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  1. Sure, I should not have talked about Gill in my post as that was not my point. I take my words back on Gill. I was trying to answer a comment from another poster about Rohit Sharma.
  2. Gill only played one good innings in that series after playing 3 matches on the trot. Rohit joined the series only for the last two tests and did alright. Many fans wish he played better in that last innings but otherwise there were no issues with his performances as opener.
  3. Earlier in the evening, Rayudu almost won it for CSK with his immense display of hitting. Pollard just repeated it with even a better knock to win it for MI. If CSK has Rayudu, MI has Pollard!!!!
  4. BUMP! Have all the CSKians started whistling already!!! @velu
  5. He is picking up wickets in buckets consistently in every match. He is the primary reason RCB started with 4 b2b wins. Has got a firm hold on purple cap. What next for him? Is he ready to take over his skillset which seems to work to team India in T20Is. Do you see a good international career opening up for him given that he is giving all these magnificent performances under King Kohli.
  6. I think now it is a cakewalk to them. They just need 4 wins in 10 matches... easy peasy.
  7. How far he has come since starting this thread 3-4 years ago... This is how youngsters develop. They take time to reach international class but you need to back them until they show that potential and give as many chances as you can.
  8. Looks like CSK is back to its glorious best in this season the way they are scoring runs and winning matches. It is that "whistle podu" time again guys...
  9. Given abdvs and maxi form, I will put all my money on their playoffs qualification this year.
  10. Why is he ever in an IPL team? And why does he abhorrently appear in the list of orange-cap contenders when all he does is play match-losing innings!!!
  11. Chennai were scrapping themselves for a low score until middle of their innings. Now, DC got 136 in 13 overs. This seems mocker to me! Looks like Prithvi Shaw and Dhawan are competing for that coveting opening position in India's T20I team. Unfortunately, Kohli himself put a hat in that ring~
  12. I think they did. Restricted for a paltry score of 159 and then dropping a dolly in the first over. It is all over for MI this season, it looks like.
  13. And I think Kohli is winning this match over Rohit today....
  14. I will vote for Kohli even if there are other contenders.
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