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  1. PBKS is so rich, they dropped like 2-3 catches and Run-out chances.
  2. 10 runs from 13 balls. I can't wait to find out who wins.
  3. Congratulations on the first win in 4 matches. Same as PBKS, but their NRR is abysmal
  4. Kumble will get his ass kicked out, probably mid-season. So will KL. PBKS did 121, while the mighty MI did 137 (after being 70/1 or so) on the same pitch. Ha, yes, PBKS is absolute shyte.
  5. Yes, he comes with a look of having consumed castor oil for breakfast
  6. Simple plan for PBKS batting When Rahul fails on top, they fold 100-120, when he hits a 50, they score190-220. Get Rahul to score a 50 and problem solved
  7. Yes, this season he is not a universal boss, but a colossal sob
  8. @Austin 3:!6 fix OP , it is PBKS , not KXIP I blame you for the dismal performance of PBKS.
  9. Today after Match 13 DC breaks into top 2 Table toppers (neeche se) matching up on a double header tomorrow
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