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  1. Match 8 KKR vs SRH Fastest Russell. 146 k Cummins. 145 k Natarajan. 142 k Nagarkoti. 142 k Mavi. 140 k Bhuvi. 139 k Khaleel. 139 k
  2. Top 50 quickest deliveries include 13 by Saini 3 by Bumrah
  3. Mavi's action is more or less same ... but is his attitude same !! We have seen both Bumrah as well as Shami trying to bowl at full pace after returning from injury. Same with Aaron and even Ishant. This is where thinking like a fast bowler comes in.
  4. I am a bit worried about Mavi too. I know people will argue that he is coming back from from injury ... but so is Nagarkoti. Neither bowled at full pace. But Nagarkoti's bowling style is more or less the same. While Mavi is trying too many slower balls and I have not seen a single ball zip through or bounce extra in 2 matches.
  5. Khaleel was trying to hit the deck hard in his first 2 overs. Got some bounce too. It was not as if he was trying to bowl medium pace today. But issues with his action and ball release made him bowl medium-fast. He does not look ready for international cricket yet.
  6. Akash Singh has the mindset of a fast bowler. But he is too young and two-paced now. He would be next in line after these 4. I would like to watch Sabir Khan in a match before commenting. Have seen him only in videos.
  7. Nagarkoti can be a handful in tests in Asia and even LOIs in Asia, if he can bowl 145 k+ and reverse the ball in tests. He can be skiddy and deady on slow and low surfaces, where low height can be an advantage if a pacer is really quick. Like this video.
  8. We should start playing Saini in most Team India games from now on. All 3 formats. And develop Prasidh, Nagarkoti, Mavi and Tyagi as quickly as possible. Prasidh is ready to play for our A-team in List A ... and in some T20Is if he shows form in this IPL.
  9. Apart from Saini and Bumrah, none of the other Indian fast bowlers have bowled at full pace so far.
  10. Natarajan 1st over 136 - 139 135 - 139 2nd over Slower 135 Slower 135 142 Slower
  11. Problem is, our 3 youngest genuine fast bowlers ... Mavi, Nagarkoti and Prasidh ... are all in the same team. So, only 2 can play. I am sure he will get his chances too. As Prasidh is tall and bouncy apart from being a genuine quick, he would bring a different dimension to the Indian fast bowling pool. Most of our genuine quicks are 5'8" to 6'1" and the extra-tall pacers are fast-medium.
  12. Bhuvi 1st over 131 133 130 136 134 133 2nd over 135 134 136 No ball 137 138 He usually bowls quicker than this in T20s. Can bowl a few deliveries in the early 140s range. -
  13. Khaleel 1st over 130 134 ... OUT 137 134 135 136 2nd over 133 133 133 139 137 139 3rd over Slower Slower Slower Slower 136 131 3 overs ... 28 runs ... 1 wicket In a low scoring match.
  14. Mavi 2nd over 138 ... cutter 138 Slower 138 ... cutter bouncer 137 ... cutter Slower ... wide Slower Good over But not a single quick yorker attempted. Pacer's who are bowling only slower balls and cutters get hit more often than not. There needs to be a mix of quick yorkers and slower balls.
  15. https://www.iplt20.com/match/2020/08 Choose the " Hawkeye " tab and then choose " pitch map "
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