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  1. He means if we empower workers, farmers, laborers. India will be an economic superpower and China will not dare to attack. Oratory is not his strong forte
  2. Discuss I think we can do away with this symbolism, the expenditure, invest in decolonization of bureaucracy
  3. Rofl,he's a farmer from a suburb ..sabka badla lega ye phesal baap ka, dada ka, bhai ka, feku ka...sabka badla lega ye phaijal
  4. You speak from hindsight. SA had smashed us 2-0 in India just a seaso ago. prior to the 2001 series, there was big talk about Aus ATGness and 15 straight wins and how Waugh called India the last frontier as they had not won in India since 1967. They come and boss around a win , a commanding defeat in Wankhede. They beat us in innings 1 in kolkata , have the courage to enforce follow-on based on their confidence, and the rest is legendary. Just because it happened at home, don’t ignore the rest. We were never expected to win that series , just like this one. Just because it happened at home, d
  5. so what if it is at home, we beat a ATG side, just like how people fawn over 2005 Ashes. This Aus sides of 2018 and 2020 doesn’t have the same aura of 2001. Our side is the weakest and gutsiest of all wins, I agree
  6. talk to any Bengali about Ganguly , their eyes light up with pride. Say what @Malcolm Merlyn
  7. It’s rozi roti rozgaar for all unemployed ex gora cricketers to talk about India and monetize their efforts. Good turnaround , 2005 matches 2001 in ATGness, this series greatest for India certainly
  8. Amazing thread. The greatness of this win is to look at the bottom half of the current side. They stepped up, and matched up and even exceeded the top half. Shardulkar (plagiarized) FTW
  9. Hence my bongs reference. I have met so many bengalis who still hate GC for back biting Ganguly.
  10. Meet phaizal, Official farmer of India, from Mumbai, Goregaon, he doesn’t want MSP or essential commodities and laws
  11. I don’t care about others, I am glad Jadeja plays for India and we don’t have to search or invent all-rounders esp in Test cricket
  12. Looks like R Ashwin gave an impetus to compatriot R Sridhar’s career, after India’s abysmal fielding standards , Banda bahut bolne laga hain, sasura.
  13. Effusive praise of India. Good to read, even bongs will like this https://www.smh.com.au/sport/cricket/only-surprise-is-that-anyone-can-compete-with-india-at-all-20210122-p56w4d.html “ The Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said, “There is no greater danger than underestimating your opponent.” Did the Australian think-tank underestimate India once the Adelaide Test was won and Virat Kohli had gone home?” “ The biggest mistake was playing the same four bowlers in every Test. For pacemen, playing four Tests in five weeks is akin to running four marathons in a
  14. Great meeting today, first time I heard @bossbhai2 in person, thanks for hosting @Trichromatic
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