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  1. Deepak may not be effective in Australia. And he has been very expensive in recent T20Is anyway. Plus he is coming back from a long injury layoff and his form can't be tested. And including Shami in T20s is a big risk.
  2. So, for T20Is, we are preparing only death over bowlers and middle over bowlers. Bhuvi Harshal Arshdeep Bumrah ( when he comes back ) All 4 are good at stopping runs at the death and hardly pick wickets with the new ball. Chahal, Kuldeep, Umran, Bishnoi good in the middle overs. Who will pick wickets with the new ball ? This is the biggest way to win big T20Is.
  3. I agree but that's the medium term view ... in the near term, our pace attack for T20 WC in Australia is looking abysmal.
  4. Bhuvi Harshal Arshdeep Umran Avesh In the T20I squad Thinking about our Playing 11 in the upcoming T20 Wirld Cup in Australia Umran won't actually play as the TM is very conservative. If Bumrah has a niggle, we may see Bhuvi Harshal Arshdeep as the 3 specialist "pacers" in the playing 11 in Australia. Trundlers galore.. What kind of thought process is this !!!!
  5. T20I Squad ... Positives ... 1. Umran Malik selected 2. Karthick is back Negatives ... 1. Who will take wickets with the new ball ??? This has been our biggest problem in the past but has not been addressed. 2. Too many trundlers. No pace in the attack apart from Umran, who is unlikely to play anyway. ( Avesh is trundling big time ) 3. With Harshal, Bhuvi and Bumrah ( when he is back ) taking care of death bowling ( and all 3 can't pick wickets with the new ball ) ... Arshd
  6. I don't know why Umran stops bowling yorkers and bouncers to batsmen who are known as good players of pace ! ( While he bowls such lovely bouncers and yorkers to weaker players of pace ) He just starts bowling waist high short or shortish balls or slot balls which are basically the worst balls one can bowl.
  7. Umran 148 k short ball Livingstone mistimed pull Catch lobs up But falls just short of a diving Sundar
  8. Nasty short ball by Umran fells Mayank as he is hit on the ribs. That ball seamed in a lot. Bowled another vicious bouncer early on. Genuine hostile fast bowling.
  9. Khaleel has to compete with many many other pacers for 3 specialist pacers' slots for the T20 WC. If others are nailing yorkers better or bowling better at the death, he will find it more difficult to get in. As of now, his yorkers are very hit and miss. ... has to improve this aspect.
  10. Khaleel's death bowling will prevent his selection in the T20 WC squad. Apart from slower balls, he has no other type of death bowling tool.
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