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Found 1 result

  1. Every time a test series is lost in SENA countries, the reactions are predictable. We fans get angry and the team management come up with excuses or explanations. BUT Is there sufficient medium and long-term planning by the Team management, the BCCI and the selectors, to win difficult series overseas ? 1 ) Developing and selecting the right kinds of players needed in test matches ---- Who are the pacers who have done well in tests matches over the years ? Basically those who were / are capable of bowling a high percentage of deliveries in the right areas while bowling with sufficient pace and bounce. And were capable of setting up batsmen. Having a highly skilled swing bowler in the mix is helpful too. And we have done this to a large extent and working on improving it. Result ... we have the best psce attack in our history snd picking 20 wickets regularly in tests. But what is the scenario regarding test batsmen ? Very different I would say. The easier series in India are the right times to develop proper test batsmen who will do well outside Asia too. Who are such batsmen ? Those who have a good off stump game, are decent against short balls and can play spin decently. What have we done ? ... There are only 5 specialist slots for batters these days and we have wasted some of those batting slots by playing Dhawan and Rohit and even bringing back Gambhir for 2 tests. Dhawan is poor on both counts, Rohit has a poor off stump game and test match temperament and Gambhir is past his prime. 2016 and 2017 was the right time to develop proper batsmen for the 2018 leg of away tours ... but it was not done. 2 ) Planning proper acclimatization in foreign countries by playing sufficient practice matches with the red ball ---- 3 practice matches with the red ball need to be played on tours to Sena countries. The BCCI scheduled just 1 such match for both the SA and England tours. The Team management went ahead and cancelled that sole match in SA and reduced it in England. This shows lack of foresight. In Australia, we should either play 3 practice matches with the red ball before the test series or CANCEL the test series. India is an economically strong country now, and the citizens have high aspirations nowadays. We deserve to be treated with respect by our national cricket team and the people around it ... by planning and preparing properly. If we lose after that, we can deal with it. 3 ) Please choose only those players for test matches who want to succeed in test cricket ---- In this day and age of T20 leagues, there are lots of young cricketers all over the world, whose aspirations are limited to T20 league success and the associated glitz and glamour. To each his own. They are entitled to their opinion and choices in life. But, please don't select them in test cricket. No one can succeed in something in which they have no will to succeed. Don't get fooled by their talent but look at their objective in cricketing life. Kohli talks a lot about test cricket being very important ... and he is doing supremely well because intention to succed has mixed with talent. Bumrah kept on saying that he wants to play test cricket ... and has made a stellar start. Bhuvi is an honest trier in everything he does. Pujara and Jadeja are obviously interested in test cricket. Shami played a test match when his little daughter was in hospital etc. etc. Please choose only the interested cricketers in test matches. P.s -- Similar planning needs to be done for World Cup 2019 ... but it is not happening. The types of players being chosen for No.4 to No.6 are not correct. Pandya is the only lower-middle order big hitter ... and it is astonishing in 2018, when 350+ scores are common. The pace bowling in ODIs is weak too barring Bumrah.
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