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  1. We can never know. Mumbai police have muddled the case up big time. What I can say for sure is that it has provided an opening to hammer the eco system that is bollywood and SS which will just get killed in crossfire. They are getting more and more cornered every day. They know it. Its coming. Their political reckoning. Now, what we need to be weary of are opportunists. Kangana is an intelligent lady. She knows now that she is riding crest of a wave and all these clans will try to woo her to be in good books of establishment. Unfortunately common people are getting ps
  2. The hits to Bollwood will come from IT, CBI and the public mood. I know many who are boycotting bollywood and anti hindu portals such netflix and amazon.
  3. The target I dont believe was Shiv Sena. It was Bollywood. They really want to break this eco system up. I think its about time. This has to be moved out of Mumbai. I say this as a Mumbaite. But now that SS names are coming in, it nicely fits with the narrative. They are getting cornered from all sides.
  4. Source is not Al Jazeera, It is Iranian State Media
  5. So, it seems Iran has clarified. OP you can check the status as on date.
  6. Not happening. Iran is still not in a debt trap. Moreover, if Iran establishment loathes anything more than americans, it is Sunnis. The plight of Shias in Pakistan is a big issue in Iran. It is not going away. But yes, overall Chinese strategy will be to reach out to the disgruntled.
  7. Well I dont want to get pinned down now, do I ? My guess. The transition towards BJP doesnt seem a clear one for Sachin. He will have to do it in milestones. Coming back to Congress is almost ruled out now. He will bide his time outside the govt giving hints of his independent party. Another break in Congress govt likely before next election, at which point he can align with BJP, either in the party or from their outside support. Question is, what about Raje. Not exactly a favourite of the Sangh. For BJP, it makes more sense to not interfere at all in this mess and let
  8. People in India want to have their cake and eat it too. I am glad he is not consistent. I did not elect him to be consistent but to make right decision. In time of fiscal crisis, fuel is the easies way to bridge the gap. It will pay for the stimulus and can be adjusted when the fuel prices go up. I know this might be too subtle a point for simplistic meme sharing crowd, but India has a deficit crisis looming for 2020.
  9. https://www.livemint.com/news/india/mint-covid-tracker-with-nearly-67-000-cases-delhi-close-to-surpassing-mumbai-as-worst-hit-city-11592975791800.html
  10. The men and their families are just a different cut. It takes something else.
  11. How my state is handling https://www.livemint.com/news/india/covid-19-deaths-in-maharashtra-rise-to-5456-after-state-reports-reconciled-data-11592331289275.html
  12. I think we are at the very early stages of a long battle ahead. China is now asserting itself. The world will respond. We are in the neighbourhood. Time to pull ourselves together and see how we can make a difference in our communities. Being self reliant is the only way out of this now.
  13. China has now formally commenced their “engage and contain” strategy. Modi is not Nehru though.
  14. https://www.outlookindia.com/newsscroll/delhi-covid19-situation-horrific-pathetic-says-sc-tears-into-aap-govt/1864551 IITian earning more medals. Now shah taking over finally.
  15. Trump winning in a landslide. The riots have sealed the deal for him.
  16. Utter nonsense. Karnataka has shown how to get things done in a big state with urban centre. States who are well planned with strong lockdowns have handled it well. Maharashtra has been basket case now only to be surpassed by Delhi. But maybe the things could flatten by end of the month.
  17. Looks like Centre has finally decided to end the freak show and take charge of Delhi.
  18. Yeah it’s so impressive that no one is getting admission to any of those hospitals. A person just died in my building trying to get admitted in 6 different hospitals.
  19. My city has left it to the gods. After months of lockdown seems we are closer to herd immunity than ever before.
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