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  1. Pray tell me who else is better than them. They consistently score runs at a good pace and almost bat the opposition out of the match with just their partnernship.
  2. I think so except for a brief Sehwag-Gambhir combo for Dehli Daredevils and may be Shikar-Warner combo for one season, no opening pair dominated the opposition bowling so consistently as this pair. Kudos to them and may this continue for long and eventually bring their success to Indian national team once Shikar and Rohit call it a day.
  3. I don't think it is a deliberate ploy or something. It probably happens because of his influence as a person in a group/team. Even though he is not that senior as compared to the likes of Ishant, Pujara or Rahane, he exerts so much more influence on the test team than them. Fully agree with the bolded part and it is team India's loss that we won't have him as a captain.
  4. MI will not have Rohit, SKY and Bumrah... No way, the Ambanis will allow MI not to have these in their team and still play the tournament.
  5. What about VC Rahane and the rock Pujara. What was their stance. In any case, it is difficult to assess if the senior players took the stand for player's safety or for the sake of IPL?
  6. I fully agree with the bolded part that it will be indeed his big test if he can continue for some time. Yes, even then he should feel very thankful to be 3rd best behind Sunny and Sehwag. But, I certainly think Hussey is an ATG. A late entrant but while he was there he was as efffective a batsman expected of his batting position as expected for as long as he played.
  7. Nothing wrong with your statements. For all we know, B Mitchell could be very good batsman who played only 27 matches. But the important difference is, we only know B Mitchell as a test player. But we know the LOI player that is Rohit Sharma. Considering in an overall way, a career like B Mitchell is pretty good if he can extend it by few more years and probably make it close to like that of Hussey.
  8. He started as an opener only in 2019 and hence the stats. We was batting in the middle-over before then. Even if we include the average since 2013, his average is 46.87 which is also pretty good.
  9. BUMP! Is he? He is making stronger and stronger case day by day!
  10. More or less that is my point. The second innings was pretty good in realistic expectations from the team. The first innings is quite sub par and hence that may come to bite them in the end if England does pull off a record 4th innings chase.
  11. Actually, my point of the thread is not from the perspective of the match but from the perspective of our expectations from this batting unit which has failed so consistently. It hardly crossed 250 runs in an innings in almost all the matches after coming to England. Scoring a mammoth 466 is way above I expected them to score as a fan. It is something I/every fan can feel proud about. And if England does win the game, that is not because India batted badly in their 2nd innings but because England batted really well in both their innings (especially their second) to chase a mamm
  12. They have scored 466 runs... just 34 runs shy of the mammoth score of 500. 50-60 runs short..> Really... you gotta be kidding me... Only mammoth scores cannot be considered as great performances. And I don't understand why you will talk about loss. There is no way we are losing this match unless English batsmen matches up with a miraculous 4th innings chase.
  13. Hot and cold openers in Rohit and Rahul, non-existent middle-over in Pujara, Kohli and Rahane, so-so allrounder Jadeja, inconsistent wk-batsman Pant, pace bowlers who can bat a bit... This is what our batting is composed of and yet they pulled off an unbelievable miracle of 450+ score batting second with 100 runs behind. Hatsoff to our batsmen... We as Indian cricket fans cannot be less proud about this performance.
  14. https://www.cricbuzz.com/cricket-videos/48061/under-fire-ajinkya-rahane-needs-first-class-cricket-to-find-form-zaheer-khan I agree with Zaheer that Rahane needs to go back to domestic cricket to get back his run scoring ways.
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