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  1. So, USA reached 2 million by first week of June as expected but the cases did not stabilize later. They increased to a whopping 2.9 million and USA is all set to touch 3 million mark by the end of this long weekend. Have a safe Independence Day for all ICF folks in USA!
  2. Very good post. This is really terrible. India as a nation failed with these poor souls. No one cares about them.
  3. The state govts fed these labors as long as they were willing. How can you stop them when they wanted to leave. They want to die in their native places instead of these places where they don't have homes. Modi should have given a day or two before the first lock-down that there may be 2-3 months of lockdown coming up and hence you all go to native places in buses/trains and then start the lock down.
  4. There are numerous videos about how badly the migrant labors and their families are deeply affected by the crisis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0gV-2vsUbs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4linR9SemE Reporters like Burkha Dutta are praised for their real ground work to cover these amazing stories. Yet it is surprising that there is hardly any discussion about it and how the central (and may be state) governments were so incompetent in letting this happen until this thread is opened. Instead, we have numerous posts on threads related to Cow discussion, HinduPhobia and so on. The real objective posters from ICF living in India such as @Gollum, @velu, @Ankit_Sharma and @Real McCoy should let us know why is this happening. Is this the lack of executive leadership by central government by announcing sudden lock-downs or state government's inability to let migrant labors live and go to their native places.
  5. Yes, in official declared stats that is true. Who knows how many people in China actually tested positive forCovid-19 and how many more died than what is officially released. Is it worrying you that in this time of increased cases, we have India preparing to come out of the lock down? And if the lock down is in fact lifted off, who will work in construction and several other industries that are mostly dependent upon the migrant labor most of whom had already left for their hometowns/ Things look really bleak until a vaccine emerges and people become secure to travel/work like before.
  6. So, USA has crossed 1 million positives yesterday on 27th April, 2020 well within end of April. So, the ICFers who optimistically voted for < 1 million infections are all proven wrong by the latest stat. Now, I see 14 votes for 1-5 million infections. Let us see if that will hold good. I have a hunch that the pessimistic 5 million is not impossible now may be by the fall or end of the year or so.
  7. It reached 500,000 by Good Friday and not even Easter Monday as I predicted. Anyways, I think the worst is yet to come. I think there will be above 1 million cases by early may and 2 millions by early-mid June. Things might be better by July 4, when the numbers will probably hover around 2.5 million and then the curve flattens.
  8. Correct. I don't think anyone here is questioning why help average Pakistani but do it through more reliable organizations. If you are giving it to Afridi foundation because he as a friend requested it, make it as a personal donation and
  9. You seem surprised! It will easily reach half million by Easter Monday.
  10. I would think it is unlikely to be the case. I don't think they realized how contagious it is and have such a good idea about asympotamic transmission that well to think that rest of the world will get it before they realize. It is not wrong to say CCP is evil but I don't think they will be so effective in calculating how bad this will be for the world and for themselves etc. They just did not want to look bad infront of their own people and rest of the world and when they did take steps, it is too late for them and everyone too. Also, the spring festival has come in January this time. Usually it comes in February every year. A lot of Chinese students/workers in Europe/North America may have planned so that they taken Christmas break until spring festival too. I am sure a lot of travelling in and around China during the Spring festival has led to extremely large spread of the contagious population. The fact that it coincided with Xmas/New year holidays all messed it up for the world too.
  11. USA has now become the country with most positive cases of corona virus reported crossing both Italy and China. It looks like in few more days, the number of cases in USA will be more than the cases in all of Europe. Things are looking bleak as Trump is trying to relax the restrictions and reopen the economy by April 12.
  12. It is ant-eating... that is a pangolin eats ants and not anti-eating. Why the * will an animal be anti-eating>>> So, it can survive only on water/fluids etc.
  13. So, animals in Jurassic park could be true for all we know.
  14. https://www.bolnews.com/health/2020/03/china-bans-eating-wild-animals-after-the-coronavirus-outbreak/ HEALTH China put a strict ban on eating and farming of wild animals in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic which appears to have originated from a Wuhan’s wildlife market Hubei, China. COVID-19 and the SARS virus of 2003 both are from the coronavirus family, and both most likely started in wet markets. Wet market is a market selling live meat, fish where people and live and dead animals including dogs, chickens, pigs, snakes, civets, and more come into constant close contact due to which zoonotic diseases can easily transmit from animals to humans. Scientists are trying to figure out the cause of the COVID-19 which has created havoc around the world. After COVID-19, Man dies of new ‘Hantavirus’ in China Few week ago, on the basis of genetic analyses, Chinese scientists suggested that the scaly, ant-eating pangolin was the prime suspect. Scientists have examined the data along with three other pangolin coronavirus genome studies released last week. According to the scientists new reserch from last week the animal is still a contender, the mystery is far from solved. Pangolin As of March 24, 2020, 13:42 GMT there are currently 395,579 confirmed cases and 17,234 deaths from the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak around the world.
  15. I think they picked on RCB specifically because that is the team that seems to raise lot of expectations with its star power and how bad they fare at the end most of the time. I think among all teams starting in 2008, RCB is the worst along with Delhi/KXIP in terms of performance, be it reaching playoffs or winning matches consistently, let alone winning IPL trophy. RCB seems to give a vibe of stardom and hype around them but they never performed like other good teams like CSK, MI, KKR (who picked up from 2011), Hyderabad (both DC and SRH got trophies) and even Rajasthan (who has a trophy in the first edition). They are consistently bad at picking right players or resource management or anything else that one wants to measure for a successful T20 franchise.
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