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  1. Apna Haryanvi Dahiya laayega sona.....
  2. Last 6 sec PC was so unnecessary. How come they award such stupid moves choopanti
  3. Jai Shree ram Allahu Akbar Sat Sree Akal Buddham Sharanam Gacchami
  4. What a stupid game goras have turned this to. Fack them. Hits the leg unintentionally gets a PC. India gets a bronze, but the game is far ruined. Fack the police! Every two secs there is a whistle. Nancies game now
  5. Unless it is a goal against , don’t post comments like this s. I am not watching too much tension
  6. Last 15 mins, karo ya maro go India
  7. Time to start India a.o 168 Eng 50/1
  8. Watching highlights, Crawley’s dismissal was totally Pant’s. Kohli lost a review 2 balls earlier for a LBW insisted by Pant, but this one for a caught behind , Pant was more forceful and Kohli reluctantly reviewed it. Good call for India
  9. Somebody in the match thread said that the OP is a fan of this soothaputra. This thread proves he is not only a fan, but loves him to bits. It’s OK.
  10. We are always relegated to do monkey-balancing for world opinion, While China takes over Tibet and Pakistan over Baloch, but our liberal citizens keep blaming both sides for Kashmir situation
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