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  1. BC india me covid se itney log marry inko koi fark nahi pada... Aur ek bugler k liey aaj tak shok mana rahe hai.
  2. Kya jhund ab jit bhi gaye to koi fayda nahi. The way they loss to Pakistan is completely disgress. Plz don't play Bhuvi, Pandya and Shami any longer.
  3. But we really need to throw out fake players like Pandya. Fake death over specialist bhoovi. Also we need to find out a solution when we loose first 2 wkts early and last but not the least send someone else for toss.
  4. And what the fuk was taking the knee at start. These chewts looks like taking the pressure from word go.
  5. BC star cricketers ki bapauti is taking Indian cricket hostage. Atleast dravid, ganguli and Tendulkar were never this selfish.
  6. Bhuvi, Shami, Pandya, Kohli and rohit shoulr not have played this T20 WC. I mean this is what we are doing first to give farewell to dhoni we screwed up in wc 19. To give farewell to yuvi I we screwed in ct 17 and now we are screwing in wt20. Same thing is going to happen in wc 23.
  7. He is hugging them as if he is genuinely happy for them. MC pehla captain hai jo wc me hara wo bhi pure 10 ekt se.
  8. They will screw us in wc23 as well. As leach Sharma , Kohli Bhuvi ll play on thr name of experience.
  9. Kela Rahul had shown all his class in warmups, rohit sharma andd captain is complete useless.
  10. Sale pichle 2 mahine se ipl khel rahe the aur kaam pe hag diey. Pakistani bowling is good, all these chutiyas needed to do is not loosing ekta in pp and game was on.
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