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Is Hardik Pandya the next Kapil Dev for team India

Is Hardik as valuable as Kapil Dev?  

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  1. 1. Is Hardik as valuable as Kapil Dev?

    • Yes, his contributions at least in limited overs cricket makes him invaluable
    • No, he has a LONG way to go to even elicit a comparison with Kapil Dev
    • Hardik Pandya is only hyped "bits and pieces" player. He can never be as valuable.

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12 hours ago, cricketfan28 said:

We don't need the next kapil , all we need is a decent all rounder like jadeja , pandya can become that.

Jadeja is more than decent, the rate at which he's going barring a major dip in form he'll end up being India's best A/R in tests! Purely in terms of numbers of course, Kapil has a much bigger impact overall with a side which was at best 5-6th at the time.

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2 hours ago, Lord said:


he was good in 2017-19

What exactly good did he do then? He was nothing more than bits and pieces player then also.He has become worse now. Watching Pandya never gave me at any point in his career a wow factor. He was always nothing more than a complimentary player.But he had antics and attitude of an ATG player.

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On 12/3/2021 at 9:07 PM, Cricspin said:

Just for fun I looked up Kapil's stats.


There is no point even thinking of Pandya in the same thought process of Kapil the Test player. Hardik has not even managed a test career yet.


So, I thought lets look at ODI figures to see if Hardik lives up in any way.


Kapil made his ODI debut at 19 and by the time he was 24 years old he captained Indian to our famous 1983 World cup win. By that time his career was 5 years. His batting average was 26 and Strike rate of 108. His strike rate was beyond insane for that time. 

filtered 1978-1983 40 39 5 911 175* 26.79 842 108.19 1 4 5


During those days people usually had batting average between 25 and 35 and rarely above 40. Not like these days where lot of Batters have average above 50 let alone 40. without much research I am just saying, I do not believe anyone had a strike rate above 100, not even Viv Richards.



In Comparison Hardik Pandya has achieved this - A Bit better average and strike rate but nothing of significance compared to Kapil. 100 Strike rate in this role based modern game is not that big a deal.

HH Pandya 2016-2021 63 46 7 1286 92* 32.97 1100 116.90 0 7 4



Kapil Did better with the ball too.


So not even in the shorter format he measures up to Kapil's legacy and I give only lets say 25% points to ODI achievements. That 75% for test records is what will limit Hardik ever being considered as a good all rounder with any impact/legacy. Kapil was a great all-rounder and one of the best ever.


Lets also add in the quality of bowlers that Kapil faced - WI, Aus, Pak as well as the pitch conditions. Comparing Pandya with Kapil is not Pandya's fault though. It's a sign of severe  lack of analytical ability on certain posters part. One can be a fan but that can't be a justification for acting ignorant.

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