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Start Voting: 50K for the smartest set of IPL team names


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ahem.... First the light side of life ... Bangalore Bastards Mohali Moorkhs Kolkata Kuttas Chennai Chimps Delhi Duffers Mumbai Mads Jaipur Jackasses Hyderabad Haramkhors I could have enlightened a lot more with my vocabulary, but I chose to maintain some sort of decorum here in this cricket ashram. Here's my entry for the IPL team names: Bangalore Bulls Mohali Mavericks Kolkata Kings Chennai Champs Delhi Dashers Mumbai Masters Jaipur Juggernaut Hyderabad Hammers The commentary will go something like this for the winners, right at the end of the match: Bangalore Bulls: That's a six again ... what a win! The Bulls have stampeded the opposition .... Mohali Mavericks: Yuvraj ... the Maverick ... what a shot ... the Reverse Sweep to win it all on the last ball .... Kolkata Kings: Another one into the stands seals the win .... Prince of Kolkata is now crowned the King of Kolkata Chennai Champs: 444444 ... what a shot by Dhoni .... cements the win for the ultimate Champs! Delhi Dashers: Mad dash for the third run and the Dashers WIN!!!!! Mumbai Masters: The Masters give a masterclass to the pupils ... another W in the record books for Master's team! Jaipur Juggernauts: THAT takes the middle stump! Jaipur Juggernaut rolls on! Hyderabad Hammers: Another one hammered into the stands ... another win and the crowd goes crazy ....

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