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  1. Eating pork is haram for Muslims. Try slaughtering pigs in ME. You can lose your head. Cow slaughter was punishable by death in Ranjit Singh's Kingdon. Indian kingdos have always banned cow slaughter. The constitution has a guideline article for states to ban cow slaughter. It is left to the state, hence WB, Kerala and NE doesn't ban cow slaughter. Other states are exporting their old and sick cattle to these states. Only Islamists and Liberals want to slaughter cows where it is banned. Beef is not banned in all states. You can still eat beef made out of Buffalo meat.
  2. Read about Horse meat banned in USA, the beacon of free will. Every country has its own tradition and laws. Try to understand the reason for the ban. From a source on why horse meat is banned in US, ””And it's due to the rise in pet-keeping in these countries and the experience of having those animals as family members, which is turning them off the idea of eating them.””” The same is true for India and cows. It is repulsive and for a large number of Hindus, so the sentiment has to be respected by minorities and the law as well. Try to sell cat meat in The west!
  3. जै श्री राम https://twitter.com/timesnow/status/1265153816967643136?s=21 ””Breaking: Ayodhya: Construction of Ram Mandir begins.””
  4. After 2 months, the positive cases don’t matter. It is only the mortality rate and hospitalized cases only matter. There is a 30% recovery cases everywhere and a lot of cases where home quarantine and treatment is enough.
  5. Some people have already helped him out https://twitter.com/tajinderbagga/status/1264045546676903936?s=21
  6. https://twitter.com/indumakalktchi/status/1263795823604719616?s=21 ””Kanyakumari dist Christian missionaries filed a complaint that Bharat Matha statue hurts their religious sentiments. Police promptly covered the statue and arrested Hindus who protested.””
  7. Colonel ki biwi on TikTok https://twitter.com/tarekfatah/status/1264158776262828033?s=21 Original incident https://youtu.be/IX1VLfq-Uig
  8. Good song, @digs , used to listen to Mark Knopfler
  9. Which is the Dire Straits song?
  10. Didn’t know he was an immigrant, don’t seem to remember it shown in the movie about the MCD guy (The Founder)
  11. Well, good for you. Nobody is forcing you not to like it. you guys deserve such series, But in SM it gets the treatment it deserves.
  12. Kuttiya ka naam "Sati Savithri". You can imagine the f ucking Hinduphobia from Liberal artists who are Hindu. Product of JNU type education of Indians who are so disconnected with their roots, laanat hain. Somebody here was praising the series as the best web series, shows their upbringing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nnf8pcpMZmk Damn Anushka Kohli!
  13. @Mariyam,. I typed responses twice. Giving up. The site is screwed up. You speak out without knowing how riots happen in India. There is always a trigger and gets corrected for some small time peace. Dec6 was a culmination of 1000s of Karsevaks shot down by the likes of MSYadav and congress govts. hence seen as an unprecedented event for Dharmics. Muslims were irked by that and started rioting all over India, esp Mumbai killing Police and many people. But the media and historical narrative is that Muslims were burnt by Hindus. It always happens in India all the time till even now in Delhi riots started by brutal killings of Hindus and then it gets corrected by more Muslims end up dying.
  14. Out of 200 reported positive in Karnataka, 150 or so had travelled from Mumbai. Mumbai situation has gone out of control by the best CM policies, that nobody is raising it. Capt. Amrinder said this as well about rising Punjab cases. Mumbai is the super- spreader in the country and it needs to be handled well. They have to have proper CT&T (contact tracing and testing) that has been implemented so well in Karnataka and other states, has not happened in Mumbai, Delhi etc. The contrast in numbers also show that.
  15. The point is not that what is depicted didn’t happen, but it was not one-sided. It all started with Dec6 Babri Masjid demolition, unprecedented so far in India, Muslims in Bombay took it upon themselves to safeguard their position, were instigated in Mosques and went on a rampage and killed policemen, using guns, choppers, knives, etc, lynched many of them. They even vandalized temples, it was When policemen were killed, local ShivSena workers were given a free hand to correct course. Shree Krishna Commission Report has recorded all these, even after the free hand, both Hindus and Muslims are killed in proportionate numbers, but then the narrative for media is that it was an anti-Muslim pogrom. The same modus operandi for all riots in India, even the recent Delhi riots. That is what is wrong in those depicted images.
  16. Colonel Sanders? was born in US, apparently.
  17. George Steinbrenne?
  18. Yes, please start IPL, nahin to uski biwi kuch na kuch behuda harkate karvaati rahegi isse..yeh dekho.. https://twitter.com/anushkasharma/status/1263008885998145537?s=21
  19. Traits of a Successful person who has achieved something and happy with it. Or that of a lazy person too.
  20. India’s super spreader is Mumbai. Yesterday 149 cases reported in Karnataka, largest spike in one day. Out 149 , 102 had travelled back from Mumbai
  21. “I happen to be taking it” - Trump admits to be taking HCQ on his own. https://twitter.com/bbcworld/status/1262640118344671235?s=21 US President Donald Trump says he is taking the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine to ward off coronavirus, despite public health officials warning it may be unsafe bbc.in/2TdFvT1
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