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  1. Chawla looks like my uncle. I am shocked that he is much younger than me
  2. Looks like Bumrah learnt nothing after that Champions Trophy 4 years ago.
  3. Ridiculous from Bumrah. Completely unacceptable for an international bowler.
  4. This is looking very unlikely for MI. Even MI bowlers won't be able to pull this off.
  5. Smith seriously? Lbw to gentle dolly of a straight ball from Pollard?
  6. Perfect time for Smith to show his value. Total is not intimidating and DC needs a batsman with ability here rather than a hitter.
  7. Mishra is always a wicket taker in LOIs. He should be picked ahead of Ashwin. Ashwin has been quite abysmal this IPL. No wickets today and most expensive among spinners. Even part time bowler Lalit outbowled him.
  8. MI clearly missed a trick today by not using their 4th overseas option. Should have picked Nisham for Kishan
  9. Did MI miss a trick by picking just 3 overseas players today? Perhaps Neesham or Lynn instead of Kishan?
  10. Texan

    Dubious Dube

    He is making a strong case for the ICF Most worthless player of IPL 2021
  11. Did Kohli actually call himself a right a quick bowler?
  12. Welcome to the 2021 version of the Helicopter
  13. They are too scared to challenge powers like Dhoni and Kohli. Even former senior cricketers like Gavaskar don't call them out. Imagine the kind of clout these guys have in BCCI. One negative comment about them and their commentary contract will get terminated.
  14. Don't know why 2 threads got posted. I only posted it once. Admin, please delete one.
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