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  1. Recovering from an unexpected surgery,
  2. Kashi Mathura and Ayodhya are holiest sites occupied by Islamic structures. History has to be corrected there. For others, we need to acknowledge the Islamic iconoclasm and not wipe out that history under the carpet. This doesn’t mean we hate present day Muslims in India in any way. The problem is seculars don’t want to acknowledge that bloody part of history
  3. KL will put this team back to its rotten state. Cup alla chippu nimday..bevarsigaLa
  4. Konkani people (Konganar), Kannadigas (Karunadar), Odiyas (Kalingar), Bengalis (Bangalar) and northern India (vada Aryar). Idiocy of the highest order. This is what will happen if you don’t read diverse material and stick to dumeel nitwits from Periyar to . Sangam literature totally accepts Vedic culture, Vedic gods and rituals. The Caldwellputras have tried to rewrite Sangam removing any Vedic references. Read Prof Nagaswamy and other experts of Samgam literature. https://www.indica.today/quick-reads/dr-nagaswamy-an-epigraphist-par-excellence/ B
  5. Not keeping good health.‘Happy for Pandya and @zen he must be in seventh heaven , cue for @velu to post a cartman jizzing pic.
  6. Sorry, if this was posted earlier
  7. State can take retributive action. Al Capone was not convicted of any of his serious crimes, but for tax evasion. State ignored or delayed action on SC notices of encroachment cases as long as people didn’t riot and pelt stones. Even Hindu shops were demolished in jahangirpuri
  8. These guys are well funded. First our own media LeLis, Ranas, Arfas, Zainabs and Sayemas cry wolf about Muslims in India are going through the worst time since Independence. These NRIs take it further in the west. Makes it seem that Muslims in India are going through a genocide.
  9. Unemployment is really a major concern, nobody seems to care.
  10. Reason for all this: Hijab, Halal and Ram Navami processions in front of mosques
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