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Found 1 result

  1. Attempting to do a few structured movie reviews for English & Foreign Language films. The "structure" involves evaluating the films based on the following parameters: a) Story/Screenplay, b) Acting, c) Cinematography, d) Background score, e) Direction, and f) Uniqueness/Impact. Each parameter is rated out of 10, the scores added to arrive at an overall rating out of 10 where 9 to 10 = Great, 7 to 8 = Good, 5 to 6 = Average, 3 to 4 = Bad, 1 to 2 = Worst. At this point, the highest rated film based on these factors is In the Mood for Love at 10/10: Film: In the Mood for Love (2000) Director: Wong Kar-wai Oscars: Not Applicable In the 60s HK, two neighbors discover that their spouses are having an affair with the other's spouse. The story focuses on how the neighbors deal with the issue by not only consoling each other but also trying to understand what could have driven their spouses to infidelity. In the process, they discover that love happens. Story/Screenplay: The story is mostly focused on the two key characters. Their spouses are hardly ever shown (we do not see their faces) but we are constantly aware that there are 4 characters in the play much like how in Hitchcock's Rebecca, she seems to be present despite not being present. The interest to know what happens next and how the story would end is constantly maintained. (10/10) Acting: Acting here is about subtleties, style, and sophistication. It is about the glance when passing each other, the rumination while smoking, dealing with life's daily rigmarole, and so on. The key actors have been nominated for acting at many events and won a few awards as well. (10/10) Cinematography: The intelligent use of frames within frames and colors creates an engaging visual style for the film. (10/10) Background score: Since many sequences use subtitles such as a glance to convey emotions, the score adds to highlight those emotions. On its own, the score is good to listen to. (10/10) Direction: The director has crafted an intelligent film that reveals its cards at the right moments. (10/10) Uniqueness/Impact: In the romance-drama genre, this is a film that focuses on perfectly presenting the relatively few elements it showcases - the interactions b/w the two key characters in a selected environment, relying on subtleties, innovative cinematography, and an impactful background score. Can't ask for more. (10/10) Overall score 60/60 = 100% = 10/10 (Great 9-10, Good/Above Average 7-8, Average 5-6, Bad Below Average 3-4, Worst 1-2) Post your structured reviews too based on the above for English and Foreign Language films.
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