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What are you looking forward to this IPL from an India perspective?

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At this point, the world t20 teams looking like this :

1. Rahul

2. Rohit 

3. Kohli 

4. Shreyas 

5. Open spot 

6. Pandya 

7. Jadeja 

8. zone of Bhuvi/Chahar/Saini

9. One of Kuldeep/chahal

10. Shami 
11. Bumrah


12. Dhawan (Backup opener), Samson/gill/Shaw also In contention

13. Backup keeper (Pant/Karthil/Dhoni)

14. One of Thakur/dube/krunal/kuldeep/Chahal/Pandey/Washington 
15. one of saini/bhuvi/chahar/Umesh 


so In the ipl the interesting battles will be :

1. pant vs dhoni vs karthik (pant to most likely get selected)
2. chahar vs Bhuvi (Bhuvi most likely)

3. Kuldeep vs chahal (ChAhal most likely)

4. saini vs Umesh vs shami (shami most likely)

5. Dhawan vs Samson vs Gill vs Shaw (Dhawan most likely)


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49 minutes ago, Real McCoy said:

Dhoni never gets klpd. he gets on a sabbatical. always captain cool :cool:

You mean like arguing with umpires in some pointless league game?


I agree with the 2nd part though, he seems to be in a constant sabbatical mode while batting anywhere between over no.1 to 49.5

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