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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I'm ready with the record of bowlers in IPL 2022 during the different phases of the game: Power Play Overs (1-6), Middle Overs (7-15) and Death Overs (16-20). https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LPZXRA00fx1xa-0bZueV51XvXhhAl2uw5OYp1zWdcjY/edit?usp=sharing Here is my methodology for arriving at the desired PP bowlers: 1) Compile a list of all bowlers who bowled in the PP overs. 2) Filter these bowlers to Indian bowlers. 3) Filter Indian bowlers to Indian pacers. 4) Filter Indian pacers to those pacers who have bowled 2 or more than 2 overs per match in this phase. Since every team has played 5 matches, so I filtered all Indian pacers who have bowled 10 or more than 10 overs so far. 5) Finally, sort them on Strike Rate because I'm interested in wicket-taking PP bowlers. Here's what I see:
  2. Recently, I have been contemplating the concept of Powerplay Net Run Rate (PNRR) particularly for T20s. We know how the NRR works, the PNRR would work similarly but would be focused on, as the name suggests, Powerplay only (or it can even be for the first half of overs). The remaining overs (non Powerplay) do not count towards the net run rate, which would of course be discontinued. What this does is: In a way, teams can potentially play two games in a game, i.e. one for PNRR and one for win Once the Powerplay is over, the PNRR is taken care off, therefore prodding around in the name for NRR goes out of equation. Teams are forced to push for the win Even teams that lose can end up with a positive PNRR from the game, creating new dynamics More importantly, the Powerplay becomes not only more exciting to watch, but also gains more importance PNRR may lead to innovative cricket especially if a team needs certain PNRR Other benefits would include how teams approach the game. Above is a theory at the moment. How do you see T20s impacted by PNRR?
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