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Pakistan fast bowlers suffering from disease of loosing pace like we use to at once

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Pak bowlers are mostly concerned about T20s, even pak cricket and PCB are more inclined towards T20 cricket.


None of these faster bowlers wants to play longer format of the game, Even when they were at the peak of their pace in T20s they were bowing Sub 135s in test.

They have never carried same pace in test. 


Most of Pak bowlers are picked from 1/2 good PSL performances, who are not the part of PCB's domestic cricket set-up. So after 1/2 seasons they get injured as they did not have repetitions and the workload of this kind ever.


They over used Shaheen and now he is out of gas -- Not sure if that is due to injury or he just lost the pace.

Rauf has worked really hard 1st increases his pace and then able to play ODI --v.commendable for some1 coming from tennis ball cricket where they were bowling 12/18 balls no need to field. 



With Ind bowlers it was mostly that they were trying to bowl 10/15 kmph faster in 1/2 Intnl seasons and as they never bowled with this pace for longer time  in domestics they either got injured or burnt-out. Or incase they were able to cement their places they were back to bowling at their normal/usual speeds.  

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