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  1. lol they are so sacred..good they need to ,now paksitani will cry for few more days on this.
  2. BCCI don't cry it made Pakistanistani cry. Just one phone call and all retired even 50 years old ran away from playing in bhikhari league. Shown true aukaat of pakistanis..
  3. What's wrong Pakistani hosting this tournament just for media attention on Kashmir. India consider occupied land its own and only bcci can run cricket in India.Hence the put this criteria if they did so.
  4. That's how they became bhikhari. What I found amazing is Pakistani living in UK,Canada are more extremist and jaahil than those leaving in Pakistan. As Pakistan ones are just gawar and can be easily brainwashed.
  5. Being a great Indian you have so much of awareness and love for jihadis and their occupied land.
  6. Chalo ji ab sari ummid wi pe tiki hai. Agar Italy ko 3-0 se harey tab ja k kaleja thandha hoga.
  7. Ab ye Bhuvi aur Maleria se ball na fikwaye ....that would be a positive from this match.
  8. So how many team we can build and win finals. Some great man said these words and since then we are loosing only.It also bust the myth of ipl sooperistaar that they are going to to k the world. Bloddy the team sl is playing is also an unknown xi. Atleast India has dhawan, Bhuvi.
  9. Or KitKit. Not sure if anyone know this game.
  10. Chethan Sharma selected Chetan Sakariya now Vinay Koomar will choose Praveen Koomar for mumbai indian and revive his career.
  11. Thanks bro. I was just wondering how can they teach something which our trundling brigade were already mastered since inception of time.
  12. Are these chutiyas trying to troll ICF or literally they are planning for it, coz that even more dangerous.
  13. Surprising was when manju mentioned for one of sakariya bowl that it's his faster ball in this over. That ball was 127 kph. BC maaro maaro mujhey nahi selectors ko.
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