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  1. Ultra focus on PR stunts is an even bigger mental disease.
  2. If there isn't enough movement on offer, Teams need one 140 k to 152 k type pacer to combine with a 137 k to 147 k type wicket taking pacer for best effect. Pakistan had both today. We had the 2nd type but lacked the first type. As you said, a high 140s ball, followed by a slower ball, makes things very difficult for batters.
  3. Siraj straight away. Then Avesh. Even a rookie Umran looked much better than this pedestrian display.
  4. Extra Pace played a big part today, and usually does in most matches. Shaheen, Bumrah and Rauf were difficult to hit. Shami did not bowl at full pace today. I really missed someone like Siraj who was putting the ball in good areas at 140 k+ in this IPL.
  5. Shami and Bhuvi looked like club level bowlers today. It is time to move on from both in white ball cricket, unless they resurrect themselves from the next match onwards.
  6. What I am saying is that he did not get to bowl at the right moments today. If I were the captain, I would have given Bumrah the 1st and 3rd overs. If he still failed, I would agree with you.
  7. Bumrah actually looked good in his first 2 overs. Should have been given 2 overs upfront but wasn't. He was given just 1 over spells and this is a wrong strategy in a low scoring game. 1 over spells are used when the batsman is trying to hit every ball and the Captain does not want him to line up any bowler.
  8. This is probably the most insipid performance that I have seen from India in an India Pakistan match in the last 9 years. Not a single batsman could hit freely and not a single bowler could take wickets as long as there was serious chance of winning this game.
  9. Bumrah 2nd over 137 Slower 144 144 ... cracking yorker 141 Slower
  10. Most defensive white ball captain I have ever seen from India. It was clear when he started with an out of form Bhuvi.
  11. Hardly ! We haven't left out any tournanent-ready 150 kph pacer. And we have chosen 2 of our quickest pacers who are experienced. Bumrah will bowl upto high-140s and Shami will bowl upto mid-140s.
  12. Good 1st over by Jaddu Just 3 runs Got the ball to zip through.
  13. Siraj bowls with a lot of intensity in big games and I am really missing him. He was really good in the IPL.
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