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  1. Apart from Bhagvad Gita, I will read from Quran, Bible, Book of Mormon, Scientology stuff and anything that any buys out there. This mafia needs to be booted out and a whitewash is small price to pay.
  2. Not winning anything with some of best talents of the generation doesn't help. Having a carte blanche because super start status doesn't help. Not being captaincy material doesn't help.
  3. They are like dysfunctional neighbours. Nuisance value and annoying. But the entertainment. Not to mention the validation so many Indians still seek from them.
  4. And he did it in last test by which time the ashes was done and dusted.
  5. Look, we all know who should be captain. But we all know we are stuck. So, I guess we have to be patient and wait for few results.
  6. He said it in marathi, then english and then hindi. 1 Min is good enough.
  7. Yeah. After winning India test series with B team, his career must end in two series.
  8. You look at the talent and bench strength of England team. Its right up there with the very best especially in bowling. But seems like they are over thinking and not doing the simple things right. Select your best team. If they play together long enough, they will develop the chemistry and camaraderie to combat any conditions. Why did they change the team after first test ? Doesnt make sense.
  9. These two wins actually show the sheer lack of confidence of the captain and the coach. This one was just shambolic.
  10. Lets be honest. Noisy neighbours can be annoying yet so much fun
  11. I am betting on England to win the next pink ball test and India to choke in the last test with the series decider.
  12. Honestly think, this has been one of his best innings.
  13. As a Tamilian, i can’t celebrate these achievement for the Hindu Stan. just kidding.
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