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  1. Impressed with Prasidh's accuracy too, bro Almost all balls were good length channel balls.
  2. Prasidh 1st over 142 141 142 144 ... jaffa with bounce 143 144 Very quick and accurate over.
  3. Hi bro ! Seeing you post after a long time. Are you not watching this Unadkatesque IPL where quick bowlers are bowling 5 spinning balls an over due to the pitches ?
  4. He consistently bowled 140 k+ only in the 1st test 1st innings vs England. But it is not just an issue with bowling speeds. The super intensity that Bumrah has had, from 2017 to 2020, is missing in 2021. His lines and lengths are not as good as earlier either. By this I mean bowling attacking lines and lengths which will fetch him wickets.
  5. But he did not lack intensity, pace or accuracy in those earlier games last year. This year, even in the test series vs England, he seemed distracted. His upcoming marriage could have been the reason ... but that is over now. I hope he gets back his mojo soon.
  6. And Bumrah has not. Which is why I think it is not due to the dew. Moreover, Boult has bowled some magnificent channel balls in this IPL too.
  7. Not just today ... Bumrah is not looking that good in 2021. Boult has looked much more threatening in the same conditions.
  8. In 2021, Bumrah has lacked that special intensity that he always had. I wonder whether he is carrying a niggle.
  9. Is Bumrah even trying to take wickets these days ?? He is looking like a shadow of the bowler who took the 2nd highest number of wickets in IPL 2020. Bumrah is bowling so few channel balls or quick yorkers or stump directed skiddy balls. In his first 2 overs he is bowling poor lines at medium pace today.
  10. In T20Is, Dhoni has a SR of 126, which is poor, especially for a finisher.
  11. RR have got young Tyagi who bowled really well last time and bowled 90 mph+ too. He has a cracking indipping yorker. He is yet to play this season.
  12. Bumrah and Siraj are looking like our 2 most complete pacers across formats now.
  13. Meriwala has a good slower ball. The days when I have seen him bowl, he was not getting his yorkers right. Does not have the ability to hurry batsmen and does not have a good enough bouncer either. Ability to swing the ball is ok but probably not sufficient for his medium pace. He is a solid domestic cricket medium pacer ... not international class.
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