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    CommonMan reacted to Vk1 in Cricinfo are pathetic   
    Some TN cricketer by name Shahrukh Khan was enough to write a detailed article on him.. pathetic sambar smell from cricinfo. - written by Devaraiyan Muthu.
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    CommonMan got a reaction from Frustrated in Why Rishabh Pant is targeted   
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    CommonMan reacted to ShoonyaSifar in Why Rishabh Pant is targeted   
    Dhoni after his first 21 T20 matches had an average of 25 and SR of 109. This when he was the captain, batted at whatever position he wanted to, chose batting situations to walk in, had a secure place in the team and coach was not gunning for his life
    And Dhoni fans have the gall to mock Pant's average T20 performance.
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    CommonMan reacted to tweaker in Why Rishabh Pant is targeted   
    It seems most people didn't like Pant taking over Dhoni 's place in team India.
    Inspite of good performance in test, he was replaced by Saha and now his place in T20 also looked threatened.
    Most of the commentators are openly criticising him , but they they don't talk about experienced senior player at the other end.
    In the 2nd T20 he may be replaced by Sanju Samson 
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    CommonMan reacted to Khota in What a USELESS player Krunal Pandya turned to be?   
    Dont say anything bad about Pandya brothers. Ankit Sharma ji gets offended.
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    CommonMan reacted to Real McCoy in What a USELESS player Krunal Pandya turned to be?   
    Yeah but this thread is about KP. There are plenty of threads with MSD and Srini. You can bump those threads if you want to. Why bring up them here when KP is being discussed unless you want to sidestep the topic.
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    CommonMan reacted to Real McCoy in What a USELESS player Krunal Pandya turned to be?   
    Yeah just say CSK to paper over the cracks. Nothing to see here folks. Anyway with Ro at the helm, will he be bold enough to drop his buddy from the line up. I will be mighty pleased if he does that. But lets not get too optimistic all of a sudden. Whats worse is if Kohli comes back Pant, Iyer, Sundar and other younguns will also feel the heat. Great time to be an Indian cricket fan
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    CommonMan reacted to Laaloo in Bangladeshi fans - Worst of all time?   
    Yeah they are even worse than chuskis.
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    CommonMan reacted to Shunya in Rate Saha the keeper   
    It was the flame bait thread...lol...some people just need to **** around here every few days...
    On topic,
    Saha is great keeper for pacers. Very agile as compared to Dhoni. He is a decent bat as well and have performed exceedingly well. We should pursue with him for atleast 2 years regardless of form. Pant and others are too raw, not yet ready to take over. However, he is nowhere near Dhoni or so many other keepers as a complete package. This thread is super over exaggeration.
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    CommonMan reacted to Khota in Rate Saha the keeper   
    better than the Dhoni guy. I still think Parthiv is ahead of him.
  12. Troll
    CommonMan reacted to Laaloo in MS Dhoni should play another year or two, says Lasith Malinga   
    Good. At least 2 more years of ass whooping for the chuskis at the hands of their baaps
  13. Haha
    CommonMan reacted to Rasgulla in Sir. Jaddu vs Sanjay manjrekar   
    Manju : "I am not a big fan of bits and pieces players like jadeja" 
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    CommonMan got a reaction from nevada in [REPORTS] MS Dhoni likely to retire after India's last world cup match   
    whom will the players give credits to, when they do well ?  
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    CommonMan reacted to velu in Someone should point out to Dhoni that he is batting unnecessarily aggressive !!!   
    Thats the only way YOU guys have a chance to force him bat at higher strike rate

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    CommonMan reacted to sergio04 in Sachin criticized MSD for his slow batting   
    Sachin has career sr -86
    While dhoni - 87
    sachin played slow for his personal milestone, while dhoni plays slow for team.
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    CommonMan reacted to vvvslaxman in World cup Tweets   
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    CommonMan reacted to Gollum in Was India's win tonight the greatest turnabout in World Cup history?   
    My heartiest love and kisses to Team Blue for defeating 5 time world champs (and defending champs) Team Yellow. It gave vibrations of a Night Shyamalan twist in a Manmohan Desai classic. Magnificent to see saffron spirit on fire like we saw a few minutes back. From the depths of despair a new life was infused into Indian cricket. It looked like a mighty army of dead resurrected from the grave, like how old Big B  jumped out of hospital bed to fight 100 villains in Sooryavansham....only this time there were 11 Big Bs.
    I myself citizen Gollum wrote India off after they were beaten at home by Australia-Z who back then were literally dead and buried, but then spectacularly revived themselves like Team Imhotep in Mummy. Imagine losing 3 games on a trot at home where prey became predator in a classic role reversal epic. To me today India simply rose like Dumbledore's Phoenix and Kohli was like a Norse commander leading his troops to glory, Dhoni was an Egyptian God and Dhawan the Greek hero...there covered the 3 main civilizations in Age of Mythology 2012 version
    It once again proved that when Indian spirit blazes at its zenith only Majid's lantern burns brighter. It was like lion chasing deer, snake chasing rodent, shark hunting salmon, eagle in pursuit of hare, ED raiding Vadra, myself raiding my fridge on weekend night. Tiny little Hobbits pulled down Sauron of the cricket world. To me the best ever resurrection in cricket history. 
    To summarize the match:
    Rohit: artistry at its supreme height with rubber wrists maneuvering the field like how we maneuver Rajasthani Thali
    Dhawan: poetry in motion like a pianist in complete control of the keys and inspiration coming from the gentle autumn breeze
    Kohli: mathematician, physicist, poet, engineer, doctor, lawyer, trader, teacher, lover and MMA fighter rolled into one
    Pandya: a perfect combination of Mozart's mind in Hulk's body
    Dhoni: an aging boxer landing them hard blows like sledgehammer on a cute kitten, taking the fans back in time when he reigned supreme
    Rahul: an atom bomb in a fish pond, a gymnast's mind in a panther's body on the field
    Bumrah: a cannon with the precision of a neurosurgeon, a ballistic missile fired with the grace of a ballet dancer
    Kuldeep: a painter using the pitch as a canvas to pay tribute to Da Vinci
    Chahal: like a wizard indulging in the dark arts while hapless batsmen look in bewilderment
    Bhuvi: unexpected thunderstorm mowing down the opponent camp blending the artistry of Picasso, genius of Kasparov and bravery of a Gurkha soldier
    Jadhav:  why the * was he there?
    A great day for cricket, humanity, community, society and piety. It was tragic to see the once great hunters reduced to prey at home turf earlier this year. But now by felling the most powerful force in the cricket universe who knows even India may feel Majid Majid Majid a month later. 
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    CommonMan reacted to speedheat in This umpire Gaffney needs to be fired   
    Csk or Australia!!!
    Yellow Jersey is a master cheater.

  20. Troll
    CommonMan reacted to Haarkarjeetgaye in Name and shame the chuckers   
    Hafeez has certainly worked on his action. wasnt chucking yesterday
  21. Troll
    CommonMan reacted to Aiden in Guess who's Michael Vaughan's number one in his dream XI   
    Bumrah lol. 
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    CommonMan reacted to Forever Indian in Which was the best world cup ever from a cricketing point of view?   
    The 1996 WC introduced me to Cricket, so I am biased towards that.
    It was refreshing to see the approach of SL and also loved the Ind Vs Pak QF game.
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    CommonMan reacted to Yoda-esque in 2019 Lok Sabha elections thread   
    Sent from my LM-Q710.FG using Tapatalk

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    CommonMan got a reaction from Norman in Sick of all this “Virat will win it for MSD” bs   
    do you think Dhoni will retire after WC2019 ?
  25. Haha
    CommonMan got a reaction from Vilander in Sick of all this “Virat will win it for MSD” bs   
    do you think Dhoni will retire after WC2019 ?
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