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  1. The official strategy of this team was "Mental disintegration" of the opposition. Let that sink in when you read the article.
  2. I think what is increasingly clear is that IK has cultivated a large section of youthias over last 15 years who genuinely think he is the one and rest are corrupt, who are emotional and ignorant, and who have massive social media presence. Rupee today crossed 200. Worst is to come my friend. Stay tight.
  3. Normally I don’t agree with you. But you are spot on here. Economic growth and civilizational renaissance will happen together.
  4. I will believe everything you said. Just make me understand couple of things :- 1) Why did IK not remove the US ambassador from Pak if there was a clear conspiracy to remove him ? 2) Why did IK increase the debt borrowing three times. He said he will never borrow. But clearly that’s not the case. 3) Why IK continued to subsidize oil when the country is on verge of default. He crashed the $ from 120 to 180 and continued to subsidize oil which is imported. Can you explain this ?
  5. We support him fully. Imran has been good news for India. He has achieved what Indian govts, army and spy agencies could not have achieved in million years.
  6. Delhi is inhabitable for atleast 4 months in an year. I would think having four capitals makes sense. Or a city like Chandigarh.
  7. Normally I would brush off this like typical mediocre non sense we make. But I was surprised to note that the director is Dr Dwivedi.
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