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  1. 5. Indian commentators buttering up "experienced" players even when they are no longer performing well and blaming new players for failures.
  2. 4. TM / Selectors picking the wrong players for the conditions.
  3. Man, you hit the nail on the head there. This is especially true in current age. BCCI is only concerned about how to maximize their revenue. They choose a captain and give him a free reign. This was not always the case. E.g. despite winning 1983 WC, Kapil lost captaincy after 1987 WC SF loss and never got it back. Kohli has lost 3 important final/semifinals matches and there are still no questions asked about his captaincy.
  4. Pretty much majority of the posters here are saying that Pujara's performances have been poor of late. Ek tu hi idhar gyani hai, baaki sab andhe hai. I didn't get which part of my post you found childish, but since you did not have any counter argument, it appears that was your defense mechanism. And why are you picking a top 6 that contradicts the stats that you only posted in this post? According to those, your top 3 should consist of at least 3 out of Denly, Sibley, Masood and Pujara. If you did not have any conviction in the stats that you are presenting, then why post them?
  5. I have read the posts, and they do not answer any of my questions. Clearly you don't appear to have any answers to them and your cherry picking of stats to show a biased viewpoint stands exposed.
  6. LOL, now you cannot even stand up and back the cherry picked stats that you only posted. What a contradiction! Haha! Why don't you go ahead and claim that Pujara, Sibley, Denly and Masood are the best top order SENA players currently? That is what your stats are suggesting right?
  7. Your SENA stats in the post above suggest that Pujara is pathetic despite getting to play all Tests and focusing his career only on the long form of the game. Also, your cherry picked stats suggest that the best batsmen in SENA after Pujara are Dom Sibley, Joe Denly and Shan Masood. Do you really believe that? So if you were to pick a World XI today to play a Test in SENA, would this be your top order? Sibley Masood/Denly Pujara Surely, World beaters!
  8. You want SENA stats? I got some SENA stats for you too. Let's take the last 2 years of performances to gauge what their recent form in SENA looks like. Pujara, Rahane, Kohli are all pathetic when we use this yardstick. https://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/stats/index.html?class=1;filter=advanced;host=1;host=2;host=3;host=5;orderby=batting_average;spanmax1=24+Jun+2021;spanmin1=24+Jun+2019;spanval1=span;team=6;template=results;trophy=804;type=batting
  9. WTC is not relevant you mean? I have seen your threads and the only common thread among all your threads is to cherry pick stats to somehow make Pujara seem like a tiger when his records suggest a cat. Just look at the august company Pujara is in with your cherry picked stats. Joe Denly, Dom Sibley, Shan Masood.... Looks to me like the worst team of the decade in the making.
  10. Lol. Yet another poor attempt at stat cherry picking just to make Pujara look good. OP deliberately picked 2018 because the 2018/19 series in Aus was a monster one for Pujara that helps make his stats look respectable. Yes, Rahane has been pretty bad, but Pujara if anything has been worse the last couple of years. Pujara has not just lost his wicket without much runs, but also cost the team other wickets as his stonewalling allows bowlers to get on top. His abysmal running between the wickets also costs the team runs. Now, take a look at these stats for the WTC. Pujara
  11. Actually he is not. He was not picked by dumb selectors.
  12. Texan

    Its OK.

    This is the typical "Chalta hai" problem that plagues our country as a whole and will never allow us to become leaders. We accept mediocrity as a given. We are not prepared to challenge the status quo and are willing to embrace below par results. Not surprised to see such a thread.
  13. The optimists were wrong. The realists were right.
  14. You are the next Bill Gates in the making
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