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Shaheen's threat will come at a full length. With 0.9 degrees of swing and a high average pace of 137 kph in the PP. Hes one of a handful who is successful bowling relatively fuller. Saifuddin of Bangladesh, albeit much slower, also bowls full but in his tournament got 2.2 degrees of swing!  Only massive swing or a combination of  decent and high pace allows full length bowling. 


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On 1/20/2022 at 12:44 AM, Nikhil_cric said:

A similar graphic back in early 2019 had Bumrah, Shami, Ishant and Yadav. I believe Bumrah was around 141 kp until after that Australian series in 2018/19. 

Not a single Indian bowler in the list even at 138 kph. Just shows how all the bowlers have lost pace in the last 3 years, especially Bumrah. 




Those figures for Cummins seems outdated. Off late vs pak and England he averaged 136. 


There is no way Cummins is faster than bumrah. Bumrah was averaging 139 vs lankans in recent test series. 


Even in SA series he was the fastest and bowled the fastest ball iirc too. 


This cricviz owner seems to dislike India for some reason. Parkies have partnered with them. 

They need to move on in life instead of dwelling in the past. 


There is reason to believe these chumps from cricviz favour information that presents a confirmation bias in the case of india due to pure jealousy and hatred. 


India have the best bowling attack in the world. Period. Since 2015 India has been the best. 


Goat Asian pace attack.

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22 hours ago, Nikhil_cric said:

Bishnoi doesn't turn the ball much . Unusually, turns the googly more and at a faster pace than his leg break and alll from a wide, low release. 


Not sure if that will be successful at this level against high quality lineups. 


he is essentially an "off-break" (googly) bowler, with an occasional doosra-like ball (i.e., conventional legbreak) that goes the other way. once teams play him that way, he could become fodder

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