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  1. People thinking Kohli being LOI captain is a non issue, should be having their heads in their backside. Just have a look at his IPL record and the kind of players RCB had at their disposal. Look at the way people who were part of RCB and the way they performed for other franchise. One example being Watson. He has been a utter flop and clueless in field as captain. How often we see him at long on at crucial situation in ODIs leaving the field setting to Dhoni.
  2. Rat and Bewda were feeding few scape goats for such situations. Sanjay could be the first scape goat out.
  3. He has been given chances in wrong format. He should be given chances and persisted in test matches until he learns nuances of bowling.
  4. I am not sure how can Dada Say Rahane in needed in ODI squad. Has not he watched him ODI already?? When he was Captain, he was pushing for so many new faces and youngsters in the team but not sure he want washed up players again to be tried again now instead of trying out new players??
  5. The Comedy circus of COA, BCCI admistrators, selectors, TM, Bra-wda, Dhoni are threading on dangerous territory as far as fans attachment & time to this team. We could sense chores of fans skipping this team, if this circus and nepotism continues. We have taken 2007 WC crash out. But even then we had hope and things changed and rest is history in 2011. Whereas the way the current set up is going forward, things could go worse in the coming years for LOI team. It's amazing we used to skip our schools and colleges to watch every India LOI match. I never thought our LOI team woul
  6. All the best coaches can apply but problem is will they get selected with this corrupt system & entitled Rat. Hopefully, bewda won't get selected. Even a rock would be better than him. My guess is Rat will again throw tantrums if Bewda will not be selected. Can expect another Kumble like episode. Hopefully Kumble applies and put Kohli in his place. Two birds in one stone with Anil being selected. Bewda is kicked out and the entitled Rat will quit Captaincy. God Riddance
  7. If it was Rohit, it would be good idea to allow her to stay with Rohit in all tours. The guy was in beast form in the tournament. Although lucky, the knock against SA was different level.
  8. He may hold personal grudges against persons he don't like but this guy always played with heart and wanted the team to do better. Played clutch knocks in both WC victories and was a big match player. Respect him.
  9. My bet would be Abhisek Sharma, Shivam dubey, Nitish Rana. All are left Handers and can roll over their arms. Remember next wc is at home on low and slow pitches. Short ball issue of Rana or others could be masked to a extent.
  10. Nobody is whining anything. As a fan I would like to see the team give 100% and fair chances are given to the deserving players. And coming to Leadership, care to quote who is next in line and being groomed for Captaincy?
  11. To start with the brand man should be kicked out of LOI Captaincy. Its worrying no young player is identified for next leadership. This current TM has messed the things and Rat has played cards well as there is no youngster challenging his position. Only Rohit is viable alternative for 1 or 2 years but even he is 32 now. There is going to be leadership dearth in Indian cricket soon.
  12. Will be surprised if India even qualifies for SF with the current way of approaching T20s. Ideally India should look at the potential players (Gill, Rahul Chahar, Gopal, Gowtham, Mavi, Nagarkoti if fit, I. Kishan, A. Roy) at 2020 T20 WC whom they want to persist and groomed for WC23.
  13. Nothing will happen even if plays for CSK or MI unless there is change in helm in Indian Captaincy. The bigger problem than Dhoni is Virat being captain of LOI team
  14. It won't be a surprise if Rat actually did it. Rat is a clueless captain, always backing wrong players and has not won a single major trophies in LOIs due to that. Its time to not take our LOI team seriously. Such a boring side is ours rather watch paint dry.
  15. India are building a bigger burden in Kohli being captain of LOI teams. Fear to imagine what kind of things Kohli going to do after 3 or 4 years as his brand and PR might be bigger than Dhoni. And Dhoni has set a precedent of overstaying despite should have kicked out after 2015 wc On topic feel bad of Gill. He can service Indian team over a decade if groomed properly. Wonder will he be given proper chances under Rat.
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