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  1. Both brothers are frauds....they act like some superstar but no substance at all.
  2. Bumrah has gone to dogs completely messed up his line and length. Not bowling a single Yorkers.
  3. raki05


    Even after hitting those many runs and winning it for RR he was not at all chest thumping and abusing his own team mates.
  4. So true all commies were criticizing him even I was criticizing him.coz few days back RR released a video where he won the best six hitter competition an it was mostly spinners against whom he hit it. So yday while he was mis hitting maxi and Bishnoi I thought he ll have no chance against pace, but the way hit them out of park was amazing.
  5. As soon as panauti rahaney gone RR transformed like anything...now they just need to get rid of Unadkat.
  6. Slater has said it...the bowling in this tournament are so far ordinary and batsmens are churning out on the shortcoming, where bowlers are trying lot of slower balls.
  7. Who the hell give this chutiya unadkat crores .....he should be named and shamed by commentators.
  8. Ya these uae grounds are pathetic...but as an bowler when you are paid so much and also u r not an international star ,you should try to impress with skill and pace , not sure what trundling at 120ish outside off or leg stump ll serve.
  9. Rajpoot shoul be banned for international trundling...I know unadkat even in dream cant bowl over 130....but this Rajput guy was bowling over 135 last season.
  10. Wtf these guys cant bowl at 130 even in 4 over match and then they cry foul when don't get select.....Steve Smith is chut why don't he pick Tyagi, Akash or Aaron.
  11. Bloddy this rajput should be banned bowling 122 and 126...no doubt Pakistani laugh on our bowlers...the way they regressed.
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