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Found 2 results

  1. My favorite Indian cricketer for a) talent, b) fearless attitude, c) multiple skills (when fully fit). A thread for his fans! He got injured in the last game so do not know the status but if he plays, I want him to bat during the middle overs to take on 4th-5th-6th bowlers. I do not want Ind to milk this period of play to rely heavily on death overs, which can be a lottery. SDP's job should be to go for big hits fearlessly without worrying about getting out. If he gets out, it is ok as other batsmen can play out the 20 overs by getting odd hits in. SDP should be the game changer and momentum creator. Apart from that I want every Indian batsmen to press on full throttle once they have played 20 balls (earlier the better). Many times, we see some of the batsmen continue to milk the bowling even after playing 30-40 balls (and even when 4th-5th-6th bowlers are on), only opening up later on (and even get out as soon as they change gears despite playing so many balls) and at times the hitting is left to the point when there is no other option. I also read many posts where people expect a new batsman to play as if he has played 10-20 balls and has time to wait for loose balls. Batting at the death, if you wait, the game could get over before you know. You have to make things happen. You cannot play like a Rohit/Kohli for example where you do tuk tuk for 19 balls to be 19 off 19 and when a short ball is bowled, you hit it for a 6 to be 25 off 20 (that is not T20s unless the conditions demand that). Then rinse and repeat. At the end (or any time in T20s), you need to create opportunities even on balls that are difficult to hit. Sir Don Pandya, go out and play the most fearless cricket that you can play. Ind make something out of the tournament or go out in style entertaining fans:
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