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  1. In my extended family, I see cases of inter-caste marriages in current 20 somethings. Marwadis, SCs, Christians, name it. Not so much earlier. But in villages, everybody knows everybody else and their caste. Hence. Such things happen. Nobody in urban temples ask people’s’ caste I don’t see a solution in my lifetime, hopefully things will get better. Education is key for all, current RW seems to care more for soul vultures than to eradicate casteism. Urbans still practice endogamy which is least of the problems. Then, we have rabble-rousers like TMKrishna who are creating nuisance where there is none. Classical music and dance is least bothered about caste and he is witch-hunting there. first of all, caste , the invented word has to be fought. It is a colonial construct, we had jathis and communities which had their differences. http://www.ece.lsu.edu/kak/cas3.pdf “The caste system, as described in Indian textbooks, is a creation of the an- thropologists and sociologists of the nineteenth century who were then studying the bewildering complexity of Indian society. The informants of these social scientists used the theories of the archaic dharma ́s ̄astras to fit the communi- ties in a four-varna model. Although such classification was wrong, it has been . used by generations of Indologists and filtering into popular books it has, by endless repetition, received a certain validity and authority. In an example of reality being fashioned in the image of a simulacrum, many Indians have started believing in the enduring truth of this classification”
  2. 2 notas from my house. NJ will vote blue anyway, there is no way, I can vote to far left policies. Trump May or may not be good , but far left is definitely not good, Blues are claiming TX, so who knows, your vote might not go waste after all
  3. Rural India is riddled with caste groups fighting over land, thekedaari, jameendaari, political power and religiously too. Temple entry in 2020 over casteism is really sad. We need RW intellectuals to voice their opinion. All this is silenced in the cacaphony of social sciences grads voicing anti-casteism in cities where it is almost eradicated I am a supporter of Agniveer who are fighting real casteism in India unlike fakers like Azad, Jai Bheem goons
  4. @Singh bling cow slaughter ban has got nothing to do with cattle thieves. It was said that cow slaughter ban will cause increase in vigilante justic e by gau rakshaks. In response, I indicated that there are more vigilante justice by cattle owners against cattle thieves. Cow slaughter ban is a Hindu charter requirement
  5. How do you think strong economy, rule of law, accountability come about? It is from the beliefs, intellect and sentiment of the majority. If the majority was not ok for a democratic institution in India, based on the ethos of an ancient civilization, open to reform, it would not have been possible. Look at how Pakistan collapsed. For a Rashtra to be built, it has to be a strong Majority that believes in human values. Nation is not a Rashtra. Let's not get utopia in the argument with words like 'should'. Be practical and look around. There is no state in the world that is totaly secure. If you have a system where minorities have all the religious freedom, while the majority community freedom is curbed, their temples and education institutes taken over by the government, it is not a secular state. It is a kistsch and hence we have this situations of '14 and '19.
  6. Had to look it up, Hinduism equivalent Kartikeya It is Muruga. If they are going after Ram, Sita and you are ok and blind to it, next they will come for your Ishtadevta
  7. They claim homegrown, but it could be Ericsson and Nokia having Dev centers in India providing equipment, just like how Trump says US Bell labs produced 5G equipment, but they are developed all over the world, as does all global telecom companies.
  8. I was guessing a movie name of captain!
  9. After removing hoardings showing not to sacrifice goats for Bakrid, when Mullahs objected, PETA advices Hindus to not use leather , leather-free is a good idea , but sad that they can’t preach others to not kill animals enmasse
  10. ^^ Captain Keyboard? Very much intrigued though!
  11. BJP targeting comedians and are intolerant , but all apologize to you-know-who, NCP, SS, MNSe, Congress Shivaji can’t be joked about in MH...
  12. Kerala CM Pinarayi's secretary is also involved. https://www.theweek.in/news/india/2020/07/07/who-is-swapna-suresh-the-woman-with-abu-dhabi-links-accused-in-gold-smuggling-case.html
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