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  1. No thread on this major milestone achieved by our stellar workhorse. Playing a test for your country is big. Playing 100 test matches is something one could cherish at another level. Ishant Sharma is the most successful Indian fast bowler in test cricket after Kapil Dev and Zaheer Khan(who is only marginally ahead). Discuss about your memorable moments of Ishant, the test cricketer.
  2. He is Afridi and even more than Afridi the batsman. I will rate Pant much higher than Afridi if it comes to tests. In LOIs, he is right on path to become the 1996-98 Afridi that we were scared of.
  3. @SK_IH FYI in case you missed this thread that I promised! Now is the time for this!!!
  4. I m good... but missing those great discussion fights between you and Outy... The SRT detractors are mostly non-logical people bringing some trivial facts to denounce him with the exception of may be some posters like zen who is of stat-crunching type. You are the knowledgeable fan whose analysis is simply hard to replicate by other posters here.
  5. It must be so.if Bossbhai himself came out of ICF retirement. Anyways welcome back Bossbhai!
  6. I think it is time for all the deep Ajinkya bashers to eat the humble pie and apologize to him. Yes, I know you said it out of passion but now he repaid all the investment that is made on him. How many of you can imagine India winning such an incredible series down under! He may not have got great scores with the bat but he raised the team from rubble to pedestal. After 36 all out, no body would have predicted even a drawn series let alone a series victory. I see that his little cameo on day 5 has set the tone up for 'let us play for a win and not a draw' attitude that India ha
  7. I think Siraj answered his critiques very well with the perfomances. Many of you predicted that he is a better test match bowler than a LoI bowler. With age and maturity, now he is looking to become future spearhead for India's test bowling.
  8. For me this series stands out especially because it is not about individual performances but the team victory we achieved. Pujara's tons in 2017-18 series fade in comparison to his valuable and patient 50s he scored in this series. There are hardly any tons by Indian batsmen and yet we achieved two crucial victories and a great great draw. I will savour this unbelievable victory for a long long time.
  9. India has scored memorable test series victories in Australia. But honestly, for me this is FAR FAR memorable victory for India. I remember everything that happened in this series from 36 ALL OUT till this moment. I cannot simply say ANYTHING like that about 2018 series. This is what we fans all crave for. This will go down in the history like the epic 2001 series in India.
  10. Finally, he agreed for a draw with one over left. Hypothetically, will India be interested in another session tomorrow to go for a win and score those 70 odd runs. I think they will not risk that even if offered.
  11. Well I would not if the tail is bad. But when an allrounder is injured and cannot bat and if one of the batsman who pulled hamstring is resisting so much and , I will feel that it will be a great tribute to the spirit of game to concede a draw if they pull into last half-hour.
  12. We know that teams can decide for a draw when test enters into final hour and draw result seems inevitable. If these two batsmen continue until the last hour, given that there are still 5 wickets to be picked, can team India successfully request Paine to agree for a draw. Will be very good for the series if that happens.
  13. This is a milder version. The strong thread will follow when bigger results follow. So, Not Today!
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