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  1. Have a feeling that we are going to rock the last day of the tour too just like the first day. So, it is effectively first and last we do well and suck all the way in between the tour. Not satisfactory to be honest as an Indian cricket fan. If India won at least one series out of test and ODIs at least by 2-1 margin, we could have been happy.
  2. We know he has already started his captaincy stint in the second test match vs South Africa at the beginning of the year. But let us watch and see how he will do this ODI series and further whenever he is going to be full time captain. The emerging news is that BCCI is going to appoint him as the test vice-captain although Risabh Pant and Jasprit Bumrah are in strong contention. If KL Rahul wins this series as a captain, he will secure his vice-captaincy in test cricket as deputy to Rohit Sharma (who seems likely to be appointed as test captain). KL Rahul, all the best t
  3. Sad day for Indian cricket. Virat Kohli, potentially the greatest test captain for India resigns his position even though he has some more years of shelf life.
  4. Are you saying that you will rather have a Pujara than SRT in test matches. That's outrageous to say the least. Sure, SRT may not have won a test series in Aus/sa, but he won series against England and NZ.
  5. Looks like the answer we have to say is a BIG NO> SRT, Dravid and VVS retired on their own terms. They did not wait until they need to be dropped. But that is not happening with Kohli, Pujara and Rahane. The calls to sack them from their test places are getting louder by the day. The series loss to South Africa is the last nail in the coffin for the careers of Pujara n Rahane.
  6. Big day for Virat Kohli coming ahead. A test series victory in South Africa is a dream come true. He may not be captain next time India tours SA. He has 110 runs in the bank and good fast bowlers that he can bank upon. If he somehow pulls off this defence and clinch the match and the series, his legacy as the greatest test captain that India ever had will be set for posterity. All up to him and how his fast bowling army that he has groomed over responds to the big challenge.
  7. You probably mean Rahane/Pujara. They are in grade A and receive only 5 crores.
  8. Fans are getting carried away. I agree Indian players have unnecessarily got loose/emotional after that DRS decision. They acted as if everything is over then and there itself. I still feel there is a good chance of India defending with 110 in their bank provided they pick up some early wickets. In the first 2 overs on day 3, two middle order Indian batters went back to pavilion. Why can't Bumrah & co. do the same to Saffers on day 4 morning. With Elgar out, there is no controller (or the solid batsman) who can play anchor role for South Africa. Once Peterson get out, the processio
  9. When I woke up in the morning and switched to Willow TV, I see that SA just got dismissed giving India a slender but handy lead of 13 runs. Now, with 70 runs already ahead and Kohli/Pujara looking good (given that they weathered the new ball from Rabada), it seems like India will at the least post 220-250 runs in their second dig and set a target of 250+ for South Africa. Kohli will definitely ensure that he steps up tomorrow as that will leave a permanent legacy for his captaincy. Given the conditions in Capetown and the form of spear head Jasprit Bumrah, I cannot see the Saffers chasing
  10. I think this could be good news for our Indian LOI team as we will get another captaincy option post Virat-Rohit era. We already have seen that KL Rahul could be a Panauti captain and let us hope that Hardik Pandya be better option. What do the ICF experts think about this? Feel like bumping my thread as he is going in the footsteps of Kapil Paa in eventually becoming captain of Indian cricket team.
  11. Did Ganguly score any of his centuries in SENAW when the opposition had these bowlers in their lineup? I think not. That's what @Trichromatic is alluding to.
  12. I think spinners are also an integral and important part of a test attack. Saying only fast bowling is good and spin bowling is boring is overstating the fact and I don't buy that argument. I agree though that we need good spin bowlers to keep the test entertaining. So, don't blame spin bowling just because current teams are not able to produce good spinners. And don't blame ICC or adminstrators for this. I would definitely want to see as many as 90 overs in a day and I want them riveting too. I don't mind seeing more overs too in a day but less overs means, as a fan, I lost out
  13. It is really funny to read all the previous posts of this thread. A lot of posters were like 250 is more than enough and only a few commented that 300 is safe. But the way it went, even 300 would have been chased by the Saffers... India needed more than 350 to be really safe.
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