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  1. Arora looked disappointing in his 4th over ... when the ball stopped swinging. Could not use his height or bounce and got smashed for 18 runs.
  2. India has become a fast bowling power in test matches from the time we have started to create a pool of 140 k+ pacers with skills and ability to sustain pace. Sadly, this has not happened in white ball cricket though. Here, we mostly have either trundlers or 140 k+ pacers with inadequate skills for the shorter formats. ( Bumrah being the big exception ) Which is why I really want to find / develop 2 more 140 k+ pacers who have good yorkers, bouncers and slower balls.
  3. I wrote probably. Looks about medium-fast to me. Not too slow but not quick either. He is the kind of pacer who will need to swing the ball consistently for effect. What interests me is his height + swing combo ... may work in T20s. Most of our swing bowlers are on the shorter side and I don't like short swing bowlers as they become innocuous the moment the ball stops swinging.
  4. Arora 3 wickets for 5 runs Quick arm action High release point Big inswingers Not bad at all.
  5. Vaibhav Arora looks like a genuine swing bowler. Bowling big inswingers at probably around 130 to 135 k Plus tall guy If one has to pick a medium-fast pacer ... I would prefer a genuine swing bowler with height like Arora
  6. From 2018, India leads the list ... our fast bowlers average just 22.62 with the ball. https://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/stats/index.html?bowling_pacespin=1;class=1;filter=advanced;groupby=team;orderby=bowling_average;spanmin1=01+Jan+2018;spanval1=span;template=results;type=bowling
  7. And yet, experts casually say that Australia has the best fast bowling attack now. India has achieved 2nd place despite playing 50% of our cricket on the slower Indian pitches. While SA has the advantage of quicker, bouncier pitches with much more seam movement. And I think from 2018, India will lead the list.
  8. It is very natural for new players to have issues. One does not get finished products at age 20. I was outlining the areas that I feel needs work.
  9. Seems like he is primarily a front foot player. And tries to slog too much. Needs a lot of improvement. Want to see how he tackles high pace too. He is so young ... so lots of time to improve and get better.
  10. From the ICC website Speed ranges of pacers 1st test day 1 ... SA vs Pakistan Nortje. 136 k to 146 k Shaheen. 132 k to 145 k Rabada. 130 k to 143 k Hasan. 129 k to 143 k Ngidi. 130 k to 139 k Faheem. 123 k to 135 k
  11. One full home series as keeper in India ... and Pant may be transformed as a keeper to spin bowling. Now is the time to do it, when Pant is high on confidence.
  12. Prasidh looks to be 10 kph to 15 kph quicker and a foot more bouncy compared to all other pacers on view. It would have been nice if Karnataka batters had put up a decent score and gave him something to bowl at. He got a couple of balls to seam in sharply. Although the commentators are saying that the pitch has eased a lot from the first session. But with Karnataka exiting now, he will go unnoticed again.
  13. Pathetic batting by Karnataka against a very slow Punjab pace attack. They are just throwing away their wickets to very average deliveries. I wanted Karnataka to advance for the sake of Prasidh and Padikkal. Punjab has Abhishek and Prabhsimran ofcourse, as Team India prospects
  14. Padikkal batting well But while stroking on the front foot on the off side ... he is playing with a sliced bat and a bit away from the body. He may have issues if the bowlers are a bit quicker than those he is playing now. Did not see this issue that much in the IPL
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