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  1. Lap of Pakistan what are you smoking dude. Pakistan is a bankrupt country who survives on aides . Have you seen Iranian leaving standard compare to bhikharistan. Pakistan itself sits in turkey,Arabs and Chinese lap one by one to please their masters.
  2. And who is responsible for not findin no 4 batsmen in both test and odi.
  3. Hindus in trying to become liberal has screwed our contry since beginning of time and ll continue to do so till we get rid of this fake unity in diversity slogans. Liberals are more dangerous than extremist coz they exploit the constitution, law and order and democracy time and again to dent the contry from inside. It's good to be an extremist than being a hypocrite, bloddy to do appeasement they can abuse their own mother for some petty glory, this is the harsh reality of our country. Let one muslim/Christian guy be at recieving end and see how liberals across the board including this forum would loose their sleep whereas at same time many Hindu's are dying due to religious violence which never even get reported.
  4. Even SL beaten sa on the back of Kushal Parera blinders who is considered to be a slogger and here we have sooperstars who doesn't know how to hold bats properly.
  5. Indian star shits in their pants even if target is 160 even against sl. I remember so many chases in past 2 years where target was below 240 and we bottled it up. Same story in both test and odi. As soon as pressure build up our mega star feels stomach upset.
  6. Many series involving othe teams which were not telecasted on those days. I used to get complete match coverage and score card of those matches in cricket samrat.
  7. But wsn't that 3rd grade bowling attack with no Starc and Cummins and Faulkner and courtr-nile were bowling dollies at end overs. I think his inning aginst sa in previous edition was much better.
  8. Hens Zimmer----Back ground score for Batman series At present Ben Frost for Dark back ground score.
  9. Late 80s-90s were worst where only few good movies some of them you mentioned above but mostly like laal dupatta malmal ka, phir lehraya laal dupatta, dilwaley, phool aur kantey, kishan kanhaya, khuda gawah, chor kachary shor, salami, Mashooqa, aatank hi aatank, many of Sanjay Dutt, Akshay Kumar , Ajay Devgan and khaan movies were absolute cringe more than 80s 90s were absolute cringe.
  10. The way Ganguli has shown aukaat to Mani and Wasim Khan I really liked it.waisey bhi Asian nations are back stabber so good call.
  11. धोनी के कारण आकाश चोपड़ा को छोड़ना पड़ा सोशल मीडिया, कहा-मेरे बच्चों को दी गई थी गालिया https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://sports.ndtv.com/cricket/got-abused-for-leaving-ms-dhoni-out-of-his-india-squad-for-t20-world-cup-says-aakash-chopra-2232082%3Famp%3D1%26akamai-rum%3Doff&ved=2ahUKEwjzxJjA5b3qAhUDIbcAHQIuBSEQFjAHegQIBhAB&usg=AOvVaw35atOCTtN6dm9z__QMweBw&amp
  12. None ....Afg to some extent coz of the real bashing they catered to Pakistanis in wc.
  13. Badhai ho Rasgulla......For P@p@'s birthday.
  14. Nice interview.... And thanks for answering my question. You certainly add value to this forum.
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