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  1. This screen and data presentation are much better than the one we are getting. Another thing that is quite apparent is, leaving aside release speeds and studying the effect of deliveries on batmen, the quickest Indians in this match are Bumrah Siraj / Shami Shardul Bro, what is the quickest delivery that you see from Siraj ?
  2. I am a big believer in playing 4 fast bowlers in most test matches in SENA. Rare exceptions could be a Sydney type pitch or the odd turners we may get in England in 1 test out of 5. This enables all the fast bowlers to bowl with full intensity and we won't be forced to bowl spinners significantly in the first innings or when the ball is moving.
  3. Speeds were not shown for lots of deliceries but thd fastest deliveries I saw from Indians in the first innings Bumrah. 145.5 kph Shami. 144.x kph Siraj. 143.0 kph
  4. The whole Indian bowling unit looks a couple of notches above when Bumrah is in normal and full flow. In fact, our test bowling unit got transformed when Bumrah debuted in January 2018. He brings a certain objectivity and intensity to our bowling attack and acts as the enforcer too, like he forced out Anderson and Broad with quick yorkers today.
  5. Broad getting good carry. But trying to bowl quicker than his usual speeds and maybe losing a bit of accuracy.
  6. They show 4 different speeds for Anderson's 5th ball. What kind of broadcast is this !
  7. I don't think so bro. What was the speed of the ball before that ?
  8. Bumrah gets his 4th Bowls Anderson with a quick indipping yorker. England dismissed for 183
  9. We were tying up Curran in knots. Why become defensive with Anderson at the crease !! This trying to be defensive, when the relatively better batsman is batting, is often resulting in the tail wagging.
  10. This is the key point. Bumrah and Shami have been 2 of our best fast bowlers ever, and we should show patience with them.
  11. Bumrah traps Broad LBW with a 142 k full outswinger. His 3rd wicket.
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