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  1. Oh man this year ipl is such a bore fest . Last year was amazing.
  2. This Masakazda is different it's not Hamilton .. it's Wellington ( Different city of nz)
  3. And he considers himself as second coming to Sobers. Have you seen this idiot attitude he is ready to picup fight with anyone anytime. I remember during eng series in his debut match he picked up fight with an English player for no reason.
  4. Pandya bros are most overrated cricketers in indian history and most arrogant as well with 0 substance. These gawar jokers should be send back to domestic where they belong.
  5. He is the most hyped overrated cricketer... He doesn't bowl most of time injured pick and choose tournaments to play.
  6. I saw 17 ball 18 innings. May be I was watching odi..
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