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  1. Support the Red Bulls In KLR who can kick out Kohli from his Panauti staus for India
  2. Really sad for your losses, condolences. This virus has caused such personal losses, hard to imagine. Stay strong.
  3. He is no T20 player, an anchor but he had intent with a 37 ball 50. To put a tough score, there should be another 35 ball 50 player in MO, not a run a ball hack like Saha. Saha promotion and selection doesn’t make sense at all.
  4. Saha promotion and his batting was criminal, trying to safeguard his position. Score is too less to defend on this pitch. At least 20 short
  5. Without Manish today, you wouldn’t have had a decent total
  6. Birds were Emus today, flightless birds
  7. 143/4 , I don’t understand teams batting first , no point in hold to wickets after 17 overs, no need to run 1s and 2s. Get those facking boundaries
  8. @Rasgulla stop troll voting me and watch the match. SRH is behind the clock, still supporting mana team
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