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  1. It used to be anybody but CSK, these days it is anybody but MI. Toot pado, sab. MI ki kambal kutai karo.
  2. KL made a tactical decision appearing bad at that toss to pick Neesham. Weakening the bowling, but slow bowlers, Shami and Arshdeep saved his ass. Shreyas Iyer rested Nokia, extended Shaw for another match and dropped Rahane. Pant in for Carey was natural. Pank looked fatter in one week, had problems moving. His main error was not bowling Ashwin when KL got out, let a Gayle storm happen. But, generally, his body lang was down and didn't back his team. Seemed like all 5 wickets were gifted by KXIP to DC. It seemed like it was KL's decision to pick Neesham over Jordan, i
  3. Amazing hitting https://www.iplt20.com/video/220030/pooran-s-power-packed-53-28- Sachin also appreciated it.
  4. ICF Pakistanis, I hope you are a;; safe.
  5. Embed tweets, pics, videos is broken in Chrome and Safari browsers. Works in Opera
  6. Photoshopped from this infamous photo among Pakistani friends... http://internet.gawker.com/facebook-user-asif-ends-friendship-with-mudasir-welc-1731160013 ICF User, Gollum, Ends Friendship With Mumbai Indians, Welcomes New "Best Friend," Kings XI Punjab http://images.gawker.com/1433504206320617359/c_scale,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800.jpg Embed broken
  7. This is the real Great Reset. "And with that, KXIP have reached No. 5 on the table with eight points. One win behind KKR and two behind RCB. They have beaten three big teams in their last three games, and they now have three games against SRH, CSK and RR. "
  8. After Match 38, the IPL has been kept wide open. Now even CSK can make it to the playoffs/
  9. That left one is from somebody who calls himself a Dalit Cartoonist. Lokesh Uke. Very soon to be arrested as complaints have been registered. India these days will not take things lying down
  10. Agree, the rich get away with loopholes in tax laws esp in Real-Estate income and capital gain taxes. The fixed salaried income people are cash cows for any country. Saala, gadhe ki tarah kaam karo, salary pao aur 1/3 bheek dedo nation ko.
  11. Yes, I do. One of those triple deals (Internet, TV and Phone) from Fios. After the term is over, I am planning to give up TV and Phone and have only high speed Internet. Not watching TV and not using the landline anyhoo.
  12. 3 in 3 last 3 KXIP matches, I opened. Thanks for the offer. This North Derby is good.
  13. They will tax the middle-class and rich. Here's the biden tax plan: http://i.postimg.cc/vTgb6QdF/Biden.jpg
  14. Glad it is not the case here, generally speaking. Most of the Indian parents strive to get their kids through college, often paying from their own pockets and second gens are generally good behaved. Of course, there are some bad apples. Kamla is from a different gen, inter-racial parents, divorced pretty early when she was 5, , but she has grown up with both cultures, has picked one side to go with her ambitious career, nothing wrong with that. Kids from that generation are more rooted towards their mothers' side.
  15. Kumble be like... And in the dressing room, KL and others be like..
  16. CI comment: DC's best bowlers done, and KXIP needs just eight off the last two with five wickets in hand. Surely they can go to Super Over from here.
  17. Neesham is a shipwreck waiting to happen,,, Punjab can't close this
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