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  1. Who is showing telecast of Ind NZ wtc in USA? Hotstar ? willow ?
  2. If you are able to stop speculation here, then so many threads and posts will disappear Speculation is part of what fans do (especially online).
  3. there used to be crickethighlights.tv or mycrickethighlights or some such site for all highlights? still there?
  4. Nattu is not yet long format bowler, and hence not in the squad.
  5. Ravi Shaz and Virat Kohli Gollum had lost his mind in beginning of this thread
  6. And NONE of this is surprising for Indian team, it is a surprise when they dont capitulate this way. This capitulation we could predict, you just dont seem to have followed Indian cricket for very long (or have developed a loss of memory from such debacles by our team).
  7. Unfortunately lure of IPL-circus means , players will do their best to play ODIs and T20 format even if in Test squad.
  8. Dear @SrinjayDutta hope now you see what we were all saying. Wake up from daydream, and get back to reality :) We used to say this to Cricketics too, but he was less optimist than you :) You may still be hoping for a miracle for Ind to win this test :)
  9. This is beyond even Cricketicz :) This match is likely goner, India has to play out of their skins to save this one.
  10. Not a batsman either. End of his intl career. Good on Captain KLR to give Dubey the over, now we know and be done with Shivam Dubious
  11. Can we pls stop this hyping up pls! I wish Sarfraz well, but he has scored this after a really long time and that too on batting conditions. Opening a "tracking performance thread" is a bit of hype at this point. If he has a very strong year (atleast) or two, then yes lets drum it up then.
  12. who is this Nahata and where is the jan 19 info coming from? authentic?
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