in the most embarrassing fashion that even school boys would be ashamed of.
  11. Attempt to distract from their woeful performance in this match. Now they will blame DRS for being biased.
  12. I actually feel like none of the players truly cares for the result more than fans like us. Whether it is team management, former players or commentators, everyone involved and influential in team selection matters only cares about ensuring the seniors are given a long career and they have each others backs. Most cricketers have a shelf life that is less than 10 years. There are very few exceptions like Tendulkar, Dravid, Kapil Dev and Gavaskar who are able to perform beyond that. Even great players like Sehwag and Laxman were not given this long rope that mediocre players like Pu
  13. I think many people are misunderstanding the context of "impactful" in this thread. Impactful = having a major impact or effect You have to give it to Pujara for that. By his absolutely horrendous and momentum sucking batting, he has had the most adverse impact on the Indian team's results outside Asia. The only occasion in which he had a positive impact was during the Aus tour in 2018/19. What his plodding also did was introduce some demons in the minds of subsequent batsmen that the pitch is not very conducive to batting even when that wasn't the case. So, you have t
  14. Not just this, but if you look at stats posted by @Trichromatic, in majority of the series outside Asia, Pujara is consistently the worst batsman in the team.
  15. This guy has lost complete credibility in my book. He is always in favor of players who play the slow and orthodox game similar to his style and hence he kept backing Pujara. Now he is just trying to make this statement to save whatever little credibility he has left. His opinions are heavily influenced by his own style of play and he doesn't see what is right for the team. Pant makes one mistake and he starts pounding on him even though Pant has won more matches in recent times than Pujara, Kohli and Rahane combined.
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