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  1. Lords 11km (Southgate - 3 km but assuming we are talking about test venues)
  2. He'll be back, just needs a break. Lost his father after a long battle with cancer. Had to deal with some negative media regarding his fathers illness and the way he plays the game, it is bound to take a toll mentally and physically. Has been missed a lot in this series. Not sure he will be at the Ashes, not an expert but Australia's quarantine and lockdown measures seem quite dranconian from what i have read on twitter.
  3. Agreed with the superior application. However, Root's captaincy and England's bowling plans in the Lord's test was a definite error on England's part rather than the application and skill of Bumrah and Shami. In this test, England were cruising and Moeen threw his wicket away, England definitely failed to capitalise on favourable batting conditions. India have shown great application but England have blown some big chances. India have done similar things at times as well.
  4. Superior catching. Slightly more balanced batting line-up. Root’s bad captaincy. Both teams have played loose shots but India have had slightly more application. Really think England have thrown away this series: - bowled in more favourable conditions. - threw away the Lord’s test with awful bowling to tailenders. - missed a chance to bat India out of the game here on day 2.
  5. Should England not just play Root at 3, Pope at 4, Bairstow at 5, possibly Woakes at 6. Best chance of winning and assuming they aren't overly aggressive and lose wickets going for quick runs, can play for a draw.
  6. Chahar Siraj Bumrah Bhuvi Jadeja as the spinner Tail might be too long. Would not have Shami in the squad
  7. Always thought the same when Yusuf Pathan was in the team (Hardik obviously levels above him). Would be a good weapon, especially when India have started well
  8. Shami is not a good T20 bowler if he has to bowl at the death. Not sure how India can get him in the XI and avoid bowling him at the death without having a weak tail.
  9. Washington should never bat below Ashwin. If they want to change to a right-left combination they should promote him or Pant ahead of Rahane.
  10. India need to keep England in the field for as long as possible. Anderson and Stokes surely beginning to feel tired soon.
  11. 2 left handlers not the worst thing in the world. England’s off-spinners have not looked a threat and they have more chance of scoring off Leach.
  12. Why is Ashwin batting ahead of Sundar? Is Sundar not a batsman at FC level (or a batting all-rounder)
  13. England were excellent, deserved the win. The worrying thing is barring an improved batting display, hard to see how India improve enough to win the series. Jadeja being out is huge, there does not appear to be anyone half as good as him to replace his bowling (not even taking into account his fielding or batting). India's best 4 available bowlers at the moment are probably 3 pacers and 1 spinner but cant see the TM playing 3 quicks.
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