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Found 1 result

  1. If you look at Team India & Gujarat Titans, they are like chalk & cheese in their approach. Let's look at a few differences: a) Resource Management Team India has abundant resources including access to a vast pool of players Gujarat Titans had to make the most of its limited resources and players availed through auction Here, GT is a great example of intelligently leveraging on its relatively limited resources, while Team India does not even know how to use or even develop its resources, often doing the easy thing of looking in the rearview mirror (rather than the road ahead) for "experience" b) Leadership Team India with its "rearview" mindset (and maybe more focused on removing Kohli) went for a captain who had been Kohli's deputy and now probably past his best, both as a player (hardly a top 1-3 player in the teams that he has captained) and captaincy (Captaincy has a self life too) Gujarat Titans identified and invested in a leader who would lead from the front to win it the championship c) Flexibility Team India displays zero flexibility esp. when it comes to experienced players. The experienced players (even though in the maturity or decline stage) get their "comfortable" slots, while others are "adjusted" around them Gujarat Titans used its experience players to do the difficult task even playing them out of their position. In fact, it can be said that GT devised a team with players flexible players, who could take on various roles d) Batting order Team India usually keeps its top 3 slots for specialists who than use it to stats pad. There is no flexibility or adaptability per situation. For e.g. Kohli, who is more of a grafter, would usually come in at #3 irrespective of the situation - i.e. whether India is 10/1, 50/1, or 100/1. If you look at the current T20 world champions Aus, it used Steven Smith as a floater, who would usually only bat up in case of an early wkt/tough conditions. A power hitter like Marsh would come in at #3 Gujarat Titans used its batting order intelligently, using various players in the role (while giving them adequate chances) including youngsters like Sai Sudarshan e) Bowling attack Team India's world cup squad is full of restrictive bowlers, by and large, picked for accuracy and ability to use the pitch (works well in IPL where a lot of games are played on a handful of pitches to make pitches "tired") Gujarat Titans fielded a wicket taking bowling attack with 140+ pace bowlers & game changing spinners f) Defined roles On one hand team India talks about becoming more "aggressive" (usually referring to its top 3 as most of others already play free flowing or per situation cricket) but there is usually a hesitancy as to which one of the top 3 will take risks (and sacrifice the opportunity to stats pad) In the top order (#1-3), Gujarat Titans had clearly defined roles with Saha & Gill. Whoever batted at #3, tried to play per the situation. In fact, apart from the openers, #3 was a flexible position g) Stats and formulaic cricket Team India is focused on stats & match-ups, which change with very game and current form, rather than using cricketing judgment on field based on how things are shaping up. There is formulaic cricket as well including adhering to rules such as having L-R combination irrespective of the calibre and form of the batsman, and the situation. Ideally, you want to pick the best players and if they happen to be L-R, use them accordingly per situation With Gujarat Titans, you usually saw common sense based cricket. In fact, its coach Nehra is said to not use laptops Gujarat Titans played its T20 cricket almost like how one would want a top team to play. Team India could have used notes from Gujarat Titans in its preparation for the T20 World Cup! Cheers!!
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