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  1. Though Rahane is not sure starter as a batter but he still plays all test matches. So it would be great if he is utilised as captain. Atleast he can justify his position in team by winning few more Sena series. I still believe pant could have never played those 2 fearless inning had monkey Kohli was jumping up and down in dressing room.
  2. Rohit Gill Pujju Shardul Rahane(c) Pant Sundar Ashwin Kuldeep Bumrah Siraj/Yadav 12th man: Ishant 13th player/ water boy: Saha DayCare Incharge: Kohli
  3. captain who actually won the series by staying with team no one is talking about . No one talked about Kohli during those struggle time and suddenly series won and whole PR is hell bent on attributing the victory to bhagora Kohli. How shameful one can be atleast for few days give credit to Rahane who took us out from humiliation and provided best series victory of our lifetime.
  4. The anchor reminds me of Mickey Taylor of wolf creek movie.
  5. Doesn't matter no one in India has celebrated that victory like this. This victory trumped every overseas victory only wc 50 over can match this. We won 2 crucial series against red hot Aussies when rahane captained the team and both occasions we were trailing 1-0.
  6. He was not the captain. In his captaincy he's been mostly home track bully as a captain. 2020 series which rahane won or home series against aus where rahane captained are still the best series victory since fab 4 team and 2020 victory is our best ever. Let Kohli win something relevant first as a captain before picking up his banner everywhere.
  7. I don't know why some indiana are itching and desperate to see Pakistani players who are literally 3 rd grade on cricketing standard. Besides isn't it Pakistani who banned their cricketers after 26/11 in a hope to destroy ipl and Indias reputation. Looks like we haven't learnt anything from prithvi raj chauhan and Muhammad gori incident and still ready to suck up to Pakistani.
  8. Hmmm so now the whole victory would be dedicated to captain fattu who has taken maternity 2 months before child born.
  9. I am very calm. As per you UN and WHO have their own agenda ,so are you denying that all designated terrorist are due to some vetted intrest of UN and and they should not be declared as terrorist. India is trying all possible way to hurt Pakistani surgical strike, diplomatic pressure and ipl is also one of them so that they don't earn anything and shall be outcast from most celebrated cricket league which hurt them badly and that's why their cricketers people every day cry about ipl isolation ,inspite of having their own league.
  10. You just answer proxy war. Can you please highlight with evidence like UN or international media that supports that india running terror camp on its lands which kills Pakistani and their civilan any UN designated terrorist in india enjoying luxry of government and military and millions of so called innocent public like Pakistani joinig their rallies. Dude don't paint india in same colour as Pakistani. Pakistan is enemy nation even though their people/ cricketers don't involve in those jehads ( which personally I don't buy in) they have to suffer the consequences of their millitary and governme
  11. But are we killing their people and soldiers through proxy wars or running jehad in their land. If our politician say that as an justification what's wrong in that.
  12. There are problem everywhere I am not discussing about what common Pakistani thinks about india. I am only talking in terms of ipl and Pakistani players participation int it and all I know most of Pakistani players are illiterate, loud mouth and ungreatful. Forget about players there chairman patron in chief PM they all give rubbish statement and try to discourage and humiliate bcci and it's players. I never spoke and give a dime what their normal people say. But Pakistani players and management and pcb patron in chief always give hatred statement about bcci and defenetily no one in bcci and I
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