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Babar Azam - an ATG in making?

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how does it matter? he dropped a sitter. Whether he got Kohli out or not.
Its called obsession. These guys are obsessed with Kohli. Not only fans but also their ex cricketers, so called pundits everyone. I thought after the a$$ whopping by 10 wicketd on tuesday...these jokers will stay underground for few days. But no shame

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I think Babar is a very different type of player as compared to Sharma or Kohli and hence a comparison cannot be driven. 


Babar is the ideal player for Pakistan who will hold things up and score consistently. Recently he has improved his power game though with a successful t20 stint with somerset as well at a healthy strike rate and hopefully it would improve further gradually. 

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For anyone to draw down comparisons with likes of Kohli & Sharma they need to know that both these guys have 10k+ ODI Runs @ 50/50+ Average. Comparisons are lame. 


Babar needs to make sure that he bats well consistently and since he is likely to be the captain, he should look to get two solid openers from somewhere. 

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