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The cricket data thread

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33 minutes ago, Nikhil_cric said:

Post whatever you feel is relevant from sources like CricViz here. I'll go first. 



Not the right data to show for dhoni as his last 2 IPL were brilliant. IPL stats wud never show he was never a good t20 player 

34 minutes ago, Nikhil_cric said:

The above shows why dhoni was done in white ball cricket two years and shows why the we need to back the likes of pant for the world T20.

ppl here are after pant life 

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On 8/5/2020 at 7:08 AM, Ankit_sharma03 said:





People should at least look more into data and insights before posting such on twitter. 

Dravid and Tendulkar’s numbers are similar in Q2 as well. In Q1, Kallis probably batted a lot at #3. 

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Since making his debut for England, Archer has bowled more deliveries in international cricket than any England bowler. The only bowler of any nationality to bowl more deliveries in international cricket in that time is Pat Cummins. Pat Cummins’ average speed in that time? 138.07kph. Archer’s? 138.06kph.


Source: Cricviz

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