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Found 4 results

  1. They have been phenomenal in all formats in recent years, they made the last 2 WC Fs and last WT20 SF. Talking about the ultimate format...has there ever been a better NZ side? #2 rank in tests (first time this high LINK), they have a shot at becoming #1 next year, IMO our biggest threat since we face them in their backyard. Firstly this is my all time NZ XI without including any of their active players Turner Wright Sutcliffe Crowe Fleming (c) McCullum (wk) Cairns Vettori Hadlee Bond Chris Martin You may not agree with this XI, probably you have more knowledge about old era players. Fleming gets the nod ahead of Crowe as my skipper. Current NZ team has probably its greatest batting unit. Their greatest batsman in Williamson, his 'Robin' Ross Taylor, Latham who might turn out to be their greatest opener in a few years time, an outstanding keeper-bat in Watling, another solid test batsman in Nicholls. CDG isn't that good but Santner might be the closest player to Vettori...I feel his batting ceiling is higher. 2 gun test quicks in Boult, Wagner with Southee as well albeit he has declined. The likes of Henry, Ferguson and Milne are waiting on the sidelines, exciting quicks. All in all this does look like the GOAT Kiwi team. IMO Williamson, Taylor, Boult are already part of AT NZ XI...they will take the places of Sutcliffe, Fleming and Chris Martin respectively...not only is Boult better but he adds variety when partnered with Bond, Hadlee, Cairns, Vettori. I would be tempted to play Watling as the keeper and make Baz play as pure batsman maybe even as opener in place of Wright....he did much better when he left the gloves. So that's 4 current NZ players who walk into the AT side. Perhaps in spinning conditions Santner takes the place of Cairns. Other spots more difficult to breakthrough but don't rule out Latham 6-7 years from now, even the great Glenn Turner may find it difficult to hold on to his spot. Doubt any other current side has >=4 players who would make it to their all time XI. Bangladesh doesn't count and India will have a few players (4-5?) who might walk into AT side in specific conditions (still debatable), not in all conditions like NZ. What say folks? Have any other NZ side in mind, from the past?
  2. Don't think we ever had a discussion about this, will shed light on the general preferences of ICFers. I think most of us care more for cricket than the general population, some of us are cricket nerds, follow the sport more keenly etc. Only 3 questions allowed in the poll, so I will ask the 4th here: are you in favor of another format in the future, like T10 or 4 day cricket? To answer these questions 1. My fav format is test cricket, real test or character and endurance. What I like most about this format is the number of match scenarios possible, 4 innings so more number of ways a match can unfold. In T20s/ODIs match can be decided in the 1st 20% period, but in tests you can never make conclusions, a team may be dominant for 90% period but the other team may sneak out a draw showing heroism in final hour of day 5. Draw is something we don't get in the other 2 formats, beauty of test cricket is the concept of draw where neither side can force a victory after battling for 40 hours !!!! Some of the best tests have been hard fought draws, where both sides played so well that a result wasn't possible. Saving the match in 4th innings via gritty knocks or defending low totals on wearing day 5 pitches with multiple close-in catchers...excellent drama. 2. Least favorite is T20. Find it too fluky and defensive in nature...no need to try and take 10 wickets. At least in ODIs, on sporting pitches bowlers can be attacking like we saw in the WC in England. Picking 10 wickets is almost unheard of in most T20 internationals. Also T20 rides too much on momentum, easier for one team to maintain dominance over a course of 2 hours or 30 overs than 60, ODI affords more opportunities for teams to strike back despite not starting well. Essentially if test cricket is 5 sets tennis with no 5th set TB (+ concept of draw after a time limit), ODIs will be like 3 sets incl TBs and T20s are equivalent of NextGen finals that too with 3 sets . Chance of fluke increases as match duration gets lesser....in tests the better team will prevail regularly, in T20s not the case. Also T20 is the least versatile format out there, more about intuition than in-depth thinking on the part of players involved...least cerebral. Great tests and ODIs, I can remember almost all the details many years later but the great T20s (2007 Ind-Aus SF, 2007 F, 2016 Mohali) I can't really remember much. I can even remember details of boring tests, but entertaining T20s I forget next day morning. 3. For me yes, maybe a small period in 2013-14 or 2017-18 when I felt ODIs were becoming like T50, brainless slogathons. In general I have always preferred ODIs and this year's WC reinforced my faith in the quality this format can provide. Except momentary frustrations with the nature of ODIs, it has always been test>>>>>ODI>T20 for me. 4. No, might as well do coin toss than 10 overs a side BS. T10 is best limited to gully and beach cricket, but I have no doubt it will enter the mainstream in a few years time. 4 day cricket again I am sure Poms will push hard for it and will be a feature in some countries with long daylight period...we should stay out of that nonsense. Neither do we have long daylight hours in India (Oct-March period) to ensure 110 overs/day, nor do we want to kill the spin bowling culture in this land.
  3. Leave aside their other minor streaks like 14 consecutive ODI losses against RSA or 12 against NZ recently....let's get talking about the big ones, and there are many. Even Undertaker got emotional when I showed him the list of streaks held by poyyyz, bola ki mujhse na ho payega Nadal lost his hair when informed of the same Streakers of the world have pledged to drape themselves with Pakistani flags as tribute to the master of streaks Unable to bear this humiliation, Pakistan Parliament resolution Henceforth this shall be the new flag to represent Pak cricket team And not this PS: My choice will be 0-14....couldn't draw a test spread over 20 years, 5 series , aided by rain and what not. Test is best, so beizzati in test is ultimate humiliation
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