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Found 4 results

  1. Yes this is the same topic as the "Speed and Performance on Pacers in Important Matches". Why did I create this topic? Because original one has now 309 pages and we are not able to come to page 309. we are not able to access that at all. So folks do talk about All India and International Pacers in this Topic @Express @rkt and all others - Take a Note of this topic.
  2. i tried to go to the 309 page of "Speed and Performance of fast bowlers "thread that I had created but it was not going to the last page so i tried to wait fro one day. still that thread is not opening so idea of this thread is again to talk about New fast bowlers and fast bowlers that are playing in indian teams... also about Upcoming fast bowlers who have the capability to truly challenge these fast bowlers in near future or later. I also advise that some of us talk highly about some upcoming 17 year old but when due diligence is done , it comes out that he is just a 125k trundler- Point i want to make is if one wants to promote or talk highly about a promising pacer , do mention that currently he may be a 125k-130k pacer but in future he should improve. Main Pacers who are playing for india now are Shammi bumrah ishant saini umesh odi and t20:- deepak chahar ,bhuvi , khaleel
  3. As always I am creating the Speed and Performance of Pacers in IPL2019 - Indian and foreign. As every year, all of you have contributed generously to my article every year and I expect the same. Some folks who have really contributed to the speed threads have been express, rkt and so many of you. I will write a separate thank you note at the end of the IPL 2019. Needless to say, I am very excited as always starting this thread. my excitement of IPL is not about batting but about fast bowling, as i was a fast bowler ( tried to bowl fast ) from 18 to 26 and then I realized it is better to turn into a batsman. fast bowling is tiring and very exciting. I encourage all of you to be a BIT watchful and share more technicals about the fast bowlers like- not just Speed, but Swing too. Skills like good yorkers angles in fast bowling, usage of crease, show of anger and competitiveness, Slow Ball Skills( slow ball as a change ball or overusing the slow ball) etc. some bouncers show as 135K but look 145k , i will encourage such balls to be noticed and shared. some most beautiful yorkers getting wickets and some not getting wickets should also be noted and shared. Some good balls which are snicked and slip fielders mess Up should also be highlighted as the fast bowler has done his job well, but bcos the fielder was not alert the catch was messed up. Some SLOGS are ugly and fast bowlers should get the credit as those are wicket taking balls and just that the fielder was not at the right place, catch was missed. I hope green Pitches are offered so that genuine batsman score runs and the SLOGGERS find the going tough. wish you all the best. can all of you share the Pacers that we need to focus on for each team in IPL...
  4. This is my list of my most complete pace bowlers of all time.It does not analyze statistical merit but overall skill and talent.Ranks in order of merit paceman with the perfect balance of speed,control,accuracy,variation,movement and agression.Thus total package of all qualities considered. 1.Wasim Akram-The ultimate genius who could perform the tricks of a magician with the ball.Mastered reverse swing like nobody ever taking pace bowling wizardry to heights of the divine.He could also be as quick as anyone . 2.Malcolm Marshall-No right arm paceman was ever as creative or as skilled in skidding a cricket ball or disguising which way the ball would swing.The best ever in using the crease. 3.Ray Lindwall-Perfection in pace bowling skill moving,skidding and controlling a cricket ball more than modern giants. 4.Dennis Lillee-Epitome of cricketing perfection taking cricketing agression and determination to its greatest depth .In the classical sense no1 but not as naturally talented as Wasim or Marshall.Best ever exponent of the leg-cutter.Did not prove himself on sub-continent surfaces like Wasim and Marshall. 5.Andy Roberts.No Carribaen paceman was classically so complete or versatile.The virtual equivalent of Dennis Lillee and the best exponent of having bouncers at 2 different speeds.Went 1 up on Dennis Lillee by performing outstandingly in India in 1974-75.Most batting greatest of his era class Andy the most lethal paceman of his time with Lillee. 6.Michael Holding-Took action of a fast bowler to a degree of perfection never displayed resembling a Rolls Royce car.No paceman ever posessed as consistent speed through the air or was arguably more lethal at his best. 7.Glen Mcgrath-Although fast-medium the metronome of pace bowling with more control than any paceman with Hadlee..No paceman ever could produce the perfect delivery in accordance to a batsman's weakness or surpass his bowling intelligence.Reminiscent of a bolwing machine who could also master flat tracks. 8.Fred Trueman -Almost the equal of Lindwall with perhaps more agression. 9.Richard Hadlee-No paceman bowled more like a computersied machine or had more control.The best ever on a green top with more speed and movement than Mcgrath.Not at his best on a flat,docile surfaces where he could be found wanting like at Lords in 1987 in the bicentenary game. 10.Imran Khan-Blended speed and movement like no paceman of his era in addition to phenomenal competitivity and agression.Pioneered art of reverse swing.Unlike Wasim not at his best in moving the ball away. 11.Curtly Ambrose-The greatest-ever on a broken wicket,particularly in a 4th innings and perhaps the most accurate of all paceman.No bowler could skittle a batting line up with as much venom as Curtly in a 4th innings.He would make the ball lift disconcertingly from a good length which could be unplayable for a batsmen.At his best arguably the most lethal paceman of his era and the most explosive. 12.Alan Donald-A true pace bowling master blending great speed with movement and subtle variations.
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