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  1. I really wish trolling could be monetized. After terrorism, I believe this is your next best forte.
  2. Then it’s a blessing in disguise. Time and health are the only currency that matter.
  3. I must be honest. I have not cross borders in recent times, but I am huge fan of that man.
  4. It was tough one bro. But almost through it. I have seen my parents through it and its no joke. Take good rest and precaution for few months.
  5. Can you share it ? I am not a vaccine skeptic. But this third dose rationale is making me one.
  6. It's like building real estate on quick sand.
  7. Actually Christian Punjab seems imminent now. Saw a scary documentary. It almost made me admire zeal and opportunism of Missionaries. I mean they sensed blood. Dying decaying state with flailing education system and drug addicted youth.
  8. Wow. This is such a good point. It makes me think.
  9. Actually no. The central govt has literallly no power on managing state law and order. Rampant conversions are happening in Punjab and in Andhra. Also TN and Kerala. WB is already done.
  10. I have been trying to get my head around this. Why would a Sri Lankan be working in Pakistan of all places in the world. He has been working there for 10 years on top of that. The country where his cricket team was attacked with rockets and assault riffles. Inexplicable.
  11. Please follow this guy. He is taking great risks to call out stuff relevant in Pakistan but and to some extent in sub continent as a whole.
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